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Comment: Re:About half (Score -1) 176

by sillybilly (#49501797) Attached to: Norway Will Switch Off FM Radio In 2017

My car radio been dead for my past 3 cars, for the last 4 years. If you really want a radio you can bring one along in the car. Why they even have car radios. On the other hand, I start not to trust anything digital anymore. If it has a chip, it means it cannot be trusted. You use it, but it's nowhere near as reliable as analog with simple, visible components, when it comes to reliability and trustworthiness, even if analog means sucky accuracy or fidelity or quality. This includes measuring equipments, cars that have their own minds and intentionally drive you into an accident, or radio eavesdropping and gps-locating you at all times. You still have the right to plead the fifth, but those who collect data about you have the power to use it when it fits them, including not to use it when it would provide an alibi while they are framing you with false witnesses. This is my ultraparanoid side speaking again. Hello.

Comment: Re:Why waste time on robots? (Score -1) 113

by sillybilly (#49500201) Attached to: Drought and Desertification: How Robots Might Help

sometimes I wonder if the water supplies were not drained secretly, just to tap the talent of the populace to come up with ways to live better under water shortage conditions, that can be monkeyed by others.. oh, i dunno, some oil sheiks from deserts would have enough money to peddle in politics and pull some strings here and there, putting key people into key places.. but this is my ultra-paranoid side speaking again.. hello..

Comment: Re: They're called trees. (Score 2, Insightful) 122

by sillybilly (#49495311) Attached to: Breakthrough In Artificial Photosynthesis Captures CO2 In Acetate

Yeah, but what you are forgetting is topsoil depth is pretty lacking around the world, and when trees die, decay and go back into the global carbon cycle, a portion of them is converted into usable fertile black humus rich topsoil, which is undigestable to even the top digesting lifeforms. Topsoil by far is the ultimate form of carbon sequestration, and also the source of underground coal after millions of years if it undergoes tectonic heat and molten lava silicate phase separation.

On another note, the diagram these scientists give requires two photon captures, one for generating a proton and oxygen, and a 2nd that generates acetate from proton and CO2. This may be the most efficient, hard to tell, but I expected one stage for photon capture that generates temporary chemical energy, and another stage that converts that chemical energy consuming CO2 into acetate, without requiring a 2nd photon capture. Ocean floor volcanic eruption environments have bacterial lifeforms and a whole ecosystem fueled by not the Sun, like the rest of life on planet, but the internal heat of the Earth. These creatures live in absence of sunlight completely and they are based on a sulfur based high energy low energy state chemical cycle. As a crude adaptation one might just have a concentrating solar power collector and a sample of the biosphere from such an environment with water recirculated near the "volcanic eruption hot zone" in a solar concentrator, and cooled to the other zones where these lifeforms live, and there you go, you have a solar based CO2 captturing station, but quantum efficiency would probably be low. However that sulfur cycle could be used as a starting point to create something where the solar capturing stage can be separated from the bacterial farming stage, such as bacteria living in huge underground ponds aerated with CO2 (possibly captured via ethanolaminej or something untouched by the lifeforms in a massive downdraft solar tower) and the light collection sections could take up all the real estate, moreover they could be super high temperature if needed, where reaction rates are faster possibly giving better quantum efficiencies too.

That's my 2 cents.

Comment: Re:That's nice (Score -1) 84

by sillybilly (#49475419) Attached to: First Alpha of Public Sector Linux Deployment System

