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+ - How Star Trek artists imagined the iPad... 23 year->

Submitted by MorderVonAllem
MorderVonAllem (931645) writes "There are a lot of similarities between Apple's iPad and the mobile computing devices—known as PADDs—used in the Star Trek universe. Ars spoke to designers Michael Okuda, Denise Okuda, and Doug Drexler to find out the thinking and inspiration behind the PADD and how closely the iPad represents a real-life incarnation of that dream."
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The Courts

+ - RIAA vs. Kazaa: Winner RIAA and all Kazaa Users

Submitted by MorderVonAllem
MorderVonAllem (931645) writes "Apparently one lone man has decided to defend himself by stating that when Kazaa settled with the RIAA for the infringements of it's users. He was free to download. From the article: "As the RIAA-shepherded file-sharing lawsuits wend their way through the courts, we have seen defendants utilizing a handful of different strategies as they fight back. A novel defense comes courtesy of Arista v. Greubel, filed in the US District Court for the Northern District of Texas. David Greubel argues that even if is found liable for copyright infringement, Arista and the other record labels are barred from recovering any damages because the of the Kazaa settlement.""

+ - Geek Couch

Submitted by
MorderVonAllem writes "I'm in the market to build a new couch for my house (i am decently capable as i have built a couple before). The geek in me would like to add features to this couch such as an ethernet router for those people who visit with their laptops but i don't want to bother setting up wifi to allow them to access as well as some outlets (with sufficient fireproofing) for them to plug in. Since I am already going this far, what does the Slashdot community think I could add to this couch in addition to the aforementioned modifiers? I am an avid gamer and have a nice media center setup."

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