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Comment: Re:Minumum Wage will push these sooner (Score 2) 46

With the push for higher minimum wage for low/no skill jobs, I'm sure there will be more focus on robots that can flip burgers and serve up milk shakes.

Oh, please. First you need robots that can do that, second you need people to maintain those machines, third you still need people to do all the other jobs that still have to be done besides flipping burgers and serving shakes. Did you know that most McDonalds shut down every night, everything in the kitchen is taken to the sink to be washed and sanitized, then put back so the morning crew can flip a switch and start serving customers? Did you know that twice a week a huge truck comes by, drops off boxes of food ingredients, and those have to be inventoried and stashed properly so they can be used throughout the week. When that stuff comes, the next promotion that comes around has to be deployed, cardboard cutouts assembled, decor changed, etc. Basically at a corporately-owned McDonalds you are not a burger-flipper. You're a surprisingly nimble meat-bag capable of just about any task that is required to run an establishment about that.

What I'm trying to tell you is that you can automate the cooking of the meat or the dispensing of the shake but you're not removing any significant amount of man-power to the place. You might be able to shave one or two people during the weekday lunch shifts, but until they start making full on androids you're nowhere near minimum-wage motivated store automation.

What your'e really going to see is a higher-priced burger. I say: "Bring it!"

Comment: Re:It took 5 years? (Score 1) 180

The article is very short and you could have read most of it in the time it took you to post the above irrelevant post, but as it is you are not even aware it's so irrelevant that it looks very silly in context.

It's a lot less silly if you know anything about Microsoft or Apple and read the stories about exploits in their systems, here. I've actually people describe Android malware, for example, as 'freedom'.

In short, you and a couple of people with mod-points missed the point of my post. I have no hard feelings, I know double-standards are hard to admit to.

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