It's like this: I know windows is probably the most pirated software, simply because a computer won't run without it, but it's an insult to be putting a coa sticker on the computer, or inside it, or even labeling a computer "designed for windows 7 or xp." Wtf? How about I put a COA sticker on the computer for XP, then MS Office XP 2002, one for MS Office Visio because that was not bundled with anyting, then one for Age of Empires Gold or Platinum, Age of Kings, Rise of Nations, then Microsoft Streets and Trips, etc etc, then what if other software producers started this practice too, wait, there are almost no other software producers because they are either forced to give their stuff away for free, or been outcompeted, with a few exceptions like Adobe Photoshop, etc, so stickers for all that, and soon you need to attack a stamp collection album to every computer, and drag it around with you to prove that you do in fact have the right to use the computer and all the software that's on it, at least as long as the sticker does not scratch away and the computer goes to shit needing a reinstall, and then oops, you forgot to memorize your COA activation key number next to the holographic certificate that proves your right to use it, and now it's destroyed beyond readability and must go out to purchase another copy, cha chin! COA stickers are insults, but at least it's not as bad as Autocad requiring a usb dongle or LPT port dongle to run a piece of software, so there are some that get wilder. People put up with it while they have to, but in the end the proper solution to such issues is market competition, but it's like Microsoft and gang of similar software companies that include Adobe, Corel, Novell, Oracle, Apple, etc, have been so good at eating up their competition alive, and purchase, merge, embrace, duplicate, extend, extinguish them, that these days their biggest problem is lack of competition itself, they so scared away everybody from the computing field that nobody dares to dip their toes into that shark infested water and daydream about making their own fortune as a software company, because of the lessons learned from how other software entrepreneurs fared, so it's best to stay under the radar, so their biggest issues these days is lack of competition that would come up with great and novel ideas they could copy, embrace extend and extinguish, so lacking anything novel that would make people really want to upgrade, they are forced to keep selling the same thing over and over, time after time, year after year, month after month, which by definition is called a rental, starting with Windows 10. If there were healthy competition in the computing field, and these mofos weren't so successful in hogging any controlling and all important intellectual property there is in the world and exterminating anyone who dares even hope to also own some, we could all live in a better world, including their distant family members, who, in the end also suffer in the sense of not the best possible world coming about where creativity and innovation is hindered by monopolistic abuse practices. For instance, in New York prices are so high, rent and parking, that people taking their dad to a dinner in a restaurant will stand next to a traffic meter waiting for the next minute to roll over to save 3 bucks. Yeah I understand real estate is pricey under congestion, and high demand, but really? Why do you want to live like that, suffer under such artifacts of wasting your precious time in life from driving prices to insane heights. It's like the greatest problem in the USA is property hoggers who love to make easy money by hogging property, then sitting back and relaxing, and milking it for letting others get access to it, such as rent, intellectual, etc, all property, then of course driving prices and values through the starry sky, whatever the free market will bear, because it benefits them, those who own and control it if the prices are high. Yes property has a very important place in the world, but you have to stay reasonable and in balance, and don't abuse the artifacts created by it, simply because they can be abused. Like seeds? Biopiracy? Wtf? We eat the weeds. At least we used to, while they were free in the intellectual property sense, but now these property hogging crooks want to turn every frigging thing in the world into property, so they can sit back and collect after hogging it, including all seed intellectual property, even for natural things, like cabbage or pepper, old school, non GMO. Yeah I understand the side of the story where you have a GMO seed and you feel like people owe you for all that heavy research and expertise, and you want copyright on it that one farmer cannot give it to another, and sue them in court. But it's complicated. Soon you tell me there is no food, even GMO, that you don't intellectually own, like, it used to be public domain, like electromagnetic spectrum frequencies used by radio, tv and cell stations, but now they go up for bidding, and can be owned, so here you go, you create a government which puts up for bidding all old school tomato, potato or cabbage seed types, and all you have to do is "invest" a couple hundred billion dollars into buying intellectual property in all old school non GMO potatoes, and make everyone pay whatever arbitrary prices you feel like charging over the intellectual property embedded into them, including limiting resowing rights to the seeds you reap, etc. That's a hell of a world you're creating, and you may not suffer from having rules about seeds like that, but even your kind that does not technically owns it suffers, like wasting precious time of their life waiting next to a parking meter over prices out of control, while theseed property hoggers suffer from similar abuses by other property owners, such as having to put COA stickers into computers, bending over backwards navigating the requirements and artifacts created by the new rules. Yeah well a COA is not such a big deal but it is. Same with most intellectual property. Property and prices are there to manage economics of scarce resources. With intellectual property the scarcity is not the case, but the creation scarcity of it is. Yes stronger protection might enhance creativity of those who think they'll make more, so they have their hopes high starry eyed with dollars in their eyes, but then they'll lack a healthy market of buyers or consumers who are simply not willing to deal with the protection abuse, or expressing a lot of gripe. The goal should be setting up rules and ways of playing the game to maximum happiness of everyone, not just a few people who succeed in hogging and controlling things, and then in exchange they are willing to put up with the suffering caused by their cousins doing it to them too on other things, as a trade off for themselves making a good sit back and collect doing almost nothing for that income other than succeeded in hogging it and taking over and controlling it, while bulk of the population all suffers. Rules of the game, what works best for everybody, not just you. For instance, you should do unto the Chinese in intellectual property abuse as you would have them do unto you when they own everything made in china in the world, including having the funds to take over and control intellectual property you used to control and own, and then they put you through the same abuse when you are broke that you put them through when they were broke, either deny access, or make you pay high prices, that "they" feel is an appropriate price this time.

