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+ - Scientiifc study details should not published per

Submitted by Morty
Morty (32057) writes "The NSABB (National Science Advisory Board for Biosecurity) has recommended that details of two research papers involving Avian Flu not be published because of security concerns. At least one of the research groups says that their work should be logically reproducible. The NSABB's censorship recommendations do not (currently) have the force of law, but Science and Nature voluntarily delayed publication."

+ - DNS rebinding attacks: multi-pin variant

Submitted by Morty
Morty (32057) writes "DNS rebinding attacks can be used by hostile websites to get browsers to attack behind firewalls, or to attack third parties. Browsers use "pinning" to prevent this, but a paper describes so-called multi-pin vulnerabilities that bypass the existing protections. Note that, from a DNS perspective, this is a "feature" rather than an implementation bug, although it's possible that DNS servers could be modified to prevent external sources from being able to point at internal resources. Also note that use of noscript to block javascript, java, and flash should also work around this."
Data Storage

+ - 1TB disk is actually available

Submitted by Morty
Morty (32057) writes "There was a previous slashdot story announcing the future availability of the Hitachi 1TB hard drive. A mere 9 months later, you can now buy the 1TB hard disk retail! Or, if you're like me, you can at least read the Anandtech review of the 1TB hard disk after you pay your mortgage. This is a milestone I will remember for a long time."

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