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Comment Re:Why worry about skyscrapers? (Score 0) 191

In Christchurch we had a 6 storey building collapse. Not technically a "skyscraper", but whatever.

We have fairly tight building regulations (known earthquake area), so it came as a bit of a surprise.

Turns out that the engineer was inept.

Don't be surprised if this happens in other areas.

Comment Re:Here, copy this! (Score 0) 181

We had come contractors in Vietnam, and when we fired them, we asked for our test devices back.

I opened the box, looked at the 2 x iPhones and immediately said "those are fake". My coworkers didn't believe me until they went to the "App Store" and ended up at the Google Play store.

They were incredibly realistic, with only small differences in the fonts used and "feel" of the OS. If you had not used an iPhone before, i can see how you would have been sucked in. The hardware looked to be authentic, but re-purposed somehow with Android running.

Comment Re:RUDEST PASSENGER EVER (Score -1, Troll) 928

Ahhh, so you are one of the douchebags who:

a) try to board at the first sign of boarding despite repeated attempts by the attendants to seat by row number
b) try to force your way through the first/business class line despite being an economy passenger
c) try to bring on enormous bags as hand luggage
d) stands up at the first instant after the plane has taxied to a stop, despite there being at least a 5 minute wait for the doors to open.
e) blames the attendants and gets angry/abusive when you get called on any of the above.

The passenger is to blame because if they hadn't tried to do b) above, this whole thing wouldn't even be on /.

Like I said, yes the airline overreacted - but this whole thing was caused by the passenger, not the airline.

Comment Re:Orders of magnitude (Score 1) 190

The point I was trying to make was that you seemed to be trivialising the amount of carbon released with a rocket launch. I was trying to say that if you are going to trivialise this, then you can just as easily do the same for car trips. You shouldn't trivialise one source over another. One rocket launch is as insignificant as one car trip in the grand scheme of things - but thousands of rocket launches isn't, just as a billion car trips isn't.

Comment Re:Orders of magnitude (Score 1) 190

And I have a challenge for you. Using Google, or your other favorite index-search tool, find out how much carbon dioxide is released by a single car during a single trip. Then, look up how much carbon dioxide is put into the atmosphere per year by fossil fuel burning AND a Delta rocket launch. Compare these three numbers. Do they differ by orders of magnitude? How many orders of magnitude? Based on your findings, do you think that a car trip has a significant impact on global carbon dioxide levels? Do you think it has a measurable impact? Now think about how we get bitched at constantly about using your car, and apply the same principle to rocket launches.

Comment Re:lol (Score 1) 347

3 years ago we had an earthquake in Christchurch (New Zealand, for those not in the know...). As a result, one of the malls in the outskirts of the city was damaged and closed for a time, including the cinema. When it reopened, the cinema encouraged people to come back with cheaper movie tickets ($10, instead of the $20 normally charged). Wonders upon wonders, they realized pretty quickly that by charging LESS money, they got MORE punters through the doors and considering that they make less money from the movie and more money from the snacks, they make MORE profit. 2 years later, the cinema still charges $10 for a movie, the cinema is always packed and they are making shitloads of profit. Go figure.

Comment Re:This is why... (Score 1) 416

maybe its because there are a heap of legitimate excuses for having a guests card in your pocket (found it in the hall/room when cleaning/restaurant/etc) but not many (if any) for having a notepad in your pocket full of guests credit card details...

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