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Comment Re: Imbicycles (Score 3, Interesting) 171

In London, bicycles effectively use about 2MPG of diesel by slowing large numbers of buses and trucks to the position where they are unable to get out of low gear. They are one of the biggest causes of pollution from diesel.

If you got the damn bikes of the road, the diesel vehicles would pollute far less.

And, as for public transport - sure, take your desktop computer, server or laser printer (or even your weekly supermarket shopping) under your arm on London transport in the rush hour. You can post the video on Youtube afterwards.

Comment Tidal (Score 1) 137

Tidal power is the way to go - I presume most people would not include it in hydro - because hydro generally involves piling a lot of water on land where it floods out peasants and causes earthquakes, whereas putting a nodding duck off the west coast of Scotland would have little impact on the environment, a propeller in the current off the south coast of Trinidad would have little impact on fish.

And the sea is a convenient place to dump the waste heat too.

Disclaimer: my data centre only needs a couple of kw,

Comment Re:Good! 8 more years of time working correctly. (Score 1) 143

If programmers want an exact time system without leap seconds, use TAI, that's what it's for.

No, it is not intended for programmers (as a monotonic clock without daylight savings and leap seconds), or as an alternative to UTC. The TAI, International Atomic Time, is a time standard based on the coordination of approximately 400 atomic clocks from government labs around the world (50+ counties). It has never been intended to be a time standard for general usage.

Universal Time (UT) in its several variants (UT0, UT1, UT1R) are more likely to be appropriate, but UTC is still the best solution for being a time standard used as the basis for legal definition of time.

Just as programmers have been repeatedly chastised for making short sighted assumptions about only storing the final (two) digits of the year, as well as making errors about leap years by hand coding checks rather than using well tested libraries, using everyday approximations and assumptions (e.g. every minute is 60 seconds, or assuming a year is 365 days) causes serious problems in many areas of programming not just with time, dates and calendar.

Comment Re:Applications? (Score 4, Interesting) 47

Maybe not simply 'installed', but if you use multiple browers to authenticate to the same website, and they have ways to insert tracking code on that website (such as from ad networks), they could easily link the two browsers.

Snowden's advice about blocking ad networks for security purposes actually makes perfect sense.

Comment Re:Because it already is (Score 4, Insightful) 274

To be fair, they have attempted to pretend they thwarted other attacks.

They also claim the data is used to attack organised clime. There is no evidence of success there either.

In fact, there is considerable evidence that they have no idea how to use the data in any meaningful way. Perhaps they should hire the people targetting online adverts to manage the data. Oh, wait ...

Comment dear national security personnel: (Score 5, Insightful) 259

do your fucking job. spying on suspects

not hoovering everything from everyone and thinking a search query will give you magic intelligence. intelligence work is *work*

the encryption is not important. your gumshoe work is. get out of your fucking cubicle you lardass and find these dirtbags

and if you can't do that maybe your useless security theatre job should be axed

Comment Re:Boulder/Denver, CO; Lincoln, NE & Bozeman, (Score 1) 464

Actually, no, Bozeman is technically a desert, so it doesn't get a lot of snow. It does, however, get cold in the winter. A typical winter has at least a couple weeks during which it never gets above 0 degrees Fahrenheit. Snow generally arrives around October, and while not a huge amount, it usually sticks around until March or April. However, the summers are absolutely awesome with lots of outdoor activities to do. There are also two really good ski resorts near town for the winter.

All that being said, Bozeman is starting to become an expensive place to live. But you are less than thirty minutes from being outside of civilization. (I went to school at Montana State in Bozeman, though I currently live in Kalispell, MT. It is a much better place to live, in my opinion, but it doesn't have the same job opportunities as Bozeman.)

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