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by sillybilly (#47497725) Attached to: Genetically Modifying an Entire Ecosystem
They should ban and make illegal any biotech seed that's not fertile the next year. If Monsanto ever goes out of business after they converted the whole world to become dependent on their roundup ready but nonfertile, sterile seeds, there'd be a major collapse in the biosphere, a major extinction event, dependent on a corporation going out of business. That is insane. It's like Microsoft requiring all operating systems to be activated after install to function starting with XP, disregarding the scenario of if they ever go out of business, as they don't give a crap what happens after they are dead as a company, as self interest is their only motivator, not in balance with the protection of other life or the other people. That is not in accordance with the ways of God. God is externalized ego, to get rid of the tendency to deify the self. Monsanto and Microsoft are arrogant in self assertion and profit mongering out of balance with the public good. Any company who becomes a monopoly, a standard, and does not give a crap about what happens to everyone when they die, should be regulated by lawmakers. How is your product going to keep functioning when you made so many people dependent on it and derived great profit from it, when you die as a business? Every business dies, even if the name may live on, it's not the same business, the name living on is just a mere artifact. Very few make it a few hundred years as a stable business, and most are dead in under 100. Recent deaths are Kodak, Oldsmobile, Lehman Bros, etc. You have to care about more than just the self interest if you make so make so many dependent on you. I know pure altruism and communism doesn't work either, it's not practical with real life people, but neither is pure capitalism, or pure every living thing is private property and every thought and word uttered is private property in an aristocrat-nobility owners owning all life and all thought vs. commoner tenants and wage slaves world, else we would not have had all those peasant rebellions for millenia through history. People forget to keep that in mind. Yin Yang balance and moderation is what works, but you shouldn't have to spell it out and explain that to people with common sense.

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I'm not saying we should stop the progress of science, there is of course two sides to every new technology, yin yang, the good side and the bad side - flying, nuclear power, lasers, robots, etc.. I'm saying safety first, cover your bases, and make sure you have a solution, and escape route for if the shit ever hits the fan. That's what vacuum isolated fully self sufficient space stations would be, a safeguard. Don't keep all your eggs in the same basket. Diversify your portfolio. Don't keep all life stuck on Earth, in case we fuck up Earth with terrible biotech designed diseases that eat up all DNA based lifeforms. Moderation would be welcome in the relentless drive and competition to more power more power more power, as in artificial intelligence, nuclear bombs or biotech capabilities. We kind of got over the Cold War nuclear arm's race, now the military is on a biotech quest to infect people that don't get sick, especially under Obamacare and health care money mongering directive, they have to send people to the hospital by force to showcase how our wonderful health care system works, and they will fashion-design diseases that get even those who don't get sick, etc, more power more power more deadly diseases coming at you from the lab as a weapon, til human error messes up and things get out of hand and we have a problem.

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It is possible that there have been human-like creatures before, they evolved, left the planet, and all of us monkeys down here, and we re-evolved from chimps, gorillas and orangutans into some more human-like apes, while they turned into angels with Jetson-like flight and ghost-like cloaking technology. In fact we may repeat the same thing, and then you're talking angels of version 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, each being thousands of years ahead in technology from the crowd following, and acting like supernatural beings to all of then behind, or under, or later.

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This kind of bullshit is why we need to put like a thousand Noah's Ark's into orbit, each with a rain forest zoo, in the form of a rotating steel cylinder space station, made from Moon mined materials. Pronto. So when everything gets fucked up on Earth from this biotech playing in a testtube - it's just an experiment, it's just scientific curiosity, we can contain it, it will never get unleashed from the lab into the Earth's environment - then at least you still have some sane life left on at least one of the thousand space stations, that did not make physical contact or get infected for a hundred years, if the incubation period for the disease is that long.

