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Comment: Re:Correction for the title. (Score 5, Informative) 412

by Moru74 (#38788821) Attached to: Filesonic Removes Ability To Share Files

This hunting file-sharers is meaningless, they will just switch over to encryption and other distributed forms of transfer like for example. Encrypted anonymizer written in Java so it runs on all platforms.

The side-effect is that real criminals will also benefit from this development and use the same means to communicate. Great, the pirate hunt will make it impossible to catch real terrorists. Is this really worth it?

Comment: Re:It Is Available (Score 1) 783

by Moru74 (#38500580) Attached to: Why Can't We Put a BASIC On the Phone?

And GLBasic has been used to put plenty of games and applications on both the iPhone and Android market. You do the whole development on your PC including testing, then you compile it for iPhone, Android, Linux, Windows, Mac without having to completely rewrite the code...

(I'm a long time user of GLBasic so might be a bit biased... :-)


+ - BASIC for iOS, Android and WebOS->

Submitted by
GLBasic writes: "With the GLBasic release v10, users can write Apps for any important platform, finally. With the latest addition: Android devices, GLBasic is the most widespread BASIC available. The language is very clean, easy to get started yet powerful enough for games already featured as "new & noteworthy" on the iOS App Store.
Best of all, it's free for 2D programs running on Windows, Linux and MacOSX."

Link to Original Source

+ - How I made a game in 3.5 hours->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes: I was told to train the times table with my kid. Being a programmer I wrote an App that can be played as a 2 player game as well as single player.
In this article I describe the steps from brainstorming to adding visual candy for a game that I completely wrote in 3.5 hours from scratch with GLBasic.

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