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Comment Re:Read TFA (Score 1) 674 674

the guy was using a socket clearly marked not for public use

What the heck does "clearly not marked for public use" mean? I've never seen a socket marked either way. In the US, people do this all the time in airports and convention centers. It is common to see a cluster of people hanging out in an otherwise unused area of a convention center or airport, huddled around some power outlets.

Comment Re:Zoology for programmers (Score 1) 33 33

I like your zoology analogy. I would like to add that naming things is useful and important.

Years ago, I presented a 5-10 page design for a software component to my manager and the company architect. I had a nice document with diagrams and all that. After about 10 minutes in the meeting of presenting some stuff, the architect patiently said something like "So you plan on using a builder pattern, using chain of responsibility to dispatch the events. Sounds good, go for it!" He called for the meeting to be over and, slightly stunned, that ended the meeting.

This was a really good experience. Had I known the design patterns for what I was putting together, I could have simplified my document into a few paragraphs and saved a lot of time. Having a common vocabulary makes it easier and faster to communicate.

Anyone who has designed with multiple teams with different backgrounds will have similar experiences with vocabulary. One person says "queue" but they really meant "signal" and 45 minutes of arguing happens before the parties realize they meant the same thing but didn't know the word. (P.S. Microsoft loves to confuse terminology by naming their products after industry acronyms. Their development platform is "Dot Net" their SQL server is "SQL Server" and their web framework is "MVC")

Comment Re:Wear leveling (Score 1) 144 144

I don't know about other OSs, but with Windows, the OS actually already knows some of this information. The appdata\roaming folder is important stuff that should go with you. The appdata\local can be lost, and just stays with the machine. appdata\locallow is even less important. The folders above appdata are user's files and are extremely important. Also, there are hints in the Windows CreateFile API where you can specify access patterns, including one which means "delete upon close."

Unfortunately, most apps don't use these features correctly. But if they did, they could be useful hints to the drive as to how to allocate things.

Comment Talk to a lawyer (Score 4, Insightful) 213 213

Are you familiar with the recent judgement against Time Warner Cable over a very similar matter?

we are assured that her social security number is not being used and that they will clear her name and email address out of their system. Yet a few weeks later we get another email.

Then they are not clearing it out: they are either incompetent or lying. Consider having a lawyer draft a letter referencing this recent judgement. That might help.

Comment Re:Different languages (Score 1) 175 175

I think weilawei really meant to say: "Provide a technical argument for why Node.js is gaining so much popularity." I am not sure if your post does that.

The features you listed are in pretty much every other major language. The book you referenced is a somewhat tongue-in-cheek look at how to use the good parts of a bad language. The conclusion I reach from those points is "yeah, it's bad, but see how people took the good parts and made it useful." Which doesn't really support the argument for why it is gaining popularity on the server-side.

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