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Comment: Re:We have cookies (Score 1) 313 313

I think we're gonna need to confiscate your geek card.

That's okay, I fancy myself more as a nerd than a geek. And I do understand the command-line, but super average computer user that relies on someone else to fix their computer doesn't. And that's what I think is holding back open source on the desktop.

Comment: The driving force to open source? (Score 2) 313 313

*nix on the desktop has been discussed for yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaars but if Joe and/or Jane and/or little Billy Average ever get serious about privacy, could that cause a dramatic shift to open source? And where the users go, the devs are sure to follow. Just need to shift away from 99% of command-line configuration/installation/navigation and Billy Joe Jane Smooth, IMHO, will finally get on board. I'm a 25+ year nerd with my beginnings on an IBM PS/2 (shudder). 36 now, on Windows 7, and I pretty much loathe the command-line. Text UI be damned! To the depths of Mount Doom!

Comment: Virutal and/or Augmented (Score 2) 202 202

I don't think Virtual Reality or even Augmented Reality will really take off until anything that needs to be worn is VERY unobtrusive, light, so easy a caveman can use it, etc. OR nothing needs to be worn at all. High-tech contacts could be in either category (worn/not worn) imho, since I've been wearing contacts for 15+ years and I'm so used to them. Maybe a retinal implant. Yeahhh. Okay, retinal implants or Holodecks. Anything less would be uncivilized.

Comment: Patents... (Score 1) 406 406

Aren't patents supposed to cover "not obvious" things? What, are Samsung phones not supposed to sync data? TAPPING on a phone number to CALL it? Simply amazing. I don't suppose anyone at Apple ever thought the money spent waging war against Samsung would be better spent...oh, I don't know...making better products?

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