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Comment Re:Best coverage (Score 2) 126

My mom got screwed from a Verizon hotspot. I don't know if they've changed the policy, but it used to be that you had to have a contract with it -- so they got stuck with it for 2 years when they only needed it for a couple of months. (I have no idea if she asked about it specifically and was lied to, or if she didn't specifically ask and they glossed over it.)

AT&T has a good network, but if they require contracts, it might be better to go through someone like Net10, which resells on AT&T's network, but is specifically month-to-month.

Comment Re:All bullshit (Score 1) 249

yup. it's like the church pastor who is caught having a gay affair, smoking meth, or committing adultery. a large number of his congregation will deny it, defend him, and attack the accuser. "slut, blackmailer, out destroy a good man because the devil" etc.

welcome to the human condition: too many tribal partisan morons with closed minds who don't want their precious, erroneous, beliefs challenged

Comment Re:All bullshit (Score 1) 249

because there are many sexists and misogynists on slashdot, and in life

there is such a thing as false charges of rape. but actual rape greatly outnumbers false charges of rape

but hear it according to the prejudices of sexist people, such as many comments here, and the discussion is immediately about fake rape charges. there is no thought or consideration to the more likely possibility the girl was actually raped. because that possibility goes against their misogyny. they have to reinforce their hate. so all of the "she's faking it" information-free comments get voted up and discussed. without the slightest shred of actually looking into the case and possibly discovering that there is solid evidence of rape

many people, as the comments in this thread show, are prejudicial assholes and morons, and don't think before opening their blind ignorant mouths, to pass shallow judgment on situations they don't know, and don't try to know, just so they can preserve their ignorance, hate, and prejudice

it's a window onto the souls of some people around you, as you can see in many of the comments here, some people are hardcore shitbags

Comment Re:Advertisers, worry about security? Get real (Score 3, Insightful) 235

The goal of most advertising companies appears to be to kill the goose that lays the golden egg. Indeed, the entire industry appears totally committed to this goal.

The problem started with allowing sites to serve executable code. it seems it will end with users having to block all executable code - short of nuking from high orbit, it is the only way to be safe.

In the case of Flash, nuking from high orbit is probably essential.

Disclaimer: My Government sells nukes.

Comment these guys are so amazing: (Score 2) 102

resistant to heat, cold, vacuum, desiccation, radiation, pressure, toxins, etc.


you realize they could leave earth (ejecta from a sever impact) and colonize other planets

then you think... wait a second, maybe we're here because these guys colonized earth

Maybe Computer Science should be in the College of Theology. -- R. S. Barton