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Comment Re:Apples-to-Llamas (Score 1) 348

Two of my Amazon interviews and all with Google were clearly ones where they had no intent from the start of seriously considering me. I don't even bother any more when their recruiters come knocking, they're just wasting my time. It's easy to game your stats when you demand knowledge irrelevant to the job, but only from middle-aged citizens with families. The very first Amazon interview in the 1990's their excuse was that I didn't live within 5 minutes of downtown.

Comment Re: So not publically not eating your own dog food (Score 1) 282

Back in the day my employer provided a certain service to MSFT. They had us spend half a million bucks designing and implementing a scaled-up feature-increased system, then they decided to insource on NT because we weren't running it. We could have forged headers to masquerade but no. So we were screwed and their insourcing was a disaster for millions of users.

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