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I love going out with my climate scientist friends! We hit the town at about 9:00, pop open the Dom Perignon and hit the clubs. We usually roll up in a stretch Hummer while they scream out the window "We're climatoligists, bitches!" At the strip club they'll usually make it precipitate with hundred dollar bills, much to the enjoyment of the strippers. After a few well-meaning puns (let me show you my hockey stick graph), we'll head back to the champagne room for cocaine and asthma inhalers. These scientists are rolling in so much money, fame, and 'tang that it's not surprising that 97% of them are so out of it that they reach a consensus on climate change.

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Real question...what happens if somebody legitimately forgets their password? If they're paranoid (or realistic) enough to use AES to begin with, they're likely going to have a good strong password. That's a lot of entropy for a human to remember for a number of years, especially if they don't decrypt it very often.

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I lived there for 5 years before migrating back to the West Coast. The larger cities (Austin and Dallas) were perfectly livable. The smaller towns though have definitely done everything they can do to live up to the uber-conservative, racist, and ignorant stereotypes foisted upon them. At the time I was dating a lovely black girl I had met in school, on campus and in the larger cities nobody shot us a second glance. As soon as we got to bumfuck country though, all bets were off...and I'm a goddamn Mexican!

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