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Comment: Re:What are these low power servers good for? (Score 4, Interesting) 116

by Morlenden (#41916883) Attached to: Samsung May Start Making ARM Server Chips

The I/O limit could be on memory. Servers can have >1000 times more RAM than there is cache on a CPU chip. With enough threads and/or processor cores the cache hit rate drops, so that the memory bus is 100% busy. At that point a faster CPU gives no benefit, may as well us a low-power one.

Comment: Re:MS Taking Aggressive Steps Against MALWARE On A (Score 1) 675

by Morlenden (#38699472) Attached to: Microsoft Taking Aggressive Steps Against Linux On ARM

Maybe the person adding the new key didn't pay for the device. It may have been borrowed by police or black hats for spyware installation, or it may have been outright stolen. Requiring secure boot can protect the legitimate owner of the device in these cases if the owner has taken reasonable steps to prevent access without proper authentication.

Another valid reason for preventing unsanctioned OS's to run on the device is to prevent reverse engineering. This enhances (through obscurity) the security of any secondary encryption or authentication that applications on the device may use.

Comment: It's not about locking out competing OSs (Score 1) 675

by Morlenden (#38697766) Attached to: Microsoft Taking Aggressive Steps Against Linux On ARM

Secure boot is the first step in loading a trustworthy computing environment. Content and media companies will be more willing to license their content for use on secure Win8 machines because they can be sure that the content can't be easily copied.

Content not available on other devices, or only at higher prices / lower quality, is a killer app for Win8. Another one would be widely available and used IP-based voice/video communication, which Win8 will probably have (based on Skype).


+ - Climate change? There's an elephant in the room.

Submitted by Morlenden
Morlenden (108782) writes "Whether or not climate change is caused by human activity, there are several other ecological problems caused by a increasing human population. A constant focus on climate change leaves these other problems un-addressed, perhaps leading to problems ahead where the carrying capacity of the Earth is reduced by ecological damage even while the human population continues to increase."

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