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Comment Re:Kill the entire H1B program (Score 1) 636 636

While simultaneously supporting policies that...

Saying on thing - loudly, and with great flourish of righteous indignation - and doing the exact opposite - is the definition of the modern progressive. The real illness in society is how many people are so easily duped into believing the nonsense, as history tells us these are people who end up being enslaved.

I fully support the ideals of the progressives, 100%. But the current crop of so called "progressives" are anything but.

Comment Re:And the low tech (Score 1) 239 239

I'm inclined to agree with you. Being the owner of a small business, and dealing with a considerable number of people (clients, employees, prospects, other small business owners) I find about ten to fifteen percent are simply "not nice people". They lie without remorse, cheat, and steal without seeming to posses a conscience at all.

Interestingly enough, ideology and religious affiliation is equally distributed in this group, which dispels the notion of the evil Republican CEO .vs. the warm, giving progressive. I have found the same to be true when it comes to people who claim a strong religious affiliation. There is some correlation with culture - some cultures believe it's OK to cheat people to make a buck, whereas others do not.

I am not so confident that we can infallibly test for these conditions. With the criminally insane, we test with the MMPI, I don't believe there's a belief that a normal person will be tempted to commit a serious criminal act under just the right circumstances -- but a normal person, when exposed to the chance to become fabulously wealthy might suddenly turn crazy.

Of course we run the risk of being accused of supporting eugenics... But we're talking about pre-screening people, which we do a terrible job of today.

Comment Re:And the low tech (Score 1) 239 239

Get honest politician and the mass surveillance police state collapses as it loses the power to exert control via extortion.

Absolutely agreed, but if you cease to make being a politician so profitable... then dishonest greedy people won't get into politics, problem solved. As long as politicians can affect the flow of capital in society, setting up what are, in effect, money laundering machines where they skim the take into the party coffers, the current march towards a feudalistic police state will not stop. In the U.S. both parties do this using different sets of lies, but the results are exactly the same.

Personally I am not sure if this is possible.

Comment Re:Yes, because cosmic red shift is all in our hea (Score 1) 288 288

A shame you posted this as AC because you're the only person on the entire page who mentions the Higgs field, which was proven by the LHC this creating the current Standardized Theory. It seems to me that if you to invent a graviton, then like the Higgs boson it would have to appear simultaneously in the entire known universe 10 -12 seconds after the big bang, same as the Higgs field, so why haven't we found it yet?

Probably because the graviton doesn't exist. Gravity is a function of mass, that warps space, just as Einstein thought. Perhaps someone who does this sort of thing for a living could weigh in. I just find it extremely interesting.

Comment Re:Exactly! (Score 1) 224 224

Impressive. I'm thinking we might be neighbors, I am near the motor city, my company does work for the big 3, and it is only in those circles I encounter people who actually understand how engines work to this level.

I'm in Digital Interactive, not engineering, but you don't live around here and frequent the halls of the Big 3 without knowing a few things.

Comment Re:Here's a great idea... (Score 1) 481 481

Good point, but the real problem is that we're spending more money on infrastructure today than we were at the peak of the Interstate Highway construction and getting less and less and less for it. Why? The legalized money laundering systems that the politicians have spent years and years and years building...

Case Study: Detroit. Wisconsin. Most blue states. Many Red States.

Get rid of legalized theft from the taxpayer and put all that money into actual roads and they would be paved in gold, every year.

Comment Re:it'll get slashed in half as usual (Score 1) 92 92

the government isn't responsible for inflation, that's down to (in the US) the Federal Reserve.

Huh? So printing money by the boatload... to finance an absurd deficit... doesn't create inflation? The U.S. Treasury would need to collect about $1.33 for each and every day since the Dawn of Time to be able to pay off the hard debt racked up in just the last six years. A buck-thirty-three a day may not strike one as a lot of money, it’s considerably less than what some folks pay for their daily latte, but the payment schedule would be spread out over “eternity.”

Comment Re:it'll get slashed in half as usual (Score 1) 92 92

The CBO re-rated ObamaCare at 2 trillion dollars... $55,000 per person to provide the insurance. So while the Military budget is staggering, and the Iraq war was a horrible waste of money, ObamaCare certainly ranks at the top of the most over-hyped totally insane later Federal Program ever created.

And no, if you budget a 5% increase, and you are borrowing more than you take in, and the rate of increase is only 3%, that is NOT A TWO PERCENT SAVINGS!!! Only governments can get away with this nonsense. It's like saying "Well, I didn't borrow $100,000 I don't have anyway, so TODAY I SAVED $100,000 dollars". Which is exactly what you hear politicians saying in flowery terms every single year.

And as long as I am ranting I am not sure sure about CPI, as everything in the grocery store is a lot more expensive than CPI says it should be...

Comment Re:Too early to be discussing the contents (Score 2) 92 92

No POTUS in history has cracked down as hard on immigration as he has

Sir, with all due respect, you're not being terribly honest. It's also widely reported (Outside of liberals blogs like, dailykos, etc.) that almost ALL the new jobs created since Obama took office have gone to immigrants.

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