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Comment: Agile is not Easy (Score 1) 491

Just because you're fit doesn't mean you can tear up the parkour course.

If you've done agile right the code is the documentation, and it reads like documentation.

Agile is not developer centric, it's user centric. If what you are doing is developer centric, it's not agile.

The toughest thing in Agile is getting a good person in the user role. That's why it works great for consultancies where the user pays for the privilege of guiding their project every day, and not so much for the enterprise where nobody wants the responsibility. It is a better career move to wait and throw bombs at a failed project then to get involved and make decisions everyday.

Comment: Stop arguing about the wrong things. (Score 1) 1797

by Moe Taxes (#37821294) Attached to: Ron Paul Wants To End the Federal Student Loan Program

Ron Paul is not against student loans, he is against federally backed student loans. If there is money to be made sending kids to college then the market can do it more effectively than a federal government. I don't know the real numbers but for every student loan success story there are several tragedies, kids drop out, become history majors, get swindled by for profit colleges, and many more are chronically under-employed. A market oriented student loan program is not going to eliminate every problem but there would be good incentives to avoid producing kids with large debts and small prospects. The risk is undiscovered talent languishing without a good education, but talent usually finds a way, it might be a harder road, but no harder than life without talent and with debt.

The topic of debate is the proper role of the federal government, we all want to find a way to get an education to the kids that could use one, but what is subsidized by the government becomes overpriced and overproduced.

Comment: evil and stupid (Score 1) 500

by Moe Taxes (#37078944) Attached to: Dutch Government To Tax Drivers Based On Car Use

Gas tax already exists, as does the bureaucracy and the collection mechanism. If they need more revenue just change a number, issue a memo, the tax goes up, the revenue goes up, you still have incentives to buy efficient cars and drive less, all easy and efficient.

Creating a new tax authority, with new electronic boxes, a new collection mechanism that deals with each individual car owner is silly expensive. If the goal is collecting more money the answer is obvious. When the answer chosen by the government is not the obvious one you should wonder, what are they really trying to do?

Comment: Because it used to be so much better (Score 5, Interesting) 271

by Moe Taxes (#36416938) Attached to: The Internet Is Killing Local News, Says the FCC

Before the Internet local schools were all awesome, local politicians were honest and dutiful, and the zoning board members could never be bought off, because everyone was cowed into sincerity by the local newspaper.

Or am I delusional.

This not a loss of local control, we haven't had that since the 1860's, it is loss of central control by big media companies who are pulling desperately on the strings they still have.

+ - If you were a rockstar

Submitted by Moe Taxes
Moe Taxes (304424) writes "If instead of what you do you were a rockstar, but you were just as good at rocking as you are at what you really do, which rockstar would you be?

Mick Jagger
Kurt Cobain
Chrissie Hynde
Tommy Lee
Justin Bieber

Comment: Fame Whores (Score 0, Troll) 1093

by Moe Taxes (#30419632) Attached to: The Limits To Skepticism

Science will always have it's fame whores and agenda driven hacks, on both sides of any issue.

Climate Science looks an awful lot like Social Science, mounds of data with statistics offered as proof.

If there are not results that can be reproduced in a controlled experiment I can't call it science.

Even if the worst scenarios turn out to be true there is no excuse for totalitarian world government.

"You're a creature of the night, Michael. Wait'll Mom hears about this." -- from the movie "The Lost Boys"