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Comment: Re:how many small businesses has Obama killed? (Score 1) 521

by drinkypoo (#48276755) Attached to: Statisticians Study Who Was Helped Most By Obamacare

Are republicans so stupid that they can not see it's a Republican system?

Their memories are simply that short. That's how they forget that none of their interests have been served by their elected politicians, and proceed to re-elect them.

Here in California, however, we re-relected Jerry Brown. That's very like re-electing Marion Berry. Heh heh heh.

Comment: Re:Breaking the stranglehold of other countries (Score 3, Informative) 226

by ultranova (#48276175) Attached to: Denmark Plans To Be Coal-Free In 10 Years

Where are they going to get enough biomass? Farms aren't going to grow low value biomass instead of high value food.

Food is biomass, and according to Wikipedia, half of all food - 100 kg per person per year - is wasted. Dunno if it would be enough to cover the need, but a low-cost, low-maintenance, high-reliability gas generator could potentially have markets, at least in apartment buildings, assuming it's actually possible to build one.

Comment: Re:Unless the plant is surrounded in a glass dome. (Score 1) 111

Fun fact, even a datacenter in the middle of a desert can cool every piece of equipment inside via a process known as evaporative cooling; using a heat exchanger connected to an underground water tank or adequate commercial supply, the differential in humidity inside causes heat to be evaporated in the desert sun.

Another fun fact: deserts rarely have water mains or a native surplus of water.

Comment: Re:People are the problem (Score 1) 82

by ultranova (#48271363) Attached to: "Ambulance Drone" Prototype Unveiled In Holland

The money could easily have been instead placed in public service reminders to not 'text and drive' and putting rumble strips at the sides of highways, almost certainly saving more lives.

So why wasn't it, before the incident? Because the will wasn't there. The money didn't come out of some other, potentially more effective public safety measure, so whatever the reason they weren't implemented is, this isn't it.

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