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Comment: Re:Outsourcing Exchange is always a PLUS (Score 1) 200

If you EVER had to do destkop support 1/3 of your calls our HELP MY PST IS CORRUPT I MUST HAVE IT ALL BACK!

It is great when the average person receives over +110 emails a day with a 100 meg quota is thrilling! People at work lose them all the time when their .pst hits 18 gigs and go all the way to SVP of IT to demand that billly gates fix it because they need every email for the past 10 years. ... ok rant off.

But with the cloud quotas and .pst files are a thing of the past. At least I would want to outsource this as these users will never accept lost as an answer.

Comment: Welcome to our world (Score 1) 172

by Joe Tie. (#47546643) Attached to: Amputee Is German Long Jump Champion
As a disabled person, this whole discussion strikes me as some pretty big sour grapes. I sure never see this level of abject shock and horror about how fair things should be when it comes to me not being able to participate in things. But aside from this post, I usually don't whine about how unfair things are. Life gives some people different advantages. Sorry 99% of the people on this thread, you're getting a tiny look into what every day is like for disabled people.

Comment: Re:Flat UI Design (Score 1) 165

by Billly Gates (#47526199) Attached to: Mac OS X Yosemite Beta Opens

I bet Jobs would not have approved of the modern (i.e. stripped of all soul, rich textures and curves) design of ios 7. Since it's so crappy (and bright) it's bound to get pushed into all OSes.

I doubt it. Love him or hate him we all admit when it comes to asthetics and perfectionism he masters them.

He led the iPhone 1 gumdrop gorgeous icons and buttons which everyone loved and changed the smartphone world overnight. I do not see people the same way over Metro or the newer releases. I mean the competitors looked well dead and in a totally different level until Android came out.

Comment: Re:What is so wrong with Skuemorphism? (Score 2) 165

by Billly Gates (#47526151) Attached to: Mac OS X Yosemite Beta Opens

What is soo bad that it makes people afraid of change, give headaches, cause confusion, or just makes uses apathetic to upgrade to shiny gradients, colors, shadows, animations etc?

Well I tell you one thing? I HATE BLINDING WHITE ALL CAPS office 2013. I HATE FULL SCREEN. I hate less functionality. I hate no buttons (Apple is removing all buttons in iOS 8 because it ... gulps does not have real ones). Is there anyone who hates the leather bound address book as much as we all hate Metro and flat 72 pixel fonts?

Anyone like seeing only 2 videos instead of 7 on youtube on our phones due to big fonts and flat elements?

There is a reason Skuemorphism was used. Namely ... IT WORKS. People can replicate real world objects quite efficiently and maybe just maybe the reason real world objects look, act, and function a particular way is because it was THE BEST way to use it. Nothing is wrong folks with pretty gradients and animations that are soothing to the reader. I can still read my MS word documents fine in older colorful versions of Office. No really I can really read without distraction when a distinction between element panes are visible in non-white anti skuemorphism crowd.

Proof: Look at the Iphone 1? The reason Apple won the 1st battle from MS and blackberry overnight is because they were pretty and drop dead gorgeous. Android won battle 2 but still Apple never got defeated.

If IOS looked like it did in 2007 it frankly wouldn't sell. People wanted the gum drops of Safari.

Comment: Revisionist history. (Score 1) 281

Nokia had some issues but was still profitable as Tomi Ahonen clearly documents in this long post. tl;dr? A couple of short quotes and links to graphs:

This is how bad it was under previous CEO Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo. Nokia had seen revenues decline from its peak in 2008. Nokia had seen profits decline severely from its peak also in 2008. Nokia had reported its first quarterly loss (although the full year was still profitable) - that loss was driven by Nokia's troubled Networking division, not its handsets units which were both highly profitable. ...

So to be clear, Nokia had reported one QUARTER of a loss, but in annual terms, Nokia was a profitable company. Its big revenue growth had turned into decline but that decline was actually halted around the time the Nokia Board decided to seek a replacement to Kallasvuo, and Nokia revenues had returned to growth by the time Elop joined Nokia.

Let me repeat. Nokia did NOT have a problem in its handsets business. Its issues were in its Networking business line.

Now the graphs:

Nokia profits by business line Note: Elop took over Sept. 21, 2010.

Which company had the strongest handset business?

Which company saw their handset business tank and when?

Smartphone marketshare

Comment: Re:Angler PC malware? (Score 1) 122

Linux users are incredibly prideful and niave and feel vulnerable and will not believe you when you claim you are infected. The perfect demographic.

