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After all food expenses rank pretty low on my list of expenses, and the dominant one is still housing cost, and I'm civil disobedience protesting the encroachment of insurance costs that would outdo housing cost in the future with everything I got. These people think I don't pay enough for housing cost and x-ray me over that idea, trying to send me into higher housing cost situations, and trying to teach me lessons over seeking lowered housing expenses. Bullshit, no, trying to attain the daily bread in my mind is or should be the top activity, and as long as I can feed on $50-80/month, housing should be $5-20, and I refuse to accept anything else. What a fucking perversion of costs and expenses the world has turned into? Like I was just watching a western on over the air TV, and argued with someone that cowboys were not forced by law to buy insurance to ride their horses back then, against their horses accidentally kicking some passerbies into the head or biting them. Forced gambling, forced insurance purchases? What a fucking joke. I stopped buying car insurance too. Unless you accept bankruptcy under my name, don't fucking send me bills I don't want to pay for. Soon they are gonna turn water into hard core property, and air too. And if they ask me, I'll say that yes, I like to get air for free, and water for free falling from the sky into my lap, just like I don't like to pay for housing, in my mind housing effort should be a couple weeks activity in a lifetime, not 60% of every day bogged down with trying to come up with housing cost. So yes, I like to get my air and water for free, just like I like to get my housing for free too, but they can probably distort the system where I'll say that I cannot live without air, water, or a roof over my head, and I'm willing to pay quite a bit for them, temporarily, if blackmailed extorted over some bullshit erected new rules, but pretty much my only concern in life then becomes to set things right, the way they should be, meaning air, water and housing costs being minuscule compared to the daily bread. For example I cannot assume the responsibility of a child while threathened with being out on the street the next day, because I'm forced to rent, because the house I was able to acquire was too inexpensive in the opinion of some, attacked and destroyed to help me out, and I got billed for the destruction effort. Just to keep my housing costs high. I literally live free or die, and in that I do not breed in captivity. Rent should be something temporary in life, like when you go off to college, or when you rent a car for a week, not a permanent solution. Being forced to pay rent means I'll never breed and go extinct, so you're pretty much exterminating me with forced rent, and forced insurance gambling. Lots of people have cars with rust on them. You'll argue that rusty cars do not live up to standards of safety, and go attack anyone who drives a car that costs less than a $180,000 Rolls Royce, over safety code violations, and send them a bill, like you send me a bill over the destruction of my house not living up to your housing code standards of beauty and safety. And you tell me it cost that much and I had the option to kill it myself cheaper. How about I declare your preteen daughter not up to genetic code standards, find some fault with her, then show up with some expensive rocket launchers to blast her head off for you, send you a huge bill over it, telling you you could have killed her yourself with a $5 knife instead, but I had to do it for you. Because after all you don't let me have kids threatening me with being out on the street the next day, and with the money you extort from me you had and raised that daughter. How about we set things right, and correct them, when they are not up to code? And above all, cutting my grass, destroying my flowers and insects - butterflies, spiders, dragonflies - locally, saying their are noxious weeds and pests, when they been around for 600 million years and did fine until you and your ancestors showed up on the scene, and started attacking them around 50 years ago. You call them genetically inappropriate species, weeds? Well I think you're wrong and they are beautiful creatures, and you and your kids are the genetic defect that walks upon the surface of this planet and needs to be exterminated locally instead. So how about I cut your children's heads down down and send you a motherfucking grass cutting bill over it? Who's the pest, the genetic defect, you with your bullshit insurance gambling policies forced down my throat and distorted corrupt laws like housing code or the beautiful weeds and bugs with hundreds of millions of years of local history on my lot?

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And what else has gotten out of control these days is basic cost of living expenses disproportionately distorted in unnatural ways. Who remembers this good old prayer, when people's, like most other lifeforms' daily preoccupation was food?


"Our Father
  The prayer which Jesus Christ taught to His disciples.
Traditional version:

  Our Father, Who art in heaven
  Hallowed be Thy Name;
  Thy kingdom come,
  Thy will be done,
  on earth as it is in heaven.
  Give us this day our daily bread,
  and forgive us our trespasses,
  as we forgive those who trespass against us;
  and lead us not into temptation,
  but deliver us from evil. Amen.

Newer version:

  Our Father, Who is in heaven,
  Holy is Your Name;
  Your kingdom come,
  Your will be done,
  on earth as it is in heaven.
  Give us this day our daily bread,
  and forgive us our sins,
  as we forgive those who sin against us;
  and lead us not into temptation,
  but deliver us from evil. Amen.

The Our Father is based on these passages from the Bible:
Matthew 6:9-13 and Luke 11:2-4."

I think that is an incorrect revision, when it should not be the linguistics that needs revised, but the content. It should really read something like this:

  Our Father, Who art in heaven
  Hallowed be Thy Name;
  Thy kingdom come,
  Thy will be done,
  on Earth as it is in Heaven.
  Give us this month our mortgage and insurance payments,
  and forgive us our late payments,
  as we forgive those who pay late to us;
  and lead us not into more debt,
  but deliver us from bankruptcy. Amen.

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That south facing roof might be able to get the cold water warmer if it has a vacuum insulating solar heater, but it's not gonna give hot water in the wintertime, in face water coming from below the frost line might be warmer than the one in the roof panels, which infrared-thermal exchange heat with the environment. You can also get photovoltaic panels, and these don't do much on a cloudy winter day, and even on very sunny winter days they only have so many hours of daylight savings time, and only so many of vertically hitting solar rays, as opposed to low angle east or west rising or setting sun. You could probably power a 200W home on such solar panels, meaning a low power laptop computer, a superhigh efficiency refrigerator, and one 23 W fluorescent or 10x 1W LED lightbulbs. For the fridge, which kicks in intermittently, you'd have to have a battery bank with decent capacity, to collect the excess power during when it does not work. Forget hair dryers, or electric heating or cooking appliances, and get a propane camping stove and barbecue camping cylinders for cooking, or you can do it on your billow drum stove. But having electricity enough to run computers, lights and the fridge independent of utility companies might be worth the roof photovoltaic solar, which, by the way are abnormally expensive, like you can get some for $40 directly from China for which you have to pay $300 in the USA, the difference of course being mostly profit margin of the dealers, because of very high demand of everyone being on the bandwagon, and this Slashdot post does not help drop those prices either, but might be done actually by the dealers who don't have enough customers.

By the way if you're doing heating of any kind in the winter, it's worth to also do water distillation at the same time, for which you get the fuel for free, and you can eliminate the toxins, drugs and diseases Da Man intentionally puts into your water supply to make you addicted to and dependent on bottled water, which is a necessity for life, so in the future very severe price abuses are possible, and even these days it's an extremely extremely profitable business, when pop with sugar and energy in it sells about the same price and plain clean cheap water. Da Man does not want you to know about this, which is why distilled water is by far the cheapest in stores of all bottled water, not because it's cheap to make, but if that's what you want to drink, they don't want you to DIY. Also, good distillation pots sized for the heating needs of a home - a simple metal pot with a tight light and a very long heat exchanger copper tubing, air cooled for good house heating purposes - bought online cost like $500-$10000, insane, when they should cost $20-100. Like this one that would need a very long copper coil extension to it, with possibly a fan blowing across it, to adequatly hand over the heat and heat the house, while also doing distillation with that heat, at least in the wintertime, summertime cloth dryer heat may be more difficult to harvest through a distillation step first.
They can also be used to distill alcohol, which may be illegal, or may be illegal to do it if you sell it to others, but may be possible for your own consumption, it's very complicated, including even having an Amendment of the US Constitution banning alcohol near 1920, then another Amendment put it just to repeal that ban, to set up a precedent, where we can start meddling with the holy and sacred of all Amendments, the Bill of Rights, represented by the first 10, such as the 2nd amendment Da Man in charge really likes to poke at, the right to self defense and the right to overthrow a corrupt government, because he's in charge, he knows he's corrupt, and he constantly worries about being overthrown, so he wants to take the tools away from the population, but it's a very difficult topic. But there you go, they used alcohol as a guinea pig to fuck with the Constitution because the corrupt powers really want to fuck with the constitution. No corrupt power likes the Bill of Rights, such as, wtf is this, freedom of speech guaranteed to people? Freedom to bitch about the corrupt powers and hang their dirty laundry out for everyone to judge? They hate that.