Comment: Re:Feds (Score -1) 183

Yeah. Like a simple printable form, you can fill out by hand, then scan it. Done, electronic medical records done, scan it as a png image. Then they can run their OCR's and stuff, without having to waste hospital staff time, trying to enter information and knowing all the artifacts and gotchas and protocol routine of click click click click you get to that screen, scroll scroll scroll, 3/4 down you find a checkbox, tick that, go back, click, click, click, click, and you get to the point where you can enter the one sentence you wanted to. And every software supplier has their own custom ways. What a massive waste of time, high learning curve, and huuuuge cost managing those database interface gotchas. Simple way to solve the electronic record keeping requirement: have a folder cabinet and keep paper records, then scan them as a png that can be uploaded and backed up. If you want to transform that into a more searchable database, have medical transcribers at the backend who know all the doctors and patients "interpret" what was written, and convert it to text, google books or archive org or gutenberg project OCR style, but the original hand written scan, including patient signatures ARE the records (even though signatures can be faked too, but if two signatures exactly identical, you can see it's fake. those electronic pads you sign, like credit card stations at Walmart, I can never do a nice looking signature I can claim as my own or reject if confronted with - a piece of paper signature, and a scan so much better. As far as security is concerned, have a vault for the paper copies if you have to, or a federally mandated "safe" instead of filing cabinet (more like filing cabinet security standards where they are not so easy to haul away or break into), and when the computer is down, the internet is down, or your IT person is off sick and you're stuck, you can fall back to the paper copies anyone can do, and catch up later on the electronic record keeping, without being stuck unable to follow healthcare procedures with a patient, because the official record keeping electronic system is down, so the patient has to wait sick til they can fix it and obtain a consent signature officially recorded. What a fucking load of bullshit and artifact complication getting in the way, all for the sake of the computing professionals making a dollar, having lobbies the corrupt cunts up in the government.

Comment: Re:That's nice (Score -1) 84

by sillybilly (#49459677) Attached to: First Alpha of Public Sector Linux Deployment System

The advantage or Active Directory is that Microsoft holds a monopoly on operating system software where they can require all customers bend over and install COA stickers on computers (which they don't require in software they hold no monopoly position in), and the customer has no option but put up with it if they want to use this marvel of technology called computers at all. But unless the Swedes can make their own chips and CPU's, little do they realize that computers bought next year will be required to install in the UEFI BIOS replacement a check for Windows, required by Microsoft or their manufacturers don't get the discounts their competitors get, and then there goes the aspirations of the Swedes to break away from the chains installed onto them by the monopolies, and use an alternative to the monopoly instead, like Linux, if they wish to use computers at all. So all hail to Active Directory or whatever piece of shit software they cook out and release into the public at Microsoft these days, because that is gonna be your only option if you want to use computers at all, they make sure of that, that's what they are best at, not creating things, but embrance, extend, extinguish alternatives, which is how they got to the point where they are, sporting the richest people that ever walked on the surface of this planet.

Comment: Re:Keep private things private (Score -1) 75

by sillybilly (#49452623) Attached to: FTC Creates Office Dedicated To "Algorithmic Transparency"

I beg to differ in opinion, which are like assholes. I bet they select audits based on:
- political motivation
- somebody accumulating money in their bank account, or paying off a mortgage too fast, either of which is illegal

so if you want to stay under the radar, make sure you're not keeping your belt too tight and getting ahead, instead you buy that overpriced ipod or cable subscription.. just to hang with the crowd, like ocean fish defend by swimming in schools of large numbers together, and if they hang out too much, it's easier for a predator to single them out and focus on them

Comment: Re:Er, and how will this be used? (Score -1) 37

by sillybilly (#49452613) Attached to: 'Smart Sewer' Project Will Reveal a City's Microbiome

You know what I call a smart sewer? An outhouse. Your shit stays put. Got a deadly genetically modified cooked up at Monsanto Labs biological warfare infection? It stays with you, instead of going to the treatment plant where it might survive and be released into the wild, contaminating natural rivers, lakes, oceans.

Comment: Re:Keep private things private (Score -1) 75

by sillybilly (#49441397) Attached to: FTC Creates Office Dedicated To "Algorithmic Transparency"

