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Comment Re:We have cookies (Score 1) 313 313

I think we're gonna need to confiscate your geek card.

That's okay, I fancy myself more as a nerd than a geek. And I do understand the command-line, but super average computer user that relies on someone else to fix their computer doesn't. And that's what I think is holding back open source on the desktop.

Comment The driving force to open source? (Score 2) 313 313

*nix on the desktop has been discussed for yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaars but if Joe and/or Jane and/or little Billy Average ever get serious about privacy, could that cause a dramatic shift to open source? And where the users go, the devs are sure to follow. Just need to shift away from 99% of command-line configuration/installation/navigation and Billy Joe Jane Smooth, IMHO, will finally get on board. I'm a 25+ year nerd with my beginnings on an IBM PS/2 (shudder). 36 now, on Windows 7, and I pretty much loathe the command-line. Text UI be damned! To the depths of Mount Doom!

Comment Virutal and/or Augmented (Score 2) 202 202

I don't think Virtual Reality or even Augmented Reality will really take off until anything that needs to be worn is VERY unobtrusive, light, so easy a caveman can use it, etc. OR nothing needs to be worn at all. High-tech contacts could be in either category (worn/not worn) imho, since I've been wearing contacts for 15+ years and I'm so used to them. Maybe a retinal implant. Yeahhh. Okay, retinal implants or Holodecks. Anything less would be uncivilized.

Comment Patents... (Score 1) 406 406

Aren't patents supposed to cover "not obvious" things? What, are Samsung phones not supposed to sync data? TAPPING on a phone number to CALL it? Simply amazing. I don't suppose anyone at Apple ever thought the money spent waging war against Samsung would be better spent...oh, I don't know...making better products?

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