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Yeah I had to say that where I live the government openly attacks its citizens private properties by demolishing their houses, sending them a bill over it, or threatening them with a foreclosure and messed up credit, then when that's paid, they come out and cut the grass one day after you cut it, and send you a bill over it, again, threatening with heavy penalty fees and foreclosure if you don't pay it. Fuck the government. It's like I rape your preteen daughter, then I murder her before your eyes, then I send you a bill for the effort I exerted doing it when you could have done it yourself, and if you don't pay, I'll put a foreclosure on your credit. It's like the floodgates are totally open on how the government attacks you. Including faked driving records. How the fuck are you supposed to make ends meet? And where are your reserves for when you get sick and need to recuperate at home? Let alone go to a hospital, where the doctors sometimes have no clue, and instead of disinfectants, antibiotics and chemo and x-ray and gamma ray they should be doing the opposite, letting you be with healthy bacteria, spread by healthy bugs livig on healthy weed wild flowers. So going to the hospital has been the instant ticket to bankruptcy for most citizens, and now with that excuse we get Obamacare raping the government funds over mandatory overpriced insurance policies, that don't directly pay hospital stays, but instead they pay huge profits into insurance company pockets, above and beyond skyscraper building expenses and IT infrastructure to keep trak of all the useless fine print policy mess, of, we're sorry, but you should have read the fine print, we gave you the illusion that we're covering that medical expense, but in our interpretation, we really don't, we just like to make money, we just like to take your money, and not pay for the medical expenses. How are you supposed to keep it together economically when the government intentionally drives you into the dirt? I know, you're supposed to be a bitch to the man and allowing him to utilize your talents more fully and still be stuck like slave in a tiny ass rental place where everybody comes and goes for bullshit "inspections" without warrants. It's like back in the day landlords, the nobility, took 10% of what you had, in exchange for providing military defense, and military research, and people called that 10% unfair, rebelled against it, especially, when, in times of war, the nobility ran away and it was left to them to do the defense of the homeland too with their own pitchforks, scythes, picks and axes. But how does the 10% tax rate compare to today's tax rates? The sales tax alone is almost 10%, on top of which come income tax, property tax, mortgage interest, mortgage insurance, car insurance, now they are trying to mandate health insurance purchase, by at first the government paying it in your name, all you have to pay is 10%, but when the national debt is so high the government can no longer pay, and the status quo has been established that everyone must buy or be jailed, you'll have to pay the whole $900/mo per family of four etc, out of which 500 goes to the sky scrapers, pretty cunt employees in those sky scrapers, computer professionals, and plain business profit, and only 400 to actual hospitals or healthcare expenses. When back then you had an almost straightforward 10% sales tax, and the nobility fed off of that, and people thought it was unfair because they did not do anything for that money. It's like today you're an even bigger de facto serf or de facto slave even if not officially carrying such a title. It's like renting is mandatory, and if you focus on avoiding it at all cost, including sleeping in a fucking tent in the middle of the woods, they attack you any fucking way they got, including suspending your license over some bullshit child support payments missed? Me? Child support payments? It's like they are trying to jinx me, because I've been very careful about perfect credit, and they can't fucking hang the hottest chicks on me or children (and I constantly get harassed with gay stuff, to prove that I'm not gay and hook up with a girl and start a family when I have absolute zero job stability for years on, and zero financial stability), or even a kitty cat they leave in my garage, when I'm never sure if I have a roof over my head tomorrow, for years and years on and on. The basic requirement for accepting the responsibility of raising a child is no threat of being out on the street the next day, because you're renting. It happened to me in 2005. So how the fuck they suspend my license over missed child support payments. Any fucking corrupt thing goes in the USA these days, by the corrupt lawyers, the corrupt judges, the corrupt local governments, and corrupt federal government. As far as my personal experience goes. It's like they waste all these billions just to fuck with me and prove me that I'm a bad worker, I'm a financial crook who can't manage his finances, when it's them. They don't fucking do any work, make a shit load of income, and keep the country completely bankrupt, and are envious and angry at anybody who does not suck as bad as they do. Of course they suck when they don't care about the country, all they care about is ear marks and pork barrel politics of bringing home the money to their constituents and campaign donors. It's like what the country needs is a private owner, who cares about his property, called a King, or a Monarch, who is not in charge temporarily, but has a dynasty and heirs in mind to inherit the country to. Yes, that has downsides too, such as wars of succession of 100 years or 30 years, where the population drops to half, which is no longer possible in the nuclear age, but seriously, these crooks in charge of the country absolutely have no respect for the very basics anymore, they are just exuberant in their unlimited power, as in, hey, look what I can do, I can rip these spider's legs off, and see, it keeps moving! Just because you can do something, even without immediate consequences, it can still be a horrible thing. Like these cunts in charge of the governments would not be too hard to convince to follow orders of human experimentation like it was done in WW2, hell, they give total green light to monkey experimentation even these days, all they have in mind is the money it brings into their pockets. They absolutely have no single fiber left of what justice is in their being anymore. Which is why the elections went down the way they did recently. People want less government in their lives, and the main reason why is because the government is God damned corrupt. God damn our leaders please. Were it the other way, people would invite more government into their lives, like it's done in socialist France, Germany or Sweden, with huge tax rates, but relatively well behaved public, and no competing ethnicities where one has to pay for the other breeding out of control, where only recently has government abuse started yaking the chains of people. like in France they started cutting retirement benefits, started to eliminate free tuition and housing stipends to talented college students, who are the technological future of the country, but if they are bogged down with trying to make ends meet while trying to study in college, are never gonna be good engineers and scientists, and Da Man can start pushing and promoting his inbred and retarded offsprings through the higher education systems, because he has the money he unfairly extorts from the rest of the population, and in the end the whole nation suffers from incompetent inbred retards trying to pretend they are genius scientists, when genius is not breedable, it's totally a matter of luck, and it does not stay consistently with the upper class. So anywya, that's in other countries, but in my country the government or the power structure abuse is so heavy, extracting the very last dollars out of everybody, driving housing cost, insurance cost, taxes to high, and if you still make it, directly attacking you financially through your private property destruction, such as a house, or plants you grow on your land, that I made a commitment to no longer accept employment in the county that destroyed my house, charged me for it, and keeps sending me huge bills over bullshit grasscutting, driving me into bankruptcy with these costs. I was all for public education and universal healthcare and liberal stuff of let's everyone work together through the government, but since the government destroyed my house and keeps cutting my lawn, I'm all against government, and would love to limit it to something very tiny in my life, focused on military/science/technology, roads and SS for elderly, but no public education. Public education in my mind in not as big a necessity as making sure nobody is starving. Especially in this day and age where open access to information through the internet and through books and libraries is possible, for a while at least, as the internet is getting stronger and stronger DRM limits, books are beginning to be banned, especially paper books, and ebooks in the future, or even mp3 songs will only be rentable and purchasing them would be enormously expensive, and libraries are selling all their good stuff and stuffing their few and meager shelves with fancy romance novels and kids books, but no hard core technology anymore, which is what one really needs to make it in the world, and in the job market. But for a while there is good access to knowledge even via home schooling, which is possible if one of the parents is unemployed for years on ata time, even in absence of having to extort a high property tax from everyone over the public school system. It's like instead of libraries and schools people need access to the internet, and through the internet to sites like Wikipedia, which still seem to be holding up ok, in both quality, public content contribution and donation harassment from the public, don't know how long though. But I'm not a liberal anymore, I'm not even a republican, I'm hard core Tea Party all the way. Because the powers that be knock my house down and keep attacking my grass.
  So it's easy to fuck up everyone when you bait them with an inexpensive house in a neighborhood near major public transportation hub and even some famous hospitals and universities, but that neighborhood is just on the edge between an absolute hell of a ghetto and the good areas, and when you bite, all of a sudden we have these billions to clean up the whole ghetto neighborhood, demolish every single house around you, just to fuck with you, and clean up the rest of the East side, and claim we destroy your property too because it's not up to code, demand insane luxury standards for yourself, when they know you're focused on creating as much safety and luxury in your house as you can economically manage, so what's with this insane reckless economic spending and destruction over luxury housing code standards that are economically not possible. Yeah, I think everyone should be driving a Rollys Royce at least, but it would be insane to pass a law like that, and destroy other people's perfectly good cars given their economic means, over inappropriate safey and luxury standards. Even beater, half rusty cars have a place in the economy, it's not like their owners want to drive a rusty car, but there is beauty in them economically managing their own little world through a half rusted car. So what's with all this housing destruction and demanding high standards of luxury in housing? All the while, all the houses on the west side, in at least as shitty situation, are left standing, well, because you happened to buy your stuff on the East side, so that's where we focus our billions to waste. I wanna see the fucking person who can make it where the government directs billions against them just to fuck them up, financially, physical health wise, mental health wise (including a whole platoon of psyops, and tackled by a group of 16 nuthouse employees for forced injected mental health medications that you did a 3 week hunger strike against before they tackled you, because you protested being held hostage without good reason, and them trying to talk you into taking shit into your body that you don't want there, from which you get so fucked up and totally suicidal that you can't keep a job, and the lawyers laugh you in the face, out go any kind of principles of what justice should be, in fact your defense lawyer assigned to you is your biggest enemy and he won't shut up during the mock trials, and the magistrate-judge just plays along.) Seriously, it is possible to fuck up anyone's health if you xray the fuck out of them, poison them constantly, and make them do heavy work. And I try to keep it together as much as I can, but under this constant attack, I have to play proper game strategy, that Johnny Neumann came up with: forgiving tit for tat. It's mostly tit for tat. You attack me, I attack you. You attack me on the financial front, I attack you back on the financial front. Otherwise, without consequences, I constantly have to bear your attacks, I cannot just be patient and wait it out. For instance, I will no longer take a job within the county borders, for the very reason of cutting out my tax payments to the corrupt county, and I will openly advocate for others to do so, until this county looks exactly like Detroit, bankrupt, not because the citizens are not good people, who are trying to make a life for themselves with whatever is available inside the county, but because the county leaders and legal professionals are absolute corrupt cunts attacking their citizens and their private properties, however meager, over simple shit like how are their corrupt real estate buddies who do almost nothing for those six digit incomes, feeding like parasites off the life savings of other people, how are their buddies gonna make a lot of money if people buy real estate that looks Detroitish, on the cheap, and intend to fix it up themselves on the cheap cutting out their corrupt contractor buddies too, and live there cheaply. It's like we'd rather see everything go to waste, and we'll even spend billions to destroy it, than allow people to buy it cheaply, fix it up cheaply and live cheaply, within their $7/hr minimum wage, we have to maintain huge housing cost even in face of dropping wages and foreign global competition with cheaper labor. It's like it's almost illegal to make it or be happy with minimum wage, everyone has to strive for more, more more, while we're supposed to compete with the rest of the world on labor cost, but we keep blowing our other costs of living through all kinds of bubbles. The housing crash happened because Wall Street does not allow investors to short, except with very special privileges, only the Wall Street people are allowed to take on short positions, so prices are not kept at some kind of sane equilibrium, because any money or any trades channeled toward the market are buy market or limit orders, never short sell orders, so when there is a glut of money, like China had around 2005, Wall Street had to figure out how to keep selling them investments for the money they wanted to invest, even when they ran out of mortgages to sell them, and they turned to derivatives, a sort of betting game, where 10 times the value of any existing mortgage would be bet on through derivatives, that it would go up, by the chinese investors, against which Wall Street accepted the other side, the shorting part, betting that the house prices would go down. (And by the way similar issues arise with gold certificates, where there is only so much tangible amount of gold available, but derivatives, paper gold certificates carry a value of at least 10x the available amount of physical gold. This is common practice in the financial world, the situation is similar to how banks only keep so much money on hand, and loan the rest of it out through mortgages, never expecting a "bank run" where every single depositor wants their deposit back right now, just a small percentage against which they keep money in reserve, money that's not put to work and it's not generating much interest, as opposed to long term sunk money that brings in a lot of interest, like a mortgage, but it may take 40 years to fully collect every last bit of mortgage income on it. So in the gold markets too, there could be a "bank run" where people holding certificates demand actual gold, and of course there isn't enough gold in the entire country to cover all the certificates, especially when the reserves have been sold to China, to appease our huge outstanding national debt to China. So if you want to invest in gold, the only sane way to do it is to have verifiable, tangible gold in your hand that you can dig away in your back yard in a corrosion and waterproof box, which would protect your wealth in case of a financial crash, where, gold certificates are meaningless anyway.) So during the housing bubble, of course they needed a scapegoat for the bubble catastrophy they orchestrated this way, where infinite amount of money was available to even the lowest credit mortgage buyers, because there was near infinite demand for further mortgage investments from the Chinese investors, and prices were irrelevant as long as a mortgage could be clocked, to where prices went through the roof. Then some idiot, like me, with some common sense, on $7/hr not willing to or simply not having the ability to jump into a regular mortgage, while getting pounded by x-rays at home from all directions in all affordable rental apartments, to the point of having to sleep in a cast iron tub to recouperate and be able to breathe, so an idiot like me, the only way I could purchase a house with an x-ray safe basement cavity was through an auction, and I got it pretty cheap. If anybody has a problem with the price, they should have showed up and bid more on it, otherwise they can go to hell with their envy of why I bought something so cheap, and was jumping into trying to make it work for myself, if the sellers were willing to pass it on. So they call me Legend, and these Wall Street crooks who stuffed their pockets from the housing crash that was obviously imminent, they are trying to pass the blame on people working for $7/hr at the time with no workable possibility to earn more (sure I could have worked for $10/hr a chemical lab tech job, competing with a guy who's done it for 10 years, doing two person's amount of work at least, wearing myself out physically, in charge of maintaing like 100 different chemical baths through manual titrations and manual bath material additions, in 8 hrs, all the while others on the line can drop all kinds of stuff into the baths and fuck with you, and a single malfunctioning bath out of 50 mini tanks can mess up the whole product going through that 50 tank sequence, it's a totally hopeless situation, and $10/hr is not that much more than $7/hr, yeah it's 150%, but it wtill still not land you in a mortgage. But I tried, and I ended up quitting when I saw people during the weekend cleanup handle hex chrome with their bare hands, not worried about the yellow brown spots, plus some guy standing next to a tank constantly inahling hex chrome mist that eats rubber alive in simple chemical punch, so imagine what it does to your lungs, while hanging parts on the overhead conveyor, plus they were gonna train me on waste treatment too, just so they can blame emissions on me, also eventually train on gold cyanide platings, and the whole $10 thing just was not worth it under such an inhumane workload and impossible to fight back situation, so I went back to $7/hr, sitting on my butt, building wire connectors, while looking for a better paying job that was actually doable, and not a 2 person job loaded onto one guy, that, one person can happen to barely do it after 10 years of practice, just to show it's possible. Oh how many jobs I had where there were some people who were actually able to do it, and I was there just to show that I cannot do what they can do after so much practice. Yeah, there are things in the world that others can do better than me. Every time I figure out a way and perform well, I'm forced out of a job. In fact I can't get through a year without at least 4 W2's. Not this year, it's gonna be 2 W2's by force. They can suck my dick, whoever is hellbent on giving me more W2's, but I'm not doing shit til January now. Other people spend years on unemployment, not getting a single job, and they make me work with such people just so they are jealous at me at how I get so many jobs every year. Because they make me get so many jobs every year, just so I get hated by people like you. Why you angry at me when you should be angry at them, who give me 4, don't give you a single one, and they keep buying up businesses, shutting them down, and outsourcing them to 3rd world countries.), when you are just a squirrel trying to get a nut for yourself like I'm a squirrel trying to make ends meet, trying to get a nut for myself too.

