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Megacorps are hostile to the open Internet  *Friday February 13, 2015 @07:56AM 2 5, Insightful
   attached to LinkedIn Restricts API Usage
It's an attempt at a PC-like standard for ARM  *Tuesday February 10, 2015 @06:34AM 1 3
   attached to Linaro Launches an Open-Source Spec For ARM SBCs
FOSS and ham radio need fully open FPGAs  *Thursday January 08, 2015 @12:32AM 4 5, Interesting
   attached to Learn Gate-Array Programming In Python and Software-Defined Radio
Diversity is good, especially in SciFi  *Sunday December 07, 2014 @11:03AM 3 5, Insightful
   attached to Overly Familiar Sci-Fi
Terrific counter to Monsanto's herbicide message  *Wednesday September 24, 2014 @04:36PM 5 4, Insightful
   attached to Irish Girls Win Google Science Fair With Astonishing Crop Yield Breakthrough
A10-OLinuXino-LIME and BBB are both Cortex-A8  *Thursday July 10, 2014 @06:46AM 1 2
   attached to Ask Slashdot: Best Dedicated Low Power Embedded Dev System Choice?
You misunderstand Idaho Stop  *Sunday May 11, 2014 @08:04AM 1 3
   attached to Traffic Optimization: Cyclists Should Roll Past Stop Signs, Pause At Red Lights
You miss the point --- it's about security focus  *Wednesday April 02, 2014 @10:58PM 4 4, Insightful
   attached to Vint Cerf: CS Programs Must Change To Adapt To Internet of Things
Corporations are not above the law  *Friday January 03, 2014 @03:35PM 1 2
   attached to Facebook Being Sued Over Mining of Private Messages
The disaster of allowing software patents  *Sunday September 01, 2013 @12:07PM 2 5, Insightful
   attached to Apple Now Relaying All FaceTime Calls Due To Lost Patent Dispute
Awesome dedication to sci/eng by enthusiasts  *Friday August 23, 2013 @03:25PM  2
   attached to DIY Space Suit Testing
Google's hatred of security and privacy  *Saturday July 20, 2013 @04:31AM 5 4, Interesting
   attached to Google Is Bringing Chrome Remote Desktop App To Android
MRO's images are totally awesome  *Monday July 08, 2013 @03:45AM 2 5, Informative
   attached to Mars Curiosity Rover Shoots Video of Phobos Moon Rising
Thank you Iain, you gave us hope  *Sunday June 09, 2013 @02:50PM 3 5, Insightful
   attached to Iain Banks Dies of Cancer At 59
"Switch over to IPv6" is very misleading  *Friday June 07, 2013 @11:02AM 2 2
   attached to One Year After World IPv6 Launch — Are We There Yet?
Wrong approach in use. Secrets should be local  *Sunday April 28, 2013 @09:39AM 3 5, Interesting
   attached to Mitigating Password Re-Use From the Other End
One supernova of many in Local Bubble  *Monday April 15, 2013 @06:58PM 3 5, Informative
   attached to Supernova Left Its Mark In Ancient Bacteria
Lightweight means small, sometimes fast  *Saturday April 13, 2013 @01:19AM 1 2
   attached to KLyDE: Lightweight KDE Desktop In the Making
Companies are becoming like political parties  *Monday April 08, 2013 @08:07PM 2 5, Interesting
   attached to Microsoft: Facebook Home Is a Copycat, Windows Phone Is the 'Real Thing'
A strong push for open source in government  *Thursday March 21, 2013 @07:40AM 4 2
   attached to Decade-Old Espionage Malware Found Targeting Government Computers
Voyager 1 has already escaped solar system  *Wednesday March 20, 2013 @05:01PM 1 5, Informative
   attached to Voyager 1 Officially Exits Our Solar System
Also educational misconduct and fraud  *Tuesday February 12, 2013 @10:15PM 4 5, Insightful
   attached to Missouri Legislation Redefines Science, Pushes Intelligent Design
It's entirely normal and expected  *Saturday February 09, 2013 @12:06PM 1 3
   attached to Woz Says iPhone Features Are 'Behind'
Fragmentation is not to blame  *Friday February 08, 2013 @02:04AM 7 5, Insightful
   attached to Fragmentation Leads To Android Insecurities