The IRS is a money making machine. They select audits based on income levels where the belt is kept too tight and things are out of average on statistics, unless they are playing politics with someone who misbehaves, as agents of Da Man himself.
So they are not gonna spend $2000 in agent salaries where there is a suspicion of $5 tax revenue missing. Nor are they gonna really harass people with a total income at the federal poverty level, unless there is a suspicion of a lot of under the table income. Who they go after is the big fish, big bucks, to them it's a lot better investment to spend $2000 bothering someone cheating them out of $200,000 in taxes, than spending the same on someone cheating them out of $20. It's just the way things work in the real world, and if they don't, something smells really fishy there. Like they can go after someone earning near the poverty level, for political reasons, such as being a Linux programmer, or the like. Oh btw linux programmers tend to die in mysterious accidents instead of IRS audits, that's a less conspicuous way to deal with them instead of giving them IRS audits when their income is low. Or they get framed for stuff, like Reiser. How do you trust who you marry? Especially mail order brides? They'll have children with you, then pretend being killed and go back to their home country with 2 million dollars, paid for by Da Man, and they leave their kids with you behind, as per initial agreement when they signed up for the deal. $2 million can go a long way in a lot of places in the world, including bringing whole villages and towns out of desolation, and people are willing to make kids over it and leave them behind, after all the kids won't die, they'll probably live a better life than most kids around the world. Yeah, my imagination is soooper! So back to the real world, IRS algorithms and stuff, they deal with the real world, and if you don't have a lot of money, nor make a lot of money, you're safe from them. What are they gonna find where there is no money? A lot of wasted time of their own.

Comment: Re:What candidate doesn't pork things up? (Score -1) 370

by sillybilly (#49420981) Attached to: How the Pentagon Wasted $10 Billion On Military Projects

I like a woman with good looks who cooks and cleans.

And btw the US is not going bankrupt from military waste, but from the cost of living waste where the government has to finance the insane costs of property, i.e. housing which is by far the most massive bill in everyone's budget, at least this stupid Obamacare King Kong arrived into everyone's budget to dwarf housing cost - insanity! Yeah I'm paying taxes to buy me some military protection against another Ghenghis Khan, not to have other people breed out of control on welfare on it, nor landlord cocksuckers pocket it all and buy golf courses and yachts on it, racking up government debt. In face of international competition of $5/day in places like Mexico, trying to sustain a 1500/mo rent in places like New York is only possible by racking up government debt. That's what's fucking wrong with the country, cost of living, and in that, cost of property. Landlords be like "but i, as an entrepreneus, invested 3 million dollars into this house so I can recoup it at 1500/mo, I can't make the mortgage payments on renting it to somebody who makes $5/day. Solution? It's simple - go on unemployment, then on welfare, and let the government pay the $1500/mo directly into the landlord's pockets, and wait while hyperinflation makes that 1500/mo equivalent to $4/day, so if you make $5/day, like in Mexico, you have $1 left over after you spend your $4/day housing cost, competing against places like China where $1/day pays for the whole show, because their housing cost and cost of living is not as insane as ours. Hyperinflation should annul the government debt too, but it would wreak havoc on the global financial market all pitted on the US dollar, at least until the China-Russia-EU bank conglomerate replaces it with something else, just to help us out and allow us to hyperinflate our currency to get rid of debt and make housing cost more sane, without dragging down the whole world with us, it's what you call smooth landing and the replacing of the US dollar with say US florins or US denars, or whatever. That's what happens when a financial system gets totally fucked, erase, replace, start over, bankruptcy, or, if you think we're gonna pick up our asses, fix everything that's wrong, and pay off the government debt by competing in the world market against people making $1 or $5 a day while we pay 1500/mo rent or mortgage in some places, commute for hours in 20K+ cars, then I ask you what are you smoking because I want some of that too. How you gonna get people off welfare and give them a job? Cuz right now, with free money falling from the sky called welfare the best interest of any ethnic group is to breed as fast as they can, starting at age 13, just to get voting majority and their way in politics, leading to even more welfare money and even more breeding out of control, without a way to earn an income fully dependent on government aid. And all Obamacare does is put even more people on government aid, working people who used to manage and try to stay within budget, now they surpass that mental roadblock saying everyone's doing it. Where is Obama gonna get the funds to pay for all that money going into his filthy rich insurance buddies' pockets? I know, more government debt! It's like even the powers that be, like insurance companies, or places like Microsoft about to charge rental fees starting with Windows 10, have given up on the idea of saving the system, they are like bees when they get smoked, start gobbling up all the honey they can before it's time to abandon the nest because a forest fire is about to destroy it. Getting the last bits out right before the whole friggin circus collapses, and starvation of the welfare dependents begins, when the welfare checks stop, and nobody is gonna dedicate their own personal time to put food on your table if they are not getting paid, everyone will worry about their own personal problems, of putting food on their own table.