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I agree. Genetically modifying the entire ecosystem starts with lawn mowing, and killing all native vegetation and biodiversity previously present in it. Then into this mowed and weed killed and pesticide and insecticide filled "green desert" you call a "pretty lawn" with your fucking corporate brainwashed distorted sense of beauty, we can realease all purely genetically modified, and 0wned by Da Man himself organisms, as a new fashion, new vogue, in a bandwagon that everyone jumps onto like they jump unto smartphones, fashion designer designed genetically modified plants on your front lawn that look exactly like your ex-weeds you used to cut down so vehemently, these new fashionable but "pretty" lawn "weeds" that you can rent for a monthly fee sucking the very last cents out of your bank account, plus one cent, and the crimes you commit and rules and laws you break to get that extra cent will prove that you're just a filthy little thief no better than Da Man. Fuck Monsanto. If there is anything ever representing the excesses of private property, and the devastation it unleashes unto the world, it's embodied in everything Monsanto does, starting with genetically modifying things to own every biological thing in the world to promoting spraying the whole world down with pesticides and insecticides, in the name of private property, quarterly profit, and bottom line. And even without intellectual property, it is possible to create seeds that you can't save seeds from next harvest, because they are sterile, so once every lifeform is "sterilized," (this includes tigers and you yourself), the only way to create new life will be to purchase a permit from Da Man, and he will give you a seed that can create new life, but whose seeds are also sterile. Holding a reserve of seeds that are not sterile in future generations will be illegal or at least get you killed by the maffiozos, and this includes having humans that are not sterile from birth, but actually able to reproduce, instead of having to apply for a permit at some hospital, receiving a sperm and egg packet in the mail, and having babies like that, with optional black or white or blue or green or orange tint on their skins, and eye irises the colors of the rainbow. The miracles of science and biotechnology coming your way, directly from Monsanto.

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I subscribe to emusic. Because they still provide DRM free mp3 tracks. As soon as DRM hits, I'm done. It's like $12/mo, for $0.50 tracks. Sometimes I don't feel like I want to get any music, but every 30 days I gotta work up the effort and make a selection. And it ends up being pretty neat stuff. Also, because I paid for it all, in the future when they create a total intellectual lockdown, and there will be police raids reviewing everyone's computer for intellectual property and copyright violating stuff, I get to keep the emusic stuff for sure. I also made a collection in a pile of boxed software like MS DOS and Windows 95, which I don't really use right now, but want to have the option to go back to if I feel like it, that they may raid my home and computers for and I'd still have official right to use. Prices for these oldschool things are very cheap on Ebay, and they are still very available, which may not be the case in 10 years, especially when the intellectual property raids become commonplace in your homes. They are probably gathering data about all your files through web browsers and operating systems, and eventually you will be forced to keep all of them on the cloud for free review, so in those days I can keep all my emusic downloads having paid for them as opposed to all the youtube videos and porn image samples that I found and downloaded for free. In fact I keep a separate folder just for youtube, knowing that that's the first thing to nuke or agree with the authorities to get nuked when you get raided. Porn the same. One of the reasons to save porn is that it's available in present computing technology with present formats, and if the future brings you some stupid format or hardware that's impossibly cumbersome to use, you can go back to it, sort of grandfathered rights, like you can go back to antique cars that are not chipped, therefore not remote controlled, where Da Man will send you into an accident and either kill you or blame the accident on you, when in fact he's remote controlling your car. Yeah chips makes cars more fuel efficient, but also unsafe from the remote control perspective. You don't know what a chip does, it's not possible to dissect a chip and figure out what it does, even a 3 legged device that looks like a transistor, could pretend being a transistor until some zero day when it switches on to being the equivalent of a whole supercomputer cpu, via serial communication on the printed circuit board tracks. Only if you made the chip do you know what it does, and even then you're vulnerable to it being replaced by an identical looking, identical acting, but payloaded fake chip, while you sleep. So anyway, you have some kind of grandfathered rights with antique jpg pictures, or at least you can bury them in your backyard from authorities doing house raids. Also a lot of the nude pictures say low resolution sample, subscribe for high resolution, so they are kinda like advertising, that you get for free, but the creator still retains copyright, so it gets complicated. It's like making a living on promotional samples when it comes to toothpaste, soap, shampoo, cookies, etc., especially when the market is flooded with free samples, and when it comes to porn, the market is indeed flooded, because it's easier to make a nude picture than to write a book. The basic issue with intellectual property pricing is that the incremental cost of production is zero, so the long term equilibrium price is zero. By the way I bought an organic chemistry book from Google play for like 5 or 8 bucks, having no idea it would be DRM'd, so I'm not buying anything from Google if they are pimping DRM crap, but surprisingly the book had a great quality, by authors from India, on the level of a $350 college textbook, for less than $10. When international competition sets in and the incremental cost of production is $0, what's driving down intellectual property prices is not entitites like Amazon, but simply massive global competition.

