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Comment: Re:Flash only sites (Score 1) 657 657

They will soon change it if they're losing custom. I also imagine that there was nothing on their site that couldn't be done with html, especially a reservation form...

This is why flash is a horrible technology. It wastes bandwidth and creates inconsistent user-experiences. Video is actually an acceptable use of flash, but several sites, especially ones consisting of product pages, still think that "nice animations" that doesn't work properly on a PC older than a year or sounds that annoys everyone around the user (and probably the user as well) is a good idea...

I like the current situation... Apple makes sure that everyone knows that flash annoys lots of users and my Android device will soon (as soon as Motorola wake up and release FroYo for it...) support it... The result is that I can still use the sites if needed and the amount of sites that needs it gets less..

Comment: Re:still dont see (Score 1) 134 134

Cracking WEP can be seen as like this... You indicate that you want someone not to read it, even if you use something that is trivial to bypass.

Hell, they even call it "public" or "open" WiFi.

Google seem to not even have read it, only collected it... Similarly to any potentially "private" things to see on the street that was also collected by the same vehicle...

If you are discussing private information in a public place you can't complain if it gets recorded / overheard...

Comment: Re:Inadvertent Or Not ... (Score 1) 267 267

If I accidentally run over someone with my car because I wasn't paying attention to what I was doing, it doesn't absolve me of the liability - even if that old lady had it coming, er, was jaywalking.

Accidentally overhearing / recording classified information (say, while dictating) on the street is a better analogy...

Comment: Re:I like the idea (Score 1) 126 126

Eating too much is worse than leaving it over... The food was wasted when it was served, irrespective if it end up being wasted / stored as fat by your body or if it is thrown away. Leaving extra food gives the restaurant a chance to dispose of it in a less wasteful way.


Cloth Successfully Separates Oil From Gulf Water 327 327

Chinobi writes "Di Gao, an assistant professor at the Department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering at the University of Pittsburgh, has developed a method of separating oil from water within just seconds using a cotton cloth coated in a chemical polymer that makes it both hydrophilic (it bonds with the hydrogen atoms in water) and oleophobic (oil-repelling), making it absolutely perfect for blocking oil and letting water pass through. Gao tested his filter successfully on Gulf Oil water and oil and has an impressive video to demonstrate the results." This is a laboratory demonstration; the technology hasn't been tested at scale.

Comment: None is a fair comparison... (Score 1) 203 203

I' running a version of Chrome 6 and Firefox 3.6. A pre-release of IE should be compared to the latest beta/alapha of the other browsers...

All the HTML5 tests I've seen to date runs well on one / two browsers and fail on others.... (Apple's works perfectly on safari, with video / VR / audio failing on Chrome, Opera doing horribly in the typography / image-effect tests and Firefox ion general doing just as bad as Opera, mostly failing in different areas...)

A set of tests / demoes trying to test each of the features of the standard would help a lot to properly asses browser's progress....

Comment: Joel's article needs an update... (Score 1) 289 289

Netscape's rewrite might have cost them market-share at the time, but Internet Explorer is back at trying to catch up with Firefox, which might be easier to extend because of that newer codebase...

(And from when I forgot to log in: And WTF is up with the captcha? It doesn't change, even when it is obviously unreadable (A 8 / a / 0 with a line through is hard to make out with 2 guesses))

Comment: Re:sometimes users don't control their machines (Score 1) 512 512

There is (or at least used to be when I last checked) no group policy support for Firefox. (And probably Opera / Safari / Chrome) Users saving passwords on a potentially insecure system can be a much larger security risk than a insecure browser, especially if they can't install anything because of their profile.

In some places IT hates it when users can play around with settings (probably because of more support issues, etc)...

The risk of IE is also quite low if it is run in a limited profile (if the user has admin access, they would probably ignore the policy and upgrade IE / install something else because of all the broken sites when using IE6)

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