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Comment: Interview with a career burglar (Score 1) 243 243

I remember seeing some documentary interview with a career break & enter guy. He said he learned pretty quick to rob rich neighbourhoods; they had much better stuff to steal. The interviewer asked if he was worried about house alarms, and he said that the vast majority of houses he robbed had alarms not switched on or otherwise inoperable. He'd just try break in, if he didn't hear a siren he'd be in and out in a few minutes.

Comment: Someone steals my identity (Score 2, Interesting) 155 155

Someone steals my identity (from cards in a wallet robbed from my house) - signs up a bunch of cell phones in my name, then steps out on the bill. The police get me to fill out a form, and I spend hours dealing with 3 different cell companies, and debt collection agency.

Do you think the police checked any cell tower data to find the perpetrator?

Comment: Re:didnt even have devkit the first 9 months (Score 1) 317 317

Anyone remember this?

Apple announce "You won't be able to write native apps, just do everything in a browser!". They must've known they were buidling at app store at that time!

Comment: What are Supercookies - in 20seconds (Score 1) 45 45

Here's what 'supercookies' actually are (from the horse's mouth:
* you hit a page which includes a wlHelper.js script
* wlHelper.js is served with header that tell your browser - cache this forever
* wlHelper.js contains code something like this:
      var unique_id = 'RANDOM_LOOKING_STRING_JUST_FOR_YOU'
      if MUID cookie doesn't already exist
            set MUID cookie to unique_id

You delete your MUID cookie - but next time you hit a page that contains wlHelper.js the cached version is pulled form your browser. unique_id is there in the cached code, so the cookie gets set again.

That does not compute.