One thing's for sure, they can't blame me for what goes down in Detroit.

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I wanna see you do solar water as the backbone of all energy supply needs in a multistory apartment high rise, where everyone owns a tiny area of the roof. It just ain't gonna happen buddy. Solar does not have the energy density required to even heat your home on it from a tiny area. As a reference, to put things into perspective, during the Irish Potato Blight Famine in the 1840's, that drove massive amounts of Catholic Christian English speaking immigrants into the dominantly Protestant Christian United States, (together with lots of Catholic Italians), so that famine might have had some sabotage or intentional aspects to it by the powers that be, but it pretty much went down on a family of 5 people owning an average of 7 acres of land, which was enough for 1 team of oxen to plow each season, but the only crop possible to grow on it was the potato, because it was the most efficient and energy dense in that climate, and growing anything else would have meant starvation. So when it comes to food supplies, you're dealing roughly with 7 acres being at the edge of starvation for 1840's organic, oxen power based agriculture. You're not gonna get 7 acres of rooftop per family in an apartment complex, to sustain themselves independently. Only yeoman farmers have a chance of independent existence, city dwellers are pretty much dependent on external resources for all their food and energy supplies, which they are supposed to earn through creativity, through creating science, arts, machinery, things that farmers or miners are willing to pay for and give them food and energy for it. For instance farmers are happy to buy a cheap tractor and diesel oil for it if it's more efficient and less costly in doing the work than a team of oxen is. That is pretty much your only way to energy independence, or a sustainable local independence of other countries, it comes through your farmers and miners, and in concentrated city places you're pretty much stuck competing with other countries like China or Mexico or Bangladesh in making such things as chips, music, clothes, kitchen utensils and tools, and even cars and tractors eventually. Good luck with that. For anything you can do there is a teenage prodigy in China's 1,300 million person population vs.8.7 million of say, Austria, who can do it at least as well as you can but also 10x cheaper. You cannot put your hope in a city economy under such intense global competition and the only answer is self sufficiency, yeoman farmer style.

