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Comment Re:Does this mean anything? (Score 1) 298 298

> If you studied science or engineering in Germany, you likely have taken no university-level courses at all in literature, history, arts, economics, political science, or social science. Germany has become a country of Fachidioten, like you yourself seem to be.

What for should we do this? We have extensive coverage of this areas in higher schooling at gymnasium (

> Tell me, how many non-fiction books on subjects in the humanities or social sciences have you read over the last 12 months?

6 - Why?

> How many fiction books written before 1900?
0, I'm currently more interested in the 1930 area. And the interesting great works before 1900 are read in some decades.

Comment Re:Does this mean anything? (Score 2) 298 298

> Oh, do keep going, it's so amusing. Usually, the next accusation from people like you is over the Indians or slavery, and the exploitation of workers and US poverty, yadda yadda yadda.

Why should I need that? You are already aware of this stuff...

> You just keep demonstrating your utter ignorance of both European and US politics and history.

No I just hate people that are among the worst warmongers on the planet to come free from all their crimes against humanity. My grandfathers generation got punished rightfully for it's crimes in WW2 - But did you ever make up for the slaughter at the native americans and the misuse of the slaves? No.

> supposed crimes for two centuries. Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, the Pope... you're in "good" company.

Supposed? Like in Vietnam, Afghanistan, Irak just to name some of the best known?

> By the way, open a European newspaper these days; you'll see that it is slowly coming out that European governments and politicians knew and participated in NSA spying, but that they wanted the NSA to cover their asses.

And for that they get currently a massive outcry - rightfully earned.

> But I forget: you don't actually read; you don't have to, you're European! You're cultured by heritage!

More by education - But I forgot, education is evil and has to be bent to insane religious believes instead of facts. The moment the first state forced intelligent design into their school curriculum the US lost any credit in that depardment.

Comment Re:It's Just Gigawatts (Score 4, Informative) 568 568

Exactly, the original german data said that on Friday, 25th in the hour between 12 and 13 the average output of solar power was 22.145 Megawatt (MW) or roughly 22GW.

Windmill output in the same time was 4378MW. Was not a very windy day in germany. At least around Frankfurt...

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