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Comment: Re:... meanwhile in Melbourne... (Score 1) 250

by Moggyboy (#47850207) Attached to: IT Job Hiring Slumps
I wouldn't list $600 each way as expensive, but that's just me. Yes, eating out is expensive in Melbourne. Travelling is quite expensive in Australia in general, as is property. But I find it difficult to believe that someone earning ~AUD$100K (USD$94K - what's generally on offer for a good developer with 5+ years experience) would find it difficult to save while renting a nice place within 10k of the city.

Comment: Re:Headline title is sensational (Score 5, Informative) 505

by Moggyboy (#43199347) Attached to: Microsoft To Abandon Windows Phone?
I agree the headline title is sensational, but have you forgotten what "moving on to the next version of the OS" meant for us idiots who bought WP7 phones? Or for those of us who spent a couple of years skilling up in Silverlight? After the treatment we have been given over the last five years, I for one will not be buying another Microsoft product any time soon, and I would certainly not trust any assurance that WP8 phone owners will receive the next major version of the operating system. Will that new version retain your music collection? Your preferences? Your apps? Will the apps you've written still work? Who knows?!?

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