In the meantime, for winter heat, I suggest getting an old oil burning stove, and saving your plastic jugs you buy your water and drinks and food supplies in, crush them down into a stack, like a firewood stack, and every time you get no natural gas or oil, start up your stove, with a vent through your window, and light some candles, and enjoy some food like rice or grain that keeps without a fridge, in absence of electricity. It's not that complicated. Those plastic containers are the most chemically energy dense materials humans have ever come across, slightly better than diesel and gasoline, but in the same ballpark, and Sweden and similar countries are addicted to it, and cannot import fast enough the waste and trash to satisfy their addiction. A wood burning stove is not quite gonna do it, because it would drip the molten plastic through the ash grate, nor an oil burning stove that has conduits and valves and special burners, I'm talking of an oil burning stove that looks like a metal barrel, a billow drum you toss trash into, cap it with the exhaust so that the smoke goes out the window, and lead the exhaust long way roundabout the room so you don't sent the hot air outside, but it gets a chance to heat transfer into the room air through a highly extended exhaust surface area. That's a common issue with a whole lot of stoves and heating devices that exhaust smoke to the outside, they barely present any surface area for heat exchange. That includes my own furnace in my apartment, which, according to the lease, the landlord forbids me to modify. And it sux. I really want to modify it, but that would mean I'd have to have my own house, own it, not rent it, and when I tried doing that, owning my house, the city was kind to attack it and demolish it for me, saying it was not up to building code, and I was taking too long to fix it up by trying to do it myself instead of jumping into a rehab loan and hiring contractors, and the city sent me a bill threatening to mess up my credit, for the demolition, which I paid, and these days they assault me with lawn mowing, which they always did, even when I cut the grass they came out the very next day and re-cut it, and they ripped some cute bushes I had next to the fence out, I guess calling them weed too, and charged me for the service to keep my lot looking good. But I will take them on on this grass cutting bullshit. We're arguing about tastes and beauty, and beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I find weeds and native plants extremely beautiful, together with the bugs and butterflies that survive on their pretty flowers, compared to this insanely ugly flowerless green desert they waste their foreign dependent oil and money and precious time on creating. Fucking retards, somebody got to show it to them just how fucking retarded they are by mowing their own lawns, which they are free to do on the lots they own, if they feel like it, but they don't have the right to force others to do in any kind of legal justice system. You cannot regulate wildlife that has been around for 600 million years just fine before humans showed up on the scene, and even then fine until 50-100 years ago, when they started attacking wildlife and pimping flowerless lawns. If anything they should start by regulating the beauty and appearance of people, and as long as I see any guy with hair past their shoulders in this country, which the city officials did not attack with a straitjacket, taken to a barber shop, and cut their hair and send them a bill, they should leave the fuck my beautiful wild flowered lawn the fuck alone. God dam motherfuckers.

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Then humans become hackable objects just like other computer systems, and instead of internet denial of service attacks, all of a sudden you have a rebellion and mass shootings everywhere, from hacked humans containing a virus that activates on some zero day, and overthrows a government. Then "all your bases are belong to us" including your human security guards, that unbeknownst to you have also been hacked long time ago. And then imagine artificial intelligence doing all this. Who can you trust? The only VHS movies I have for now, that I watched, are Screamers (1996, the best AI movie ever), Collateral Damage, and The Last Mohican. All have themes on the who can you really trust topic, though the last one very little of it, and it's mostly a taste of the world of nobility vs. hillbillies, and, btw, it messes up bigtime by not showing hillbillies with crappy weapons and indians with bows and arrows, and the nobility with high tech guns, so it was obviously created by someone partial to native americans, but it's still very educational. I'm on the hunt for more VHS stuff as long as it's not braided recent Disney crap (oldschool Disney like Tom and Jerry, Donald Duck, and the like, is awesome, compared to the new stuff and Disney knows that too, which is why we keep getting copyright extensions perpetually.) For instance one item on my huntlist is Jeremiah Johnson, with Robert Redford. I would also not mind some Gregory Peck, Perry Mason and Matlock (from a time when legal profession and common sense justice was taken with some kind of seriousness, at least the illusion of it provided in movies), and even All in the Family episodes. I'm not really into Rambo or Total Recall type movies though, but I like westerns with gunfights, I find the macho posing right before pulling the gun and shooting fast very funny. Similarly are funny the asian martial arts movies where some girl tries to avenge her father's murder, and she fights off thousands of soldiers sent against her, one at a time, or a couple at a time, like one against 10,000, and she keeps winning, and she's really hot as she bites her braided hair between her teeth while doing karate. Very funny stuff.

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I loooove working 3rd shift repetitive minimum wage jobs. It's all very tranquil, peaceful, with the managers and bosses not around, not very crowded, compared to even 2nd or especially 1st shift, and the people you work with are usually not cocky, aggressive or arrogant, they are just there like you to earn a living, not seeking too much excitement or novelty in the process, and they are often very helpful towards you so that the whole place can just get yet another day smoothly over with. I love working mostly alone, highly repetitive jobs, with the machines humming in the background, which, once you got the motions and timings of the motions figured out, and try to follow them like a dance, to where it's obvious something is out of sequence, out of step, so once you got it figured out into a dance with proper timings, you can set your mind absolutely free flying high over the emerald greens, and you can be thousands of miles away mentally from your present physical location, while still doing an accurate job. It's like the people who go dumb doing such work don't know how to properly daydream, how to keep their mind sharp even amidst tranquility. On prime example would be, I believe it was Andre Ampere, who used to derive formulas in his mind while walking, then when they got complicated, he'd write them in chalk on the back of a taxi-horsecart back in those days, and even follow the horse cart as it moved, and sometimes he'd run after it, to much amusement of the parisiennes. He kept his mind sharp daydreaming.

I also looove repetitive, boring and uneventful shift work, because of the peace of mind it affords in another sense, in the intellectual property sense. Freedom of mind is very important to me, above almost anything else. Almost any job these days comes with a default intellectual property agreement concocted up by the legal cocksuckers, and I no longer sign intellectual property agreements with my employers unless they are meaningless, and if I was forced to sign one, I will actively seek not to create anything relating to the topic at hand in an intellectual property sense. How can you say you "own" my thoughts and I'm no longer free to think them, or discuss them with anyone? That goes directly against the very first amendment of the Constitution, the right to freedom of thought, freedom of conscience, freedom of speech and freedom of expression. I don't believe people should be able to claim property rights over thoughts, over things of intellectual nature. There was no such contraption over 200 some years before the present, and it was concocted, created out of nothing as a means to reward the creators of things of intellectual nature, but the whole shit got so out of hand in the present era, that the abuse part seems to way outdo the benefits part. Just like nobility and monarchism was invented to allow for a stable government with a good leadership, who, by a country and the people living in it being private property, or "loyal subjects" to them, would hopefully take care of the country and their subjects, seeking their best interest. However this turned out not to be the case, and the benefits of good leadership from the country being property, vs. the disadvantages brought on by abuse of such property rights, made the founding fathers of this country proclaim that we no longer believe in birthrights and privileges by birth, and we believe all men are created equal in their rights to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, as opposed to nobles possessing special privileges in this rights, from birth, and others being slave-like subjects to them. Similarly we can cite the abuses of allowing and granting property rights in things of intellectual nature. Especially when the creators are not properly rewarded, instead there is this whole parasitic layer of society created engaging in exploiting both the creators without proper rewards, and the public with outrageous prices, all the while becoming the richest people that have ever walked on the surface of the planet. And they don't stop there, they don't maintain some kind of proper balance between the benefit of the public and the benefit of the "owners," they keep inventing and pimping greater and greater schemes of domination and control, in an intellectual sense, including extending copyrights way longer from the initial 14 year copyright when it was first concocted in this country, creating pimping, or more like forcing down everyone's throat of EULA's, DMCA, activation, DRM, and now the cloud, enslaving all intellectual property creators and exploiting the public with huge prices. Yes, in order to stay alive, and not starve, you need a job, and they sneak a nonnegotiable intellectual property agreement under your nose, take it or leave it, if you don't like it, there is the door and another fellow on the street wanting to take your job. That's bullshit. The way to resist such abuse is to sign the damn thing then shut your brain down on the topic, and claim you're stupid. And you are stupid in the matters at hand if you simply don't care, because they took all the incentive from you to care, because they shoved a stupid intellectual property agreement down your throat, with the threat of starving you without a job. Fuck that.

