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by Monkey-Man2000 (#46799707) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Hungry Students, How Common?
True, and many people are not born with entrepreneurial skills either (but some learn early and we'll say they were born for it) -- most people need to learn these types of things through work or education. Those averse to learning them, or encouraged(/discouraged) by comments like yours, will surely fail as they think they can't learn to be an entrepreneur to begin with. Did Walt Disney think of himself primarily as an entrepreneur, or just an animator that wanted to get shit done? The end effect was the same, he was an animator AND an entrepreneur but he needed no special training, or novel built-in talent, to distinguish the two. That's my point. The GP post pointed out he knew some of his faults were in his industry connections; IMO, that's the first lessons to be learned toward an entrepreneurial future and GP learned some hard but good lessons IMO. Why not start an industry? We need more of those things states-side I think...

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I guess I just don't get why you wouldn't try bettering your community with starting a new local industry (the US needs more job-makers after all!)-- that said, being a teacher is certainly admirable as I would like to be one, and that betters the community in nonlinear ways like creating a business. But there are are a surplus of students in the US and not enough JOBS, so the ability to be able to deliver an _actual_product_, produced locally, is a big deal IMO, and a big deal for your locale (and would be for your local government FYI)...

From your brief comments, you could shepherd that, and even Pixar and Disney(!) started small.... Just saying... There's probably more going in your life than you let on I would hazard a guess, like family or something, and I understand if that's the case, because they can distract from the IDEAL career-choices... And I suppose the IDEAL career-choice, was not a recent option for you, because you (like many) have had practical considerations to think of... Cheers though, for sharing your story!

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Fair enough, but big cities started as small towns too. I.e., you could still start a studio if you find some good people and you might be surprised what skilled people (like you) live in your neighborhood, and if you were very good in the local endeavors, you would probably attract more to the locale.

LOL, I just realized, my comment was directly influenced by the fact I've been reading the Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin this week -- good book btw, a bit rambling as he was mostly an old fogey as he says up-front, but I should have read it when I was much younger I think, because he has really good advice for getting shit done (both personally and in the community). :)

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Hi Bruce, What I wish had happened is that /. had asked for volunteers to start a non-profit foundation (like Blender) to sell to instead of a company like DICE that's apparently run by pointy-haired bosses. In the absence of even that offer to the community, I'm onboard supporting your actions but I would also suggest waiting to see how the protest works out here.

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The editors know... we made it clear in the beta announcement thread and at least one editor said he was going to bubble it to the top of the foodchain. This is a topdown order and going to straight-up KILL slashdot. I don't think DICE even cares, and apparently neither do the editors as their still drawing paychecks. This is some serious shit; I don't know how things went down but I'd like to think Taco had the integrity to leave when he knew which way the ship would be going -- maybe he had family concerns financially. But the others, I feel bad for them, but damn, goddamn indeed, they need to stage a revolt because the users of /. are about to if this shit is forced down our throats....

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If you took their survey you'll see they know most long-time /. users are outraged. The first question was something like, "Did you know, you can find the classic slashdot layout at a link at the bottom of the page" Answer: No. Next question, "did you find it?". Answer: No (it's buried in a text box). Next question, "Do you have any suggestions for improving the usability of the beta" Answer: Go back to classic Slashdot by default. Etc., etc., They know the beta's shit and don't care because they are going to use the site to phish irregular users into their "Business Intelligence" BS. They don't care to keep us here, they just want the name for the geek-chique with the managers that may think they're hip because they've heard of /. but never actually visited. I hope Taco made a mint on this and the other "editors" as well because they sold out hard -- I knew something was seriously wrong when he jumped ship after so many previous acquisitions....

+ - Slashdot creates beta site users express theirs dislike-> 4

Submitted by who_stole_my_kidneys
who_stole_my_kidneys (1956012) writes "Slashdot started redirecting users in February to its newly revamped webpage and received a huge backlash from users. The majority of comments dislike the new site while some do offer solutions to make it better. The question is will Slashdot force the unwanted change on its users that clearly do not want change?"
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somenickname (1270442) writes "As a long time Slashdot reader, I'm wondering what website to transition to once the beta goes live. The new beta interface seems very well suited to tablets/phones but, it ignores the fact that the user base is, as one would expect, nerds sitting in front of very large LCD monitors and wasting their employers time. It's entirely possible that the browser ID information gathered by the site has indicated that they get far more hits on mobile devices where the new interface is reasonable but, I feel that no one has analyzed the browser ID (and screen resolution) against comments modded +5. I think you will find that most +5 comments are coming from devices (real fucking computers) that the new interface does not support well. Without an interface that invites the kind of users that post +5 comments, Slashdot is just a ho-hum news aggregation site that allows comments. So, my question is, once the beta is the default, where should Slashdot users go to?"

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I mostly agree with you, but I don't think your personal anecdote is a good example of what you're trying to convey since apparently some boys started archery/self-defense, decided they didn't like it, and changed. The teachers were just conveying their experience (like you) that most boys play football/baseball and girls do the other stuff. Anyway, I would have been with you (and the girls :) doing the archery/self-defense. :)

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