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Comment: Re:Trickle Down? (Score 2) 29

Different meaning of the word 'trickle down.' It's like a new technology......electric cars were primarily available to rich Tesla drivers, but the 'technology' is 'trickling down' as it becomes cheaper. Same thing happened with microwaves and plenty of other technologies.

You could have figured this out, but he's saying that if their school is successful, other schools will start using it.

Comment: Re:Save the GOP; Save the Elephants (Score 1) 270

Maybe a good start is to show Republicans that their vaunted mascot for their party, the elephant, is going extinct. They might deny global warming, but it's pretty hard for them to deny the fact that elephants are disappearing from the planet, mainly due to people. Maybe we could get them to see the disappearance of the elephants as a harbinger of their own loss of popularity. Perhaps if we could get the GOP to save their pachyderms, they could learn something important in the process.

I'm really interested, what do you expect the US government to do about elephants going extinct? Invade Kenya?

Comment: Re:It's all politics, all the time (Score 2) 270

Ms. Clinton turned over every email as required under archiving laws.

No she didn't. You believe her for some reason, but there have been time periods found missing from the archives, and there is no way to verify what she deleted.

There are some people who are so blindly partisan that they will support Clinton in everything. Everyone else realizes that what she did was wrong.

Comment: Re:Scientifically driven politics (Score 1) 270

It can work out poorly in practice, because the scientists think they know best, and try to come to the answer by logic; whereas politics doesn't usually have a 'right' answer, it's merely balancing the desires of different groups of people. In the extreme case think of Lysenko in the USSR.

Although it couldn't be worse than electing lawyers......

Comment: Re: Proxy? (Score 4, Interesting) 173

My employer up until sixteen months ago did exactly that. Volume licensing would have saved them some money - not a whole lot of money, but some. But, the IT department was totally incompetent. Now that we've been bought out by a larger company, the IT department is far less incompetent, and we actually have machines that work, OS's that do what they are supposed to do, and something that passes for security. And, volume licensing.

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