I believe the Word is Free. I believe the word was meant to be free, and granting property rights in the Word in order to spur its creation seems to be going way out of control on the abuse part, just like the creating of a nobility class went way out of control on the abuse part, compared to the benefit it provided. Whenever I create the Word, I try to set it free. Every time I created software, I provided the source code, and never tried to set limit what people can do with the Word. I charged for my time to create it, for my service, but I never tried to hog the end result, and limit its spread. Like if I know a good joke, and tell it to someone, I expect and hope they tell it to others too, and it spreads like wildfire, for the benefit of everyone, without me requiring a micro payment for it. Of course there are things such as novels, movies, music, that take an extended amount of effort to create, and the authors and creators should be rewarded, first in giving them credit or fame for it, then somehow monetarily, as far as it is within my means to compensate them or their memory, but I don't believe that there is this absolute concept of ownership of words, to where the creators sign it over to someone else, and they no longer should be credited for the creation, but the new owners sort of own the name. Like a lot of football fields and sports arenas change names to really silly company names or private individual names, when in my mind, I keep remembering them under the first name I ever come across, and what's in a name, I don't really think it should be sold and bought. Like the statue of liberty is gonna be called the Geico Gecko Statue, because that company could buy the name to it, or the White House should be called by any other name, by somebody buying the name for it. Smaller things, like a store, sure, one grocery store can move out, and the next one move in and stick up the new name, but the essence of the store is replaced, with that new one, unlike in intellectual creations, like a piece of music, or a poem, should be possible to be "owned" in the credit form. For instance, if the richest guy, Bill Gates bought Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, he shouldn't be allowed to rename it under his ownership, and give it a new title. It's a thing of intellectual nature, cannot be owned, cannot be turned into property. It's everybody's. Moreover the best creativity in things of intellectual nature comes about from the love of and dedication to the art, not from financial motivations. People want to get paid and have food on the table, but when creating awesome pieces of art or music, or even software, trying to motivate them with financial reward does not work the best, in fact those who don't care about financial rewards seem to create the best, and Da Man really loves such people because they can be turned into great sources of profit. It's like a slave driver can whip you and say "row row row the boat," and it works, but the same thing, duress, does not work for intellectual creativity, whip you until you create an awesome poem or piece of music or piece of software, or even simply load you up with financial stress, hoping to set free your creativity through it, to make money on intellectual creativity. It does not work well. Freedom of mind, and freedom of thought, without monetary torture incentives - by the would be owners who successfully duped you into signing an intellectual property slae contract with them-, is a great promoter of creativity. I absolutely do not like signing such agreements and I'm an absolutely happy camper working a monotone, repetitive, boring and stable, tranquil third shift job, than to have to work in a something new every day how can we control our and other's thoughts and extort money from them over it, job.
The boundaries of intellectual property are constantly pushed to greater and greater extents, dominating more and more everyday's people's life. The people who engage in such world domination seeking do not realize the harm they do to everyone, unless they are subjected themselves by other such blackmailing abusers on a different topic. Like drug dealers, who successfully gained control over someone's life by limiting their supply and access to the supply to some key ingredient of their lives, can completely devastate drug addicts financially as an end result. Take the trio of Microsoft, AT&T, and Monsanto. The first one seeks to own and control any software instructions and media formats that are part of your life in this age of chips, the 2nd seeks to own and control all physical venues of information into your life, this including all landlines, physical cellphone towers, and all fiberoptic into your home, and the third seeks to own and control all lifeforms that are part of your life, including your complete food supply, by extending intellectual property claims over it. And by far the worst offender of the trio is the third one, where it's not really the scientists trying to devise better food sources who are at fault, but the legal cocksuckers extending intellectual property claims over such creations, including suing farmers for such violations, who are at fault. They also promote Roundup glyphosate to destroy on a massive scale the wild plant genetic diversity, and promote or brainwash people lawn mowing that destructs genetic variability of plant forms, and replaces it with a uniform 2 inch tall green desert of some grass monoculture. Fuck Monsanto, especially their legal team and intellectual property ownership hogging people, I take any opportunity to say that. They kill massive amounts of weeds, with them the wild flowers, with them the butterflies and bees and other creatures that starve without those flowers, together with spiders and birds who starve without the butterflies and bugs that starve without those wild flowers, and also some possums and birds that would find home in tall grass, not to mention all the forms of potentially edible weeds that could serve as an American natural wild and free backup food supply, should Monsanto succeed in their quest of total world domination of all lifeforms in an intellectual property sense, they would definitely not be able to claim intellectual property over nature that's wild and free. So this is how I end up with millions of retarded people as far as the eye can see who got brainwashed by Monsanto to diligently keep exterminating the weeds on their lawns, and spend their precious time, foreign dependent fuel, and equipment money on trying to maintain a "beautiful" lawn devoid of any wild flowers or bugs, just a monoculture of accurately cut green grass. I believe life has the right to life, and should not be possible to set blocks on such rights through intellectual property claims. For instance Monsanto is happy to claim intellectual property in some new species of life, or some new race within some species of life. Such as creating a new breed of dogs, as a new race in the dog species, and claiming copyright on its members. Then if two dogs who are members of such a race, or their owners, allow them to fuck, and produce a puppy, that is like a pirated, illegal copy that does not have the right to exist and must be destroyed unless the proper intellectual property licensing dues are paid to some centralized owner, like some centralized megabank, or some monarch in some palace somewhere, the whole world owing them money for almost every life form left in existence around them. What kind of bullshit setup, or way of life is that for everybody? I believe the puppy has a right to live, irregardless of payment of fees, and any intellectual property contraptions created around it that seek to destroy it should be abolished. Intellectual property contraptions that seek to centralize and concentrate ownership power within the hands of the few. I do not have a problem with small property owners of the actual animals, be they cows or chickens, making life and death food supply decisions over them, I'm speaking against abuse and concentration of power that leads to abuse here, which is what intellectual property does to life forms. It's hard to see a situation where each farmer owns some intellectual property right over their own individual species of lifeforms grown for food, and it would be near impossible to police copyright abuses, nor would it make sense to entangle everyday people's life with such burden of having to track down which farmer out of the millions owns what seed they got, especially if ti's a mixture, especially if it's a mixture of mixtures of different races of a species of plant that cross-pollinated each other by wind blowing pollen across the road into the neighbor farmer's plants. It's best to live without such intellectual property claims - you got your hand on some seeds, or some specimen of a lifeforms, such as some llamas, chickens, cows, etc, you have the right to breed them and reproduce them, which has a long tradition, except recently, and especially with seeds, not much with animals for now. The right to sow some of the seeds that you reap has ancient tradition, even if it's a genetically modified, or purebred lineage of some plant traceable to a single individual farmer messing with the cross breedings and selections. Monsanto could still stay in business, and serve the rest of the population by creating lifeforms that are allowed to live, and they are in many ways better as food crops, without raking in insane amounts of money, at the expense of everyone else. And similar things go for the other two companies, there could be a way for them to behave and respect other people within their nation and even other nations as a whole.
I believe the Word is Free. I also believe Life has the right to live. I also believe love and sexual things should be free, in the liberty sense, between two free beings engaging in it via mutual consent. Of course everyone likes to get paid, but even with prostitutes, they have to be willing and enjoying it, like doing what they are doing, not just for the money, or even in absence of money, and if she does not like it, she's not happy doing it, the whole thing sucks and should be abandoned. Sex or love should not have property or monetary rights attached to it. It can come as a free bonus on top of say escort service, or French maid house cleaning service, but not direct prostitution, which is still illegal in most jurisdictions. By the way here is the definition of prostitution from my American Heritage Talking Dictionary for Windows 95 which still runs fine on XP, but won't run on later versions.

prostitution ( pr¼s”t-t“shn, -ty “-) n. 1. The act or practice of engaging in sex acts for hire. 2. The act or an instance of offering or devoting one's talent to an unworthy use or cause.