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I think for whales it's not the loudness that beaches them, but the constancy of the annoying sounds. If they plan as many blasts as you say they do, they should spread it out for like 10 years, and do a whole lot for 1 day, then stop for a few days, then repeat, and this way, whales that decide to get beached, don't reach the beach in time before the annoyance stops, and they get plenty of time to wander about and get far away from the beach before the next set of annoying blasts goes off in quick succession. Dragging it out for years creates jobs, and you can get the oceanographers and biologists involved too, who can track a whale from a chopper and ship, and follow it on its way to get beached, and tell the blasting guys, hey, we're getting close to the beach with our whale, stop blasting, and when the whale wanders back far enough, make the call, that hey, you can start blasting again. Follow a few whales, like 5, statistically, and monitor the coasts for any beachings and be ready to hoist the beached whales back into the sea with choppers and ropes.

Comment: Re:Hoping this is not as bad as it sounds (Score 1) 272

And there is still a very valuable place for nuclear bombs, but it's only for outer space use, to ping-pong celestial objects around, such as a huge meteorite on an impact course with Earth, you could use a gigaton Tsar bomba to send it off track and avoid a dinosaur-extinction-like-impact with Earth, and instead let it smack into Venus on its way back from around the Sun, sending Venus higher up in orbit, and spinning, any little bit counts, and eventually, habitable by humans (and bugs too.) If there is ever a definition of alien life, I think it'd look like a bug, which is so different from us, mammals. Like the antennae are their noses, that's how they smell. They have no lungs. They still have eyes, mouths, limbs, and they poop. Amazing little creatures, and luckily, they are tiny. I would not want to live in a world with spiders and ants the same size as me. Ever see a bug under an electron microscope? It looks scary! Do a google image search on SEM insect. (SEM is scanning electron microscope, the reflecting version, the other is TEM, transmission electron microscope.)

Comment: Re:Hoping this is not as bad as it sounds (Score 0) 272

Suppose an Alien vs. Predator war spilled over into this galaxy from another galaxy. Wouldn't you like these advanced creatures going life and death against each other be "kosher," in the sense of minimizing collateral damage and environmental destruction, and protect you, a human, while they are fighting their war? If there is one wish I could make, is that if there is ever a war coming to this galaxy from another galaxy, by advanced beings, let it not be against us, and let it be a kosher one, protecting us while it goes down between the other advanced beings. And I'm talking overall. There is no way to protect all bugs that happen to be in the way of a TNT blast, but that's nothing - from a bugs point of view - compared to spraying a huge area with napalm or insecticide like things that persists for decades in that environment.

