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Comment Re:I don't like this at all (Score 1) 163

The story I read earlier this morning quoted someone or other as saying that customers currently in a contract won't see a change until the contract is up. If they renew, it will be at the new price.

Ah. Well in that case, Verizon is doing nothing wrong. The main reason I suspected the other possibility is that, if memory serves, Verizon has told their unlimited peeps that they have to pay full price for their phones. Under that circumstance they would not care at all if anybody had walked away from their unlimited plan if they changed the price mid-stream.

I have a grandfathered unlimited plan with AT&T and I'm paying $30/mo for it. If they raised it to $50 I wouldn't personally be too upset, but there is a key difference here that I don't think applies to Verizon: They've upped their throttling cap from 5 gigs to 22 gigs. So I'd be paying $50 for 22 gigs a month (plus it'll keep going, albeit slower) which is far better than their tiered options.

On a side note, I do wish they'd quit screwing with us. What do you call someone that has a grandfathered unlimited plan from AT&T or Verizon? A loyal customer.

Comment Re:I don't like this at all (Score 1) 163

When did Verizon ever promise not to increase the cost of plans?

The question (that the fine article doesn't address...) is whether or not they're waiting until the next contract cycle to add this increase. If they are, then yes, you're at least partly right that this is a non-story.

If they're upping the price right now and saying : "Well yes that is breach of contract, would you like to walk away from your unlimited plan that you'll never get again now?" ... then... yes, they're being downright underhanded and even hostile to their customers.

All things get more expensive over time... It called inflation.

You are an idiot.

Two problems with calling him an idiot: First is that this isn't about inflation. $30 to $50 between 2010 and 2015 is not even close to the rate of inflation. Second, the 'idiot', in all likelihood, knows the history of Verizon (and AT&T for that matter) and their hostility towards unlimited customers. Now maybe I'm giving the poster you called an idiot more credit than he deserves, but AT&T's recently hundred-million-dollar-smackdown by the FCC recently was broadly reported. It turns out these carriers have been looking for ways to shed themselves of these unlimited customers.

You're showing symptoms of irritability, I prescribe Googlin.

Comment Re:What geeks hate the most is the lack of geekine (Score 0) 403

There was some genuine geekiness in the beginning but it is all gone now. Now its a show about stupid obnoxious people trying to seem smart... not at all as fun as it was in the beginning when it was about nice people with personality problems.

Heh, yeah. You liked Big Bag Theory back when it was underground.

Comment Re:WinRAR (Score 1) 129

"The UI is just a lot more elegant and intuitive" implies that 7zip's interface is not intuitive as compared to WinRAR."

Yes, that is the statement the OP made. You responded as if he had said:

7zip is unintuitive.

Which is a statement he did not make.

Congratulations on winning the dumbass award.

Mmm Hm.

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