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Comment: Wind back four years for acceptable desktop linux (Score 2) 242

by dbIII (#48430759) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Workaday Software For BSD On the Desktop?

Poettering's NetworkManager and Avahi

Wow, add that to systemd and pulseaudio and it's almost looking like he's on the MS payroll to break stuff in linux. However, the reality is likely to be that he has a vision to change linux into something different to what it is now which of course is not going to be painless and seamless - hence the annoyance with pulseaudio during the first few years of development and the annoyance with NetworkManager until relatively recently. NetworkManager may have pissed me off at times on fixed systems (and earlier in development) but it's now a pretty nice thing to have on laptops.
If you want to completety change the compartmentalised idea of linux (where you change settings and they stay changed) to something very interdependant there's going to be a pile of glitches on the way to pretending to be a Mac. Complaints about beta software going into distros are fairly pointless since it's not going to get much better without a lot of people hammering at it and finding the problems. It does however mean that there is a very large and widening gap between what's acceptable in an office environment (RHEL6 or Fedora13 from 2010) and the cutting edge (Fedora20).

Comment: Most painless way - two networked computers (Score 1) 242

by dbIII (#48430585) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Workaday Software For BSD On the Desktop?
A few things on that list are where BSD is lagging behind, just like linux is lagging behing on ZFS. Last I looked Virtualbox was not working at all. However with X you don't have to run the software on the same machine and the one you sit in front of.
There's plenty of stuff where there are linux binaries available but nothing for BSD - however so long as they are 32 bit there's an emulation layer that's pretty solid, even for flaky Adobe stuff or antivirus scanners written to be run on linux. I should get around to installing the old loki games on a netbook I've put FreeBSD10 on.

Comment: Re:Market Share in 2019? (Score 1) 375

That's rich. Pretty fucking difficult not to react "negatively" to removing features with every new release of late. (Which seems to be all the UX clowns are good for.)

We're not complaining about change. We're complaining about (a) constantly taking things away, and (b) constantly breaking extensions. Extensibility supposedly being a key selling point for Firefox in the first fucking place.

I use Firefox for work. Big UI changes mess with my workflow. You're saying that FF was never meant to be used for work, maybe?

Comment: Re:Market Share in 2019? (Score 1) 375

Having to edit my userChrome.css file to put the tabs back where I had them because some genius at Mozilla decided it'd be funky to break the tab paradigm itself by moving the tab bar way the fuck to the top of the window while giving me neither any choice in the matter nor any way to put it back without hacking the UI is not a "pea under the mattress". It's fucked up, is what it is. KGFY.

Comment: Re:LOL! Firefox has 10% of the market! (Score 1) 375

The other thing I hate about the mobile version of Firefox is that it puts the page title in the location bar, so I can't really tell what site I'm on...

Same here.

Believe it or not, there's actually a preference for this. It's under "Settings... Display ... Title Bar".

Comment: Re:"eye sore" (Score 1) 490

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Fair enough, but still not exactly wilderness so a bit of a sign of civilisation is to be expected here and there. Aren't there ski lifts, railways etc all over the place - you can catch a train to the top of the Eiger can't you? Why is that OK and great big crosses on a lot of peaks OK but a windmill here and there not? It's not the Torres Del Paine but just about next door to a pile of cities.
It takes more than a few power transmission towers to destroy the serenity (obscure film reference - people from the city coming out to see the "unspoiled" countryside of farms and power lines).

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