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Comment: So the organizers are admitting piracy? (Score 2, Interesting) 155

by MonsterOfTheLake (#39456203) Attached to: Kazakh Gold Medalist Is Played Borat Anthem
Fairly sure this constitutes piracy. I'm not sure on the copyright issues with national anthems, but surely recordings themselves would be protected?

Why wouldn't the organizers just ask each country's organization for their national anthem in any case?

Baffling, just baffling.

Comment: Re:Idiots (Score 5, Insightful) 213

by MonsterOfTheLake (#34214970) Attached to: UK Twitter Users Declare 'I'm Spartacus'

Those same idiots will scream even louder when someone really does blow up something and the cops ignored it because of these protests.

Actually, I don't think cops are that dumb... But if they were, that's how it would go.

Yes, because terrorists have a real tendency to tweet about the attacks they're going to commit.

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