Arstechnica had something a few months back on Linux malware. It is easier to infect linux users because they feel they are secure and do not run AV software and many run outdated versions because they do not like gnome 3

Comment: Re:Angler PC malware? (Score 1) 122

The problem is if you install java 6 and early java 7 it will install plugins for your browsers.

Visit a website and you are 0wned as it runs as full admin since javaw.exe runs as a freaking service with admin privledges! ... facepalm.

I think the old myth do not click on ads is 2004 knowledge. Unfortunately recent operating systems have terrible GUI's so many run older flavors like 7 and XP which do not have the same level of protections.

It pulls my hair out to see java 5 and the same users whine I AM INFECTED week after week after week because some beancounter does not want to upgrade to save $1,000 means $10,000 in lost productivity.

Comment: Re:Misconception (Score 1) 122

Once I imaged a computer and opened IE to go download Firefox and other apps and my webcam went on instantly! Ad appeared doing a fake AV scan all from since computer had 0 updates yet it was 0wned.

Had to reimage again.

XP users really are in trouble and you don't need social engineering. Just IE, no updates, reader, or Java. Scary stuff.

It is why I don't run ancient operating systems, updates, and never use a root or admin account.

Comment: Re:No (Score 2) 261

by sgtrock (#47477979) Attached to: UN Report Finds NSA Mass Surveillance Likely Violated Human Rights

Amendment IX
The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.

Amendment X
The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.

Yep, those damn plutocrats sure did their best that the rest of us would never have a leg up. /sarcasm

I suggest that you take some time to read the Federalist Papers. I think you'll discover things aren't quite as black and white as you believe.

Comment: Re:Freedom of Expression... (Score 2, Informative) 424

by sgtrock (#47467687) Attached to: French Blogger Fined For Negative Restaurant Review

Not necessarily, or if it does, it'll take a very long time. Remember, the US states' cultures were all mostly from Britain, and everyone spoke English with a few exceptions (like the Pennsylvania Dutch). Early on, there were settlements by the French, Dutch, Spanish, etc, but the British settlers pushed everyone out (the French only survived in Quebec, which isn't part of the US).

Wow, this is sooo wrong. Just about the only commonality that the U.S. population started out with was that we are all, every single one (including American Indians and Eskimos), immigrants from somewhere else. The U.S. has seen waves of immigration from all over the world.

As a personal example, I'll cite my great-grandfather. He helped settle Chisholm, a small town in northern Minnesota in the first decade of the last century. He was a Serbian peasant whose family had spent about 250 years in Croatia but still considered themselves Serb, not Croatian. Still used the Cyrillic alphabet attended the Serbian Orthodox services at somebody's house rather than attend the local Catholic church. Then he gets to the U.S. and everything changed for him.

His new neighbors were Welsh, Italian, Jewish, Slovenian, Russian, German, Norwegian, Finnish, and FSM knows what else. All of those families were founded by peasants right off the boat who had come to work in the iron mines or in the logging industry.

The Welsh were coal miners who got jobs as mine foremen because they were typically the only ones underground who spoke English, which in turn meant that they were the only ones who could talk to the mine management. The rest just showed up at the mine for their shift and got by with a lot of hand waving.

Eventually, they all learned English, took night classes to earn their citizenships, made sure their kids were brought up speaking English, and generally became members of the American culture. But every last one of those families is still fiercely proud of their own distinct heritage and celebrates their differences as well as our shared commonalities.

In the past several decades, Minnesota has seen large influxes of Hmong, Vietnamese, Somali, Afghani, and a couple of other refugee groups. We've even got Mexicans who have chosen to settle here instead of following the crops. Those families have all followed similar paths. We've got a huge Cinco de Mayo celebration in the state capital every year.

(As an aside, why on earth are so many people from the tropics so happy to move to the nation's icebox? :-D)

(As another aside, the far right's screaming about illegal immigration is one of the dumber things that I've ever seen in my life. After all, compared to the Indians and Eskimos we're all newbies.)

The point to remember is that America has never really been a melting pot. We're more of a stew, where each new immigrant population adds its own distinctive flavor.

When I look at the history of Europe since about 1970, I see the same thing happening. It's slower because the national boundaries tend to contain each distinctive national flavor, but trust me. There is already far more commonality across Europe today than there was 40 years ago. It may be hard to see from the inside, but it's there.

Comment: If it is like MacOSX I could go for it (Score 0) 346

by Billly Gates (#47451627) Attached to: Leaked Build of Windows 9 Shows Start Menu Return

Macosx has its applets but on a desktop. The taskbar and start is there with applets running on a real desktop. Unplug keyboard and start stretches into full screen for tablets. DONE

I want aero back is my last complaint but that is soooo skeumorphism sigh. I think win 8 is anti skeumorphism taken to extremes.

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