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Comment Re:So Let Me Get This Straight (Score 1) 226

No. Just as MS Exchange is a suite with parts that do different things a different environment with LDAP and a mail transfer agent can also work together.
Sure you understand at least that much?
The truly amusing thing is in a thread about a third party addon for MS Exchange you seem to be demanding that I find a single application that provides everything the MS Exchange suite and it's addons can provide. How about we move away from marketing fiction and a bit closer to reality?

Comment What's on the label should be what it is (Score 0) 230

There are also times when its correctly applied, like at Oberlin where the cafeteria was protested because the "Chinese" food was inauthentic

That's just a quality complaint at a school FFS! That's scraping so far into the barrel that it was not worth your time.

This may clarify why it was a big deal to someone - say your "Authentic American" hot dog came with a good amount of hot English mustard instead of the sugar loaded incredibly mild American mustard. While a lot of people would like it some of those who expected the food to be as described would consider it inedible.

It has nothing to do with SJW, MRA or any of the other strawmen, it was just a food description/quality issue. File it with how wrong it would be to serve "kosher pork chops" if you still don't get it. What's on the label should be what it is.

Comment Re:Sexual Assault (Score 1) 230

I would guess someone in middle management that decided they needed a "stake" in Cortana and suggested that corporate image issues may result from people playing with a bot that way. Thus probably just a pathetic attempt to be noticed and climb the ladder.
That sort of shit is why I prefer working for a smaller place instead of a large company where what seems like a large number of people do nothing but attend meetings.

Comment Re:Anything NK does is suspicious (Score 1) 119

or isolate them completely and give them nothing, and let revolution eventually happen?

Long before revolution there will be a lot of explosions in South Korea and Japan.
Remember that generations have been brainwashed into thinking that all their troubles are due to the outside world. I talked to a lady that got out in 1959 (it was that or be executed for marrying a Chinese man) - NK was a scary place with deliberate isolation and is now a lot worse.

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