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Comment: Re:Workstations ? (Score 3, Insightful) 113

by ModernGeek (#47757617) Attached to: IBM Gearing Up Mega Power 8 Servers For October Launch

Yeah, while the demand may be high right now because of large, existing customers, the ones working out of their homes, working out of small labs, and running small businesses (think of apple's roots) will eventually be the ones moving on to the larger challenges, and start working with medium-sized and then fortune-500 businesses.

Unless IBM thinks that people that come from big money, big data, and big education (think of uber) will be the ones to contend in this area.

This is classic IBM, and it will probably never go anywhere. If it does, it will be replaced by someone with the same vision as them, a tall wall between small and enterprise-grade businesses, people, education, and money. Who can blame them? It's very profitable.

Comment: Re: Murphy says no. (Score 0, Troll) 265

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This guy probably is the tech but is wanting to spend more time with his family or something.

Probably settled down too fast and can't get a better job now. My advice: don't settle down and quit using your wife and children as excuses for your career failures because they'll grow to hate you for it.

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You just need to schedule some of your days as offset days. Work from 4pm to midnight some days so that you can get some work done when others aren't around. Some days require you being around people, some days command you be alone.

Or you can just work 16hour days like the rest of us and wear it with a badge of honor.

If you are your own boss and do this, you can earn enough money to take random weeks off from work with little to no notice so that you can travel the world, and do some recruiting while doing it so that you can write the expenses off on the company.

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I agree about the mercury in CFLs but how do you think most solar cells are made? ... They are made using "dirty semiconductor fabs." So what would you rather make with the dirty semiconductor fab, a little square mm LEDs or square meters of solar cells? Also, no one uses lead anymore.

and the alternative to the solar panels on the roof are nuclear reactors, coal power plants, or hydroelectric dams. You tell me which is going to impact the environment the most when you look at the total cost of operation from afar like that.

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3.5 Pass the bar exam.

You still have to sit through law school pretty much everywhere now. No more passing the bar and becoming an attorney. I've looked at this, changing it would be hard. Considering sitting through law school, but I'd rather not if it could be avoided. Just remember, if your small business is incorporated, it is a person, and you can't represent another person in court. One lawsuit could ruin your company and you'd be stuck watching the ship go down, trying to fight for it would be futile as you'd just be thrown out of the courtroom.


NASA Beams Hi-Def Video From Space Via Laser 38

Posted by samzenpus
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An anonymous reader writes "NASA successfully beamed a high-definition video 260 miles from the International Space Station to Earth Thursday using a new laser communications instrument. Transmission of 'Hello, World!' as a video message was the first 175-megabit communication for the Optical Payload for Lasercomm Science (OPALS), a technology demonstration that allows NASA to test methods for communication with future spacecraft using higher bandwidth than radio waves." Last September, NASA's LADEE (Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer) showed that they could supply a lunar colony with broadband via lasers.

Protecting Our Brains From Datamining 100

Posted by Soulskill
from the we-all-know-what-your-brain-would-tell-us dept.
Jason Koebler writes: 'Brainwave-tracking is becoming increasingly common in the consumer market, with the gaming industry at the forefront of the trend. "Neurogames" use brain-computer interfaces and electroencephalographic (EEG) gadgets like the Emotiv headset to read brain signals and map them to in-game actions. EEG data is "high-dimensional," meaning a single signal can reveal a lot of information about you: if you have a mental illness, are prone to addiction, your emotions, mood, and taste. If that data from gaming was collected and mined, it could theoretically be matched with other datasets culled from online data mining to create a complete profile of an individual that goes far beyond what they divulge through social media posts and emails alone. That's led some to develop privacy systems that protect your thoughts from hackers.'

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Musk is actually a huge Obama supporter, and Obama has been seen talking to, giving praise to, and visiting with Elon Musk. SpaceX and Elon Musk have been a huge part of the Obama Space Strategy. Any anti-obama sentiment comes from the ending of Republican-politican-approved programs, such as the Space Shuttle through companies like ATK and Boeing.

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