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+ - Amazon delists music after battle with MI->

Submitted by Opportunist
Opportunist (166417) writes "It all started with Amazon buying music cheaply abroad and selling it expensively in the EU. Now, the music industry did not like that of course, deemed those imports "illegal" and sent a cease and desist letter. Amazon decided to bend to the MIs will. And do more than that. They not only delisted the CDs required, they pulled almost everything from Sony and Warner (and a few topsellers of Universal and EMI) from their range of products. In the meantime, after a quick talk, it seems the problem has been resolved. For now. Neither side really considers it settled, it just seems both agree that such a battle should not be fought right now, in the week before the big spending event. Though one has to wonder: Who is actually in the stronger position when they canot find an agreement?"
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Christmas Cheer

+ - Iraq War Lash Soldiers ->

Submitted by
mmwus writes " Just imagine, if it were you there? If it were you who wondered, does anyone care? As reported on October 26, 2007: New York — Iraq war veterans now stationed at a base in upstate New York say that morale among US soldiers in the country is so poor, many are simply parking their Humvees and pretending to be on patrol, a practice dubbed "search and avoid" missions. So, I ask, "Do those of us on safe ground away from the sounds of guns and mourns of pain really care?" Ask yourself, "Is there something that you, as an individual, would like to say to the Soldiers?""
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