Comment: Re:I wonder (Score -1) 258

by sillybilly (#49408905) Attached to: A Robo-Car Just Drove Across the Country

Y'all forgetting that this is nothing more than some advanced cruise control. It may do object recognition, such as an accident pile up in the distance, or even a deer or bear walking across the street, however it will never be able to differentiate between a lawn ornament deer, or a live deer standing next to the road, about to enter the road, where even humans have problem. So falling asleep for the driver is out of the question. With trains it would be different, but even there often a decision has to be made in object recognition, and intents. Artificial intelligence equivalent to human intelligence is dangerous, and these visual object recognition and behavior predicting computing exercises are the critical first steps toward machine intelligence, and it's hard to see where the limiting point to machine intellect power would be set, it'd be always lets go another inch, another feature, another ability, then we limit ourselves to make sure we don't create something that takes over the world kills us all. Machine intellect and machine "life" has the power to exist in the vacuum of outer space, devour any matter, including all planets, moons and asteroids to build itself bigger or more numerous, and in that you and I have some carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium phosphate, etc. in us that it might go after as food or structural material for itself or its own kind. Ethics this ethics that, it's sad how even the smartest people that ever lived participated in wars of self interest, in fact the two World Wars have been between pretty damn smart people. So just that simple fact is no guarantee that artificial intelligence or machine intelligence will sustain genetic variety of lifeforms, you'd hope it would but it's not guaranteed, and because of that it's the greatest threat facing humanity, greater than genetic modification bioterrorism, and these two far outdo the threat of a nuclear apocalypse, which would probably be pretty easy to live through, because it would be dumb, not actively seeking your destruction in smart ways like a specifically created biological weapon whose antidote no longer functions due to a mutation and devastates all lifeforms including plants, animals, bacteria, or a machine whose reflexes, memory and computing power far outdoes reflexes of any carbon based nerves and nervous system. By far the military is the strongest driver for this kind of visual recognition projects, where an edge in capability over the competing nations could mean the difference between life and death, i.e. between winning or losing a war. Unfortunately that's the way things are. I'm not as excited about this new tech as these truck drivers wanting to catch some badly needed sleep. As long as it's advanced cruise control that lessens the load on the brain and muscles so they don't get as tired, I guess, but I would never agree to a situation where truck drivers are okay to fall asleep while the truck is moving, however with trains on a track, with a built in alarm to wake them up in case there is something in the distance 3-5 minutes from now, that would be okay, as it takes about that long for a train to stop anyway, and if there in another issue that requires a 10 second reaction time, well, with a train moving at speed it's irrelevant anyway, because trains don't stop on a dime anyway.

Comment: Re:And to think (Score -1) 142

by sillybilly (#49404795) Attached to: Microsoft Celebrates 40th Anniversary

35 years ago they hit the jackpot with MS DOS as a near complete ripoff of Gary Kildall's CP/M who btw died from a blunt force trauma to his head in a biker bar early 90s. The also did great copying the look and feel of Apple, and he courts excused them on it, just like pretty much everything else they've come up with other people came up with it and got "embrace, extend, extinguish"ed by Microsoft on everything, operating systems, office software, gaming, everything. And they bitch and moan about intellectual property violations the most of anybody in the world. Megabillions of dollars lost, boo hoo hoo. Piracy rampant here, piracy rampant there. Crock of shit! Their biggest issue is the lack of anything good to embrace extend extinguish anymore, except GPL stuff, which is like a poisoned pill they hate and want outlawed. Lowest fucking scum crawling on the surface of this planet, together with Monsanto "seed intellectual property" biotech, insurance forced gambling law pimpers like Obamacare, and corrupt politicians all chickens without a backbone, fucking cocksuckers all over the place. Intellectual property this, intellectual property that, human decency my ass. Hail the Microsoft cunts for subverting almost completely a modern technology we call computer science! Fucking cocksuckers.

Comment: Re:Sure (Score -1) 172

Which shows that even the greatest minds that ever lived struggle with the unknown, and have only been momentarily blessed with discoveries only disclosed to them through divine revelation, like a message or mental imprint from God. Some are lucky with more blessings, some get less. You can even showcase a family tree of pure Nobel laureates that you're descended from, and bend over backward and piss yourself overexerting yourself trying to be smarter, and steadfast hammering with an inquisitive mind helps, like Euler's persistence and relentless perseverance in computing, (almost all great mathematicians back in his day they had fun and joy computing log tables without exception, mind numbing rote like that was entertainment to them), but acquiring ultimate knowledge does not happen by brute force alone, or even genetics, but instead, you have to be a bit more fluid and just go with the flow (a teaching very important in Eastern religions and philosophy, and even places like Karate Kid, or Feel the Force, Luke), and just be thankful and gracious for the bits of knowledge that are disclosed to you by Nature, like after a dream when you wake up, while always being aware of your own limitations when it comes to the power to know things as they are Just be happy with the mere inklings that you can attain.

Theory is gray, but the golden tree of life is green. -- Goethe