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Comment Funny thing (Score 1) 216

In Australia the girls are getting better scores at high school mathematics than the boys by a wide margin. There was a bit of an effort in the 1980s to do something about the almost complete non-existence of girls in the advanced maths classes in co-ed schools while the effort to promote mathematics in general was reduced. Over the last few decades it's become a weird cultural thing where mathematics is seen as "girly" by the boys that are trying to be the alpha males via sport and peer pressure discourages the boys just like the girls were discouraged before.

Comment Hit the 2nd hand bookshops (Score 1) 216

A lot of relatively old calculus textbooks in the USA, UK etc resemble those Russian ones in effectiveness.
Plain descriptions.
Lots of exercises.

Those books of the 50's, 60's and 70's were good enough to get the NASA guys going and that part of mathematics has not changed at all at the textbook level since then. Sure, many kinds of numerical solutions are practical now but the textbooks then and now are about analytical methods.

Comment True for some things - but physics ... (Score 1) 216

That is true for some things, but if you want to do something related to modelling just about anything in the real world a lack of understanding of geometry and calculus is going to get in the way. In other situations a lack of understanding of probability and statistics will mess you up.
For example, Carmack is considered awesome for (among other things) both understanding what a CPU could do quickly and what he was modelling, thus getting an effective approximation quickly without precision that was not required. You can't do that with 4th grade mathematics.

Comment It seems to work, too (Score 4, Insightful) 22

I do a lot of Check Point engineering/consulting services and this is one of the more exciting things they've done in awhile. Even though they didn't actually develop it they've done a good job integrating into their firewall suite. It is not a panacea; nothing in security is, but it is good stuff.

Comment Re:Lead the horse to the source (Score 1) 1038

Your shotgun "inexperienced" thing is a textbook case of attempting to bully the kiddies and hilariously having utterly no idea that you are discussing things with someone older than yourself.
As for "unintended consequences" - are you so really so narcissistic that you think anybody is going to bother to read down this far apart from you or I? We both know what is going on and nobody else is going to care.
Also - debate? You really think this is a debate? For a debate both participants are expected to have something worthwhile to say.
I am not debating you so what's with the "completely inadequate and incompetent efforts at debate"? There is no debate here. Above I was just correcting what appeared to be deliberate misdirection and misinformation on your part and you got very insulting about it.

If "debating skills" are petty bullying that relies on being older than the other debater then you can keep those skills. This isn't supposed to be a "mass debate", it's not supposed to be a silly game of trying to convince others via bullshit and insults, it's supposed to be a discussion about issues that crop up. You may have some meta-game you are playing via slashdot at my expense but it comes across as a rather pathetic thing detached from reality.

Comment Re:Comcast giveth and I taketh away (Score 1) 224

We're approaching a point where the only winning move is not to pay; I predict many folks will soon cancel cable and Netflix, and just go back to torrents.

Go back to torrents...?

Some of us were smart enough to see the game for what is is and refused to play in the first place.

Comment Re:Erdogen is an Islamofascist (Score 1) 139

Turkey lies on the (mostly) land route between Europe and the Middle East. (Yes, this is the route the Ottomans followed when they conquered the Balkans.) It lies between the Back Sea (think Russia) and the Med and can easily control sea traffic between the two.

Turkey's value has nothing to do with its own politics and everything to do with geopolitics.

Hopefully, they will never gain entry to the EU unless and until they get rid of Erdogan and his Islamofascist rabble-rousers. Like Putin, Erdogan dreams of the lost days of Empire, and that together with the censorship, trampling free speech, and Armenia denial, does not wash at all well with the EU or most of its citizenry.

Comment Re:having lived in Turkey (Score 2) 139

Turkey has a member of NATO since 1952. They joined before (West) Germany did.

Turkey is in both Asia and Europe. It can control entry to the Black Sea (which contains the Crimea).

NATO called the *North Atlantic* Treaty Organisation because the North Atlantic is what lies between Europe and North America.

Really, if you did too many 'shrooms at school, you can find out all this stuff now with about 10 minutes on Wikipedia.

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