To me, being forced to sign an intellectual slave agreement, is the 2nd definition above: it's an act or instance of offering and devoting one's talent to and unworthy cause, just like the regular form of prostitution, or performing sex acts for money, which is illegal, but performing them for free, is not. Because there is a tremendous loss in the quality of the otherwise free love when it is monetized and turned into an exchangeable, property material.

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Not anymore. They routinely don't do it anymore, since the breakup of the Soviet Union, and some simmering time in the 90's, antitrust regulations are out the door, companies like AT&T that were told to break up into Baby Bells to compete with each other in the interests of the general public, are back with a vengeance, and, for a while they were puzzled that their landlines are no longer as valuable as in the 70's, they are after the other communication networks, such as physically owning all cell towers anywhere possible, and also having a single dominant position in fiber to the home against coax to the home cable companies, of which there are at least 2 or 3 left, to kind of compete, but not within each other's territories, as each is a natural monopoly in their domain, and AT&T would be crazy to become a coax pimping cable company and viewed as such, compared to what they have now, unfettered access into each cable company's territory with their U-verse fiber lines, in effect, setting up for the time when data speeds required collapse the coax companies, as everyone moves unto the broadband broadband of fiber optics, as opposed to the broadband of copper coax cable or copper dsl, just like people moved from dialup to broadband, leaving AOL with dialup only subscriptions to rot in the dirt. Then AT&T is gonna be the one and only controlling all information into your home, through owning the fiberoptic leading into your home and all internet, tv, landline phone through it, and also owning all the cellular towers near you. In effect they will completely control your life, your online banking, online bill pay, etc, when walk to the bank and walk into a building ways of paying will no longer be available because of cost, just like everywhere I go I can no longer find pay phones on the streets, like I was able to make calls from, even in 2007. They are gone, and so may be gone things like walk in bank branches, when AT&T controls all your ways of paying things online.

Similar gripes go against other natural monopoly behaviors like gas utility companies charging you outrageous minimum monthly fees to have service available at all, let loose around the turn of the century, near when 9/11 and the oppression of the population it created was orchestrated, with after shots like the Boston Marathon bombing, to keep justifying the oppression, the warrantless searches, all citizen's rights flying out the window in the name of national security.

So, if the US and the rest of the world no longer controls and regulates their monopolies like they are supposed to, and let them run rampant on price abuse and citizen's rights abuse, why should China behave, when it's in its national interest too not to do so? Why should they not "bring home the money" if the US does not regulate monopolies like Microsoft, in fact encourage them too to increase prices and bring home the money from China and the EU, the EU still making naive efforts to regulate Microsoft from a distance, and you end up with some Windows Start Menu options of choose your browser, which, when you tried them, years ago, they'd still keep reverting back to the Microsoft shit regardless. So there is this international we don't give a fuck about what's right in some theoretical, abstract justice way, all we care about is what brings home the money, and fills our pockets the fastest. So China says, OK, tit for tat. If you do that too, then I do it too.

There is no international agreement of any sort in place regulating any kind of global monopolies, as far as I know, ratified by major global industrial nations. Even the Kyoto protocol was signed by a whole lot of countries, the USA being a major exception, never agreeing to the Kyoto protocol, so even if there were such a global, monopoly regulating international agreement, the US, or China, could opt not to sign it. Like India was recently a major player not signing some international farming regulation agreements.

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The EFF has become a free advertising grounds for Da Man now. Just like union bosses were actually relatives of Da Man, they sneak up and wriggle their ways up in these organizations pretending to defend the interest of unions or the public against the interests of Da Man, and once in key leadership positions, they can levarage and moderate the living life out of unions til they are all dead or lobotomized carcasses that still kick around and collect union dues without actually providing high paying jobs or any tangible benefit in return, all the while fucking up the whole country, shortsightedly laying waste the whole economy, just so that Da Man, one person, or a few people, a minor percentage of the population, can make more money, temporarily. Fuck the corrupt EFF pretending to protect the interests of the public. Fuck Adobe DRM. Fuck any DRM for that matter. Fuck the DMCA. To this day I refuse to watch a single DVD movie because it contains DRM. And I have the right to boycott DRM in my life like that, and I will try to live out the rest of my life without ever watching a single region coded and similar DRM carrying DVD. An exception of course would be a data disk containing nonDRM videos, without regions codes and the like.

What's really needed is some people in the government with some spines, who can nationalize these abusive private companies like Adobe, Microsoft, in fact all utility companies or monopolies, USRA style, and divide them up and re privatize them to other people who are not as unscrupulously conspiring like these fuckers, and who would actually compete against each other, know how to exercise self restraint when it goes against the interests of the public, and actually create useful stuff instead of concocting ways of how to put the rest of the population into even more restrictive bondage, and how to tap the creative energy, and channel the rewards from that into their own pocket, like the richest guys on the planet, a prime example being Bill Gates, a college dropout, who never created anything other than schemes of sucking out more money from creative people, and in return, from the rest of the population. What did Bill Gates create? GW BASIC? That's another run of the mill BASIC, which was originally created by Janos Kemeny and Tom Kurtz. The real creators of the early computing systems were Gary Kildall, with a PHD in computer science, who created the BIOS and DOS, the employees at Xerox who created Windows/GUI systems, with phd's, and the guys at DEC, with phd's, working on VMS who created the NT preemptive multitasking kernel that finally avoids constant blue-screening so common back in the 90's with windows. All the while making the choice to stay away from the overly complex and resource abusing C++, and stick with the simple and robust C for the windows API, but these days we have unimaginable bloat of java and dotnet, way beyond C++, and all the code made since about 2002 is pure raw shit and garbage, and they still want to shove it down your throat and extort billions for it. No thank you, take your fucking recently created software and shit code eat it yourself. All the while loading it up with more and more gargantuan control schemes like DRM, activation, etc. And they are looking for creative employees to exploit as coding slaves, not stopping themselves from intentionally infecting people with life threatening diseases, or making them wheelchair bound handicaps, by forcing them into intentional accidents, like a remote control car with a smooth power steering, so smooth that sometimes, on the highway, it steers opposite of the steering wheel, just to land you in a crash and make you wheelchair bound. Just so they have no other means of making a living then coding for them. These guys won't stop at anything. If anything these owners at Microsoft and Adobe need to be infected and forced to be wheelchair bound and handicapped, to get a little taste of their own medicine. And now their are trying to fix up their public image and goodwill by "philantropy", donating half a billion dollars they unscrupulously extorted from the rest of the population, to fight diseases like malaria, and that's just a news broadcast, you'd be lucky to see one 100,000 of that money actually end up in fighting malaria, and that too just to have one or two example stories to cover their asses when asked where is the money, because, of course they also control all media channels and politicians anyway. Fucking corrupt motherfuckers. They keep fucking with me, and I keep fucking with them. I know everyone has dirty laundry, and some of it very dirty, to even when they don't fuck with you you have a duty to cry foul, but when the fuck with you on top of that, what the fuck. Tell the whole world.

