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Comment: Re:Fire-Resistant Safe (Score 1) 442

Drill a small hole into a fire-resistant safe where your power and SCSI/IDE/SATA/USB/ETH cables go, then put your drives in there.

For extra safety, block up any gaps around the cables with newspaper or alcohol soaked cloth.

And don't be afraid to get in there with a lit match or a lighter to ensure that you have everything patched tight.

Comment: Re:Just Askin' (Score 1) 367

by Mordok-DestroyerOfWo (#49200483) Attached to: Come and Take It, Texas Gun Enthusiasts (Video)
I've been hearing a lot of talk about how applying Title II rules from 1936 nowadays is a bad thing because technology has changed so much. But in the arena of gun laws, applying a law from the late 18th century to modern assault rifles and the like is considered to be completely reasonable.

Comment: Re:Autoplay video is bad, and you STILL get it wro (Score 4, Insightful) 91

by Mordok-DestroyerOfWo (#49076493) Attached to: Advice on How to Start an IT Business (Video)
I thought I was losing my mind, there was an odd voice telling me to start an IT company coming from behind my testing server. Thankfully it turned out to /. with an autoplay video. Seriously, this is not a Geocities site. Act like professionals make disable the fscking autoplay!

Comment: Re:Tablet with keyboard vs. a 10" laptop (Score 1) 328

by Mordok-DestroyerOfWo (#48698959) Attached to: Is the Tablet Market In Outright Collapse? Data Suggests Yes
Mostly it's due to convenience. I have a nice little satchel where my tablet lives. My work provided laptops are powerhouses, but weigh several kilograms. My 8 inch tablet weighs a little over 300 grams and its heft is barely noticeable. But again, for most of my work I simply need an SSH client and at worst, a Python interpreter.

Comment: Re:The tablet future is Surface-like (Score 0) 328

by Mordok-DestroyerOfWo (#48697119) Attached to: Is the Tablet Market In Outright Collapse? Data Suggests Yes
You can call tablets 'toys' all that you want. The undeniable truth is that for some of us they are essential business tools. When I'm on vacation or out-of-the-office, I am still contractually obligated to maintain SLAs. Having a tablet with a bluetooth keyboard is far more reasonable when I'm overseas than lugging a laptop around. I'm not writing novels, I'm not writing much code, but I am doing a ton of server maintenance.

Our programmers have recently been porting our business apps for 8" Android tablets for our engineers to use in the field. They're far cheaper to replace than a laptop, they can be locked down by IT, and they give us a nice target to hit development-wise. I've always bristled when people claim that tablets are just toys, they can be quite useful for those with a little imagination.

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