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And that's hard?

As mentioned further below, saving ~$5000/year is possible - maybe throw away that $100/mo TV subscription or something.

Hell, my wife is in her mid 20's and I'm in my early 30's and we manage to squirrel away $28,000 every year on our two salaries (I'm a server admin, she's an engineer). If you're in the right industry and have a modicum of self-restraint it isn't too difficult to save.

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They must just be asking a lot of people who are understand math and have a little discipline. A carpenter can become a millionaire by retirement, all you have to do is start saving and keep saving.

I fully intend to be a millionaire by the time I retire, and with inflation that should be enough for a tent and some camping supplies.

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by Mordok-DestroyerOfWo (#46464187) Attached to: How Do You Backup 20TB of Data?


Regardless of whether or not 20TB is hording / excessive / inefficient, what it almost certainly is is replaceable. Let's face it, you aren't CERN, most of you data is probably media that you can reacquire with relative ease. It's not being stored because it's irreplaceable it's being stored because it's convenient. A RAID isn't too bad, but add in managing backups and where has that convenience gone? If it costs $10+/month to backup your ripped/downloaded movies, why not just sign up for Netflix?

Just make a list of all the replaceable data (e.g. videos you have the original disc for) you have and then buy an external hard disk / Blurays to back up the rest. If you lose your RAID, well, it'll be annoying to rebuild, but you built it once... (Besides, I doubt you could restore 20TB over residential internet less time!)

Some people have different use cases. A few years back I was visiting a friend in the boonies in Egypt and brought a TB of American movies and music along explicitly for her (she was putting me up for free while I was on a research project). With my 50Mbps connection and 250GB monthly cap, I could recreate the entire shebang in 4-5 months, but with her iffy ISP, she couldn't hope to download everything from me in her government's lifetime.

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by Mordok-DestroyerOfWo (#46429023) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Linux For Grandma?
My experience is the simpler the better. I replaced my 60 year old mother's XP with Xubuntu. I didn't apply much of th eye candy, made sure to install Teamviewer and a cron job to pull security updates once per week. Her only complaint was that her ancient Canon printer wasn't compatible. Five minutes on NewEgg fixed that.

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by Mordok-DestroyerOfWo (#46422019) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How Do I Change Tech Careers At 30?
I ran for Congress two years ago at age 29. I won the Democratic primary for my district and ran on a technocratic platform. I'd advise anybody with an IQ over 100 to stay the hell away from politics. It is soul-crushing, the people you meet are loathesome, and since the wide-spread adoption of gerrymandering most elections are foregone conclusions anyway. I lost the election with 40% of the vote, went back to being a full-time server admin and couldn't be happier.

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by Mordok-DestroyerOfWo (#46337791) Attached to: Google Fighting Distracted Driver Laws
Couldn't you say that about most distractions? Is it safe to converse with a passenger? Is it safe to have the radio on loud, or at all? You'll never be able to eliminate all risks from driving (it is the single most dangerous thing most of us do on a daily basis). Anecdotally, I believe that navigating with an HUD displayed on eyewear or on a windshield is far safer than a 4" LCD screen mounted somewhere on the dash, or a similar screen held in the lap.

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by Mordok-DestroyerOfWo (#46337737) Attached to: Google Fighting Distracted Driver Laws
Apply this to other areas as well. A few weeks ago a friend called me up at midnight because his car had broken down in the boonies. I was awoken out of a sound slumber and was amazed at how dulled my reflexes and decision making capabilities were. For all intents and purposes I was in a drunken state of mind while at the same time being stone sober. Personally, I'd rather be on the road with somebody with a light buzz than with a parent in a car yelling at her kids and otherwise distracted.

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