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Comment Re:Holy Cow (Score 1) 176

In Mozilla's (and Google's) case that would definitely be the advertisers, they are the ones paying the bills. These 'upgrades' seem to be for their exclusive benefit.

TBH I don't even know what differences there are between Mozilla/Chrome/Safari compared to a year ago. The UI has moved around a bit, but mostly they seem the same (some people have complained about feature removal, but it hasn't affected me).

Comment Re: What about instead waiting until it's ready? (Score 1) 176

When I manage, if I don't know what someone is working on, I go and ask them personally. I don't need to waste everyone else's time in a status meeting to discover that. Generally I know what everyone is working on (because I either assigned it to them or they let me know). If someone is going to have trouble getting something done on time, I expect them to tell me immediately, not wait until a status meeting.

Status meetings are especially a waste of time when you have a status tracker. Why do I need to wait in a meeting while everyone announces their status, when that information is already contained in the status tracker??

Comment Re:My rule of thumb... (Score 1) 176

If a group embraces the terminology of the most popular 'process', it's probably bad. In other words, most teams are bad and use whatever is most popularized as a stand in, and tend to act however they want, but pay lipservice to the popular process to make themselves look like they are following industry best practices.

Yes, and instead of giving them a new process (which will fix nothing), it would be more effective to train them to be better programmers. Focus on the individuals, not the process.

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