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Submission + - Windows 10 TH2 (v1511) Console Host Enhancements (nivot.org)

x0n writes: As of Windows 10 TH2 (10.0.1058), the core console subsystem has support for a large amount of ANSI and VT100 escape sequences. This is likely to prepare for full Open SSH server/client integration, which is already underway over on github. It looks like xterm is finally coming to Windows.

OpenSSH was previously announced last year by the very forward looking PowerShell team: https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.c...

Comment Re:Interview "Grilling" or "Testing" is Poppycock (Score 1) 227

Each of the three times I've talked to Google about a job they pulled the same shit on me -- and I'm not even a developer. Examples: obsessing over the reasons for . and .. directory entries, minutia of switch implementation of spanning trees. Very little pertaining to sysadmin work was actually asked. Once I was given an interactive coding interview. They'd told me to watch several videos about how to interview with Google, and they failed me because I did want the videos said to do.

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