I'm a great advocate of leave me the fuck alone, so I can live over here and you can live over there. That includes the government and mandatory bills. I want less government in my life, and less private domination too. If I ever vote on any party it's gonna be the Tea Party, and I would even participate in some reenactment scenes of actually destroying some physical property, like dumping tea into the sea because of mandatory taxes, how about when they increase sales tax go into stores and destroy merchandise, tea party style, or when they increase payroll taxes, destroy some company equipment, when they increase car insurance limits, go smash up some cars, without hurting anybody, it's all just fucking private property, nobody's getting hurt, what's the big deal, oh yeah, it's that important, you said it, so how come taking it from people is not that important. When they increase some mandatory expense burden on the population, like payroll taxes, sales taxes, utility basic connection fees that apply even in absence of consumption, mandatory insurance purchases, increases in mandatory insurance coverage limits, just increases in taxes in general, while cutting jobs and outsourcing everything to foreign countries and forcing everyone into minimum jobs. There is a bunch of corrupt crooks all over the key leadership positions who don't care about the public, who don't care about the country, all they worry about is stuffing their own pockets or their constituents and buddies pockets at the expense of everyone else. I am willing to work for very little money and respect the dollar, but in exchange I don't want to pay the insane housing costs stuffing the pockets of banks with tallest skyscrapers for the rest of my life with interest, i don't want to pay any form of mandatory insurance, aka mandatory gambling, which is a horrible gamble, for each dollar invested you get back less than 50 cents, if that, I don't want to pay any utilities, this includes abusive sewer systems, that send me bills of mandatory basic utility fees when I had them turn off the water at the street front, when a homeless guy flooded my basement on purpose, and they kept sending bills, saying it was an emergency disconnect, but the account is still active, and fees apply, even if you can't get any water. How is the water off? It's officially off or unofficially off. It's fucking off, not a single drop is coming into the house. Then they say, and this came out of their mouth, in order to fully disconnect sewer service, they'd have to come into the house and "pour cement down each sewer hole." Can you believe that? It's not enough for them to have the water shut off at the street front, because you might still piss down the sewer holes, even if you can't flush it. Same with the gas company, that, when I did not use them much for like months, other than hot water, I used to have like $10 bills, now that they are no longer properly regulated, they send me a standard assraping $25/mo fee before which any other fees apply, to the point of where the landlord, having floors below me empty of tenants because the only tenants he can get for the assraping rent are welfare supported ones who don't care about how high the rent is, if welfare pays for it anyway, all the while breeding out of control on welfare money, when I can barely keep it together financially, let alone assume extra financial responsibilities, like raising a child, while they raise all kinds of kids on my tax money, abusing my good will of trying to not letting anyone starve in this country (hey in Africa it's okay to have 20 kids if 18 starve and 2 survive and carry on the chain of life and maintain a stable population level, but in the USA where the government feeds everybody, having 20 kids and all 20 surviving simply leads to an economic collapse of the whole system and a zombie apocalypse with hunger games) and now they want me to go educate their kids in math and science, teach them how to build better weapons and how to kill me, or my kind, better, all the while not letting me have kids and go extinct anyway, by piling on the burden financially, including Obamacare, increased taxes, increased utility fees, increased all kinds of garbage like grass cutting, house demolition. Fuck them. I want to get the fuck away from any city or any utility zones. that have any kind of sewer systems, and be able to shit in a hole I dig in the ground, then spread it as precious fertilizer for the vegetables I eat, instead of giving it to them, not getting paid for giving it to them, instead getting raped on fees for them having to deal with it. Abusive fucking governments and private businesses in power. I don't want any fucking bills at all. No housing cost, no food cost, no water cost, no fuel cost, no utility cost of any kind except a backup electric connection to the grid that actually pays to me if I feed it some electric, instead of consuming from it, no insurance cost, public education cost (especially this one, teach your own fucking kids, and I'll teach mine, don't make me pay for their education when you have so many and won't let me have any.) I wanna live independent. Tea party July 4 style. Get the fucking government and these abusive private corporations you can all gather under one hat and call Da Man, King of England style. The only thing I'm willing to pay for is taxes for a federal military. That's it. And public roads, sustained by local government budgets. No public education, no social security, except for elderly and handicaps, but not to healthy people breed out of control inconsiderately of others money on it, saying why should I work when I am better off on welfare, (government pays rent, food, insurance, transportation, which I don't need that much, and which, if I work, I can't make ends meet on what I make, including the daily commute,) and especially no mandatory insurance bullshit of any kind. Don't get me wrong, I like insurance available as an option, I like options, I like variety, but you can't make it mandatory even if I find the price and their profit margin is not right for my financial situation, just like you can't make me buy apples in a store if I don't find it a good deal, especially when other food is cheaper comparatively. Timothy McVeigh recited at his execution the poem Invictus, which ends in "I am the captain of my soul." I am in charge of managing my credit and financial situation to best of my abilities, and the bankrupt government with a clear record of unable to manage their own credit, should not meddle in my financial affairs, unless it's willing to take over the responsibility when I file for bankruptcy, all 3 major credit reporting agencies saying I have good credit but the government accepted responsibility for one of my bankruptcies, for making me buy stupid overpriced bullshit that made me collapse, like Obamacare, that pimps money into his private buddies pockets as something like 50% profit margin.

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by sillybilly (#48290457) Attached to: China Completes Its First Lunar Return Mission

These short average stature Asians built the Great Wall and the deadly and treacherous Rocky Mountain portion of the US Transcontinental Railroad, while the taller Europeans only built the flat prairie piece of cake parts. The Chinese can be obsessed workaholics. Maybe they can pull off building a centrifugal artificial gravity rotating cylinder floored self sustaining/farming Great Space Station which can accommodate free roaming kangaroos hopping around and giraffes eating from tall trees in their zoo / sky city jungle parks, beside much of the rest of the Noah's Ark animals. They want to call is Sky City, but I think a city is not big enough to accommodate all of Noah's creatures to where they feel free roaming around freely. Such as aquariums for whales, sharks, killer whales, corals, etc. It's got to be huuuuge. But if successful, I expect the Moon to be gone within about 500 years, so take a good look at it, maybe some pictures to leave for future generations. Then the Muslims will have to find something else to put on their flags, else their kids will keep asking them what that symbol is on the flag. I just hope if the Chinese pull it off they don't make other people learn Chinese, because their alphabet is really difficult compared to the 26 alphabet English. I much prefer English, maybe a future modernized version of it that spells more phonetically. Like what's the point of spelling accommodate with so many computer memor, printer ink and time wasting letters? Speling it as acomodate wud b fin. Texters are evolving the language in that direction, shorthand becoming more and more mainstream than b4.

Comment: Re:US Citizenship (Score 0) 190

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Yes, they did worry about that. They worried about urbanization, where everyone is slave to an employer, who controls their vote, and instead they wanted to create a Jeffersonian democracy of yeoman farmers. Even Washington, when he could have crowned himself Emperor of the United States Colonies, like Napoleon did in France, instead he returned his mandate of general of the military, and said he was going back to his farm. That was totally unexpected, and even King George of England said that Washington was the greatest man alive that he did that. They recalled him to be the first president, but after 4 years he saw where that was going, and started the custom of 4 year terms only for top leaders of this country, which of course has its pluses and minuses, one of the minuses being, that being in charge temporarily, they don't care for long term consequences of what happens to the country, instead they seek near term gains for themselves and their buddies who helped them get elected.

Comment: Re:How about we hackers? (Score -1) 863

"It's those that demand change that need to justify themselves."
This is basic common sense, and tradition. Maybe those who pimp systemd so aggressively, and assault the conservatives over their reluctance to change, need to read the Declaration of Independence. To help them out, here is a full text of it.

IN CONGRESS, July 4, 1776.

The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America,

When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.--That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, --That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.--Such has been the patient sufferance of these Colonies; and such is now the necessity which constrains them to alter their former Systems of Government. The history of the present King of Great Britain is a history of repeated injuries and usurpations, all having in direct object the establishment of an absolute Tyranny over these States. To prove this, let Facts be submitted to a candid world.

He has refused his Assent to Laws, the most wholesome and necessary for the public good.
  He has forbidden his Governors to pass Laws of immediate and pressing importance, unless suspended in their operation till his Assent should be obtained; and when so suspended, he has utterly neglected to attend to them.
  He has refused to pass other Laws for the accommodation of large districts of people, unless those people would relinquish the right of Representation in the Legislature, a right inestimable to them and formidable to tyrants only.
  He has called together legislative bodies at places unusual, uncomfortable, and distant from the depository of their public Records, for the sole purpose of fatiguing them into compliance with his measures.
  He has dissolved Representative Houses repeatedly, for opposing with manly firmness his invasions on the rights of the people.
  He has refused for a long time, after such dissolutions, to cause others to be elected; whereby the Legislative powers, incapable of Annihilation, have returned to the People at large for their exercise; the State remaining in the mean time exposed to all the dangers of invasion from without, and convulsions within.
  He has endeavoured to prevent the population of these States; for that purpose obstructing the Laws for Naturalization of Foreigners; refusing to pass others to encourage their migrations hither, and raising the conditions of new Appropriations of Lands.
  He has obstructed the Administration of Justice, by refusing his Assent to Laws for establishing Judiciary powers.
  He has made Judges dependent on his Will alone, for the tenure of their offices, and the amount and payment of their salaries.
  He has erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harrass our people, and eat out their substance.
  He has kept among us, in times of peace, Standing Armies without the Consent of our legislatures.
  He has affected to render the Military independent of and superior to the Civil power.
  He has combined with others to subject us to a jurisdiction foreign to our constitution, and unacknowledged by our laws; giving his Assent to their Acts of pretended Legislation:
  For Quartering large bodies of armed troops among us:
  For protecting them, by a mock Trial, from punishment for any Murders which they should commit on the Inhabitants of these States:
  For cutting off our Trade with all parts of the world:
  For imposing Taxes on us without our Consent:
  For depriving us in many cases, of the benefits of Trial by Jury:
  For transporting us beyond Seas to be tried for pretended offences
  For abolishing the free System of English Laws in a neighbouring Province, establishing therein an Arbitrary government, and enlarging its Boundaries so as to render it at once an example and fit instrument for introducing the same absolute rule into these Colonies:
  For taking away our Charters, abolishing our most valuable Laws, and altering fundamentally the Forms of our Governments:
  For suspending our own Legislatures, and declaring themselves invested with power to legislate for us in all cases whatsoever.
  He has abdicated Government here, by declaring us out of his Protection and waging War against us.
  He has plundered our seas, ravaged our Coasts, burnt our towns, and destroyed the lives of our people.
  He is at this time transporting large Armies of foreign Mercenaries to compleat the works of death, desolation and tyranny, already begun with circumstances of Cruelty & perfidy scarcely paralleled in the most barbarous ages, and totally unworthy the Head of a civilized nation.
  He has constrained our fellow Citizens taken Captive on the high Seas to bear Arms against their Country, to become the executioners of their friends and Brethren, or to fall themselves by their Hands.
  He has excited domestic insurrections amongst us, and has endeavoured to bring on the inhabitants of our frontiers, the merciless Indian Savages, whose known rule of warfare, is an undistinguished destruction of all ages, sexes and conditions.