Comment: Re:Hoping this is not as bad as it sounds (Score 2) 272

I think whales in the North Pacific can hear blasts from the South Pacific, of sufficiently low frequency, such as 0.01 Hz or something like that. I haven't researched it. And from what I know, most beached whales seem to be beached over low frequency sounds in the sea, by ships and whatnot, but those sounds are constant, annoying, as opposed to a blast here and there. And if they want seismic things, they can blast underground nukes on islands, because to get a really good wave going you need a few megatons of blast power, and only nukes do that economically, unless you are willing to build a couple million tons of TNT - bomb (each ton is about 1 tow motor pallet skid), so to blast off nukes without polluting the ocean you need to do it either buried into the ocean floor, or find islands and bury them in dry land and blast it like that. But the underground contamination you create will be permanent, or at least stay behind for thousands of years. So a couple million skids of TNT is not as polluting, more environmentally friendly, compared to a heavily polluting small quarter ton nuke of the same blasting power. (They should ban all free blasting nukes for environmental reasons, and nuclear things all belong only into a nuclear power plant with reprocessing and reburning of any polluting waste. Nuclear propulsion subs and ships can recycle the spent fuel, and if they found a way to blast a nuke and contain all the fallout, and recycle it, that would be great, but I don't think it's possible. Cuz when we're about to kill your ass, we do it in an environmentally friendly way. No napalm, no Hannibal like scorched earth policy whose effects devastate southern Italy even today, 2000 years later, all chemical warfare gases biodegradable (like isothiazolone biocides in shampoo are unstable and self degrade and don't pollute, that kind of stuff. As long as we're killing each other we should make sure to protect the planet and environment for the future generations of those of us who win, or for other wildlife and animals, like bugs, who've got no business in whatever our dispute is about), They should put that stuff into the modern Geneva conventions for warfare.) Why don't they just wait, with their probes ready, for the regular earthquakes and volcanic eruption blasts that happen once every few years? And whales are probably adapted to once in a while massive earthquake blasts, what they really hate is the constant, constant annoying sounds made by ships and submarines.

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Why do they still call it the "White House?" A few years back, before Obama, one of my black friends said when we have the first black president they are gonna paint the White House black, and call it the "Black House." You say Obama is not 100% black? Well then they could at least paint it gray, or beige. Yeah, how about the "Beige House", that would be more politically correct, it would not be as extremist racist as calling it the "White House" or "Black House."

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You're right, if made legal, the regular pharmacies like CVS would undercompete me in price in no time. But the demand would not subside, in fact there'd be more addicts, kinda like during the Opium Wars in China, where the Chinese gov't fought the foreign private business companies for their right to sell drugs legally in China. Legalized opium created a massive devastation and misery of the population, but mostly amongst the poor and dumb people, the wealthy and smart ones stayed healthy and well and prospered. It's like legalized alcohol and legalized guns, most of the devastated alcoholics who end up in the hands of social workers have similar problems to drug abusers, same with crime and probation officers, and it's not really the availability of alcohol or guns that's at fault, but people's behavior in using them.

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Liquefied ammonia is not high cost, the platinum cost needed for low temp fuel cells is moderate. An issue is that liquid ammonia is only half the energy density of gasoline, so you need 2 gals of it to go as far as 1 gal on gasoline, but liquid hydrogen is like 1/8th the energy density by volume, so you need like 5 gals of liq H2 vs 1 gal of gasoline, even if that 5 gallon of liquid H2 is really light, like 2 milligrams total for the fuel (and 50 lbs of steel and insulation for the cryogenic containment), so it makes sense as a rocket fuel if it's light, but not as a car fuel, it if it takes up so much friggin room. Also fuel celling ammonia does not emit any carbon, just H2O, N2, and NOx. I said fuel celling not combusting, because it does not burn in air, it burns in pure oxygen, but not burning in air can be good too, for things like 9/11 airplanes smashing into buildings, the toxicity of getting drenched in liquid ammonia vapors kills all the people on the floor of airplane impact, but as it snuffs out all fires, it does not structurally weaken the steel and lead to a total building collapse, and keeps the other people downstairs alive. There are pluses and minuses to everything in the world, kinda like the Ways of Tao: Yin ~ Yang.

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Your tax money through bailouts and subsidies goes directly into 80 some year old pervert's country club membership to get his dick sucked by an 18 yr old teenage mother who needs money and does not like busting her ass getting dead tired on some 3rd shift factory production line for minimum wage.. that's life, that's the world we live in, just get over it. The gov't takes it from one guy and gives it to another, and not all another's are military people, but a whole lot of them are private business owners. We're living in the age of pork barrel politics and welfare for corporations, and it gets complicated, because it is often correct to bail out companies, and if you are not willing to do pork barrel politics, you don't exist as a politician cuz you would not have ended up in the post you're in in the first place.

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