In every stage of these Oppressions We have Petitioned for Redress in the most humble terms: Our repeated Petitions have been answered only by repeated injury. A Prince whose character is thus marked by every act which may define a Tyrant, is unfit to be the ruler of a free people.

Nor have We been wanting in attentions to our Brittish brethren. We have warned them from time to time of attempts by their legislature to extend an unwarrantable jurisdiction over us. We have reminded them of the circumstances of our emigration and settlement here. We have appealed to their native justice and magnanimity, and we have conjured them by the ties of our common kindred to disavow these usurpations, which, would inevitably interrupt our connections and correspondence. They too have been deaf to the voice of justice and of consanguinity. We must, therefore, acquiesce in the necessity, which denounces our Separation, and hold them, as we hold the rest of mankind, Enemies in War, in Peace Friends.

We, therefore, the Representatives of the united States of America, in General Congress, Assembled, appealing to the Supreme Judge of the world for the rectitude of our intentions, do, in the Name, and by Authority of the good People of these Colonies, solemnly publish and declare, That these United Colonies are, and of Right ought to be Free and Independent States; that they are Absolved from all Allegiance to the British Crown, and that all political connection between them and the State of Great Britain, is and ought to be totally dissolved; and that as Free and Independent States, they have full Power to levy War, conclude Peace, contract Alliances, establish Commerce, and to do all other Acts and Things which Independent States may of right do. And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.

The 56 signatures on the Declaration appear in the positions indicated:

Column 1
        Button Gwinnett
        Lyman Hall
        George Walton

Column 2
North Carolina:
        William Hooper
        Joseph Hewes
        John Penn
South Carolina:
        Edward Rutledge
        Thomas Heyward, Jr.
        Thomas Lynch, Jr.
        Arthur Middleton

Column 3
  John Hancock
  Samuel Chase
  William Paca
  Thomas Stone
  Charles Carroll of Carrollton
  George Wythe
  Richard Henry Lee
  Thomas Jefferson
  Benjamin Harrison
  Thomas Nelson, Jr.
  Francis Lightfoot Lee
  Carter Braxton

Column 4
      Robert Morris
        Benjamin Rush
        Benjamin Franklin
        John Morton
        George Clymer
        James Smith
        George Taylor
        James Wilson
        George Ross
        Caesar Rodney
        George Read
        Thomas McKean

Column 5
New York:
        William Floyd
        Philip Livingston
        Francis Lewis
        Lewis Morris
New Jersey:
        Richard Stockton
        John Witherspoon
        Francis Hopkinson
        John Hart
        Abraham Clark

Column 6
New Hampshire:
        Josiah Bartlett
        William Whipple
        Samuel Adams
        John Adams
        Robert Treat Paine
        Elbridge Gerry
Rhode Island:
        Stephen Hopkins
        William Ellery
        Roger Sherman
        Samuel Huntington
        William Williams
        Oliver Wolcott
New Hampshire:
        Matthew Thornton

Of course this "holy" text disregards the rights of Indians, so to speak, with whom some kind of better balance could have been established, and also the issue of slavery, which, the Crown could afford to ban, but it became an economic necessity of the United States. It was not until tobacco became a high profit market item to the Old World that the colonies had a somewhat secure economic standing, and it was not until cotton from the South, exported, or even processed at clothing factories in Boston, that the US became an economic powerhouse in the world. Even as late as 1933 cotton was the top export item of the US to the world, and even today it retains a significant market share. Picking cotton, unfortunately, is extremely labor intensive, and it may not have been profitable if fair wages had to be paid to slaves doing it. Which is why we have had affirmative action in place for decades, but it also creates problems of overpopulation without an external economic constraint present, as we try not to let anyone starve regardless of how they were born, but this welfare burden also drags the government debt into levels to where one simply has to state that it will never be repaid, and some kind of writeoff in the future will be the normal course of events, in the form of some kind of system crash or economic transition. The debt cannot be repaid because the cost of living in the US is too high compared to the rest of the world, and in that, before Obamacare sets mandatory health insurance loose on everybody, starting with babysteps of only 10% of your income, then that limit lifted when the government can no longer pay the rest, so before this new era of healthcare costs spiraling out of control, it has been housing that was the most insane cost of living expense, followed by transportation, then utilities, insurance and taxes, and clothing and food has been very low. The top cost should be food, the daily bread, followed by almost daily transportation, followed by clothing every few years, and followed by housing once in a lifetime. Yes, housing cost should be less than clothing cost. All the other bullshit of taxes and insurance and the like are arbitrary and superfluous when push comes to shove. The problem today is housing, the cost of property, by Da Man holding all property hostage, and extorting insane amounts for rent, or giving people a makebelieve dream that, if they only pay the tax deductible interest for 30-40 years on a mortgage, they will be able to pay it off, and avoid paying rent for those 30 years. Of course most people lose their job at least once in 30-40 years, at which point their mortgage resets back to zero, which is why it's called the American Dream, because you are dreaming, wishful thinking. Da Man hogs all property and keeps its prices high, and now he wants to extend the limits of property, to intellectual domains to never before seen extents, such as claiming intellectual property rights and suing people over breeds of dogs being copied, or genetic engineered seeds that produce only infertile seeds, controlling the food supply of the whole world through claiming intellectual property over it, all the while destroying the country. Da Man is destroying the country in a short sighted, overmilking it way, when he refuses to adapt to the new realities of global competition, reduced wages in the US from $25/hr union wages to $8/hr minimum wage if the person is lucky to get a minimum wage job and not have to sit on welfare, and all the while rent prices increasing. What Da Man needs to do is drop the rate of milking the cow, let the cow keep it's milk, let it live, come back to life, and flourish, and once it's healthy and back to normal again, he can restart the milking, at a sustainable rate, we don't really care, but when he's milking the cow to extents to where he will destroy the cow with it, we start complaining and bitching loud. We understand he needs to milk the cow, so he can live too, but not to the point of ignoring the welfare of the cow too, and destroying it with his shortsighted concern of only himself. We the People are the cow. Da Man needs to drop the cost of living, and in that the cost of housing, not add extra cost of mandatory insurances like Obamacare and increased taxes like increased payroll taxes, to where our cost of living is low enough to compete with the rest of the world. Pretty much everyone I know works their ass off to pay for their housing. Most of their income is spent on housing. How the hell did housing prices get so out of control? Everyone is guilty. All I know China is not going to stop underwriting the value of the dollar with a lot of sweat equity and providing products for cheap. We finally got them to agree to relax their pegging of currency against the dollar for value, so this way Da Man can create fluctuations and arbitrage, and milk income from that arbitrage out of the rest of the population's hard work. But China agreed nevertheless, but even so they are not gonna stop underwriting the dollar and sustaining it's value and stability as the world currency by providing a lot of value for very little dollars, irregardless of how hectic and insane our leaders run our country, irregardless of what economic mayhem and hunger games crash they are trying to create with their crazy financial policies, even when things have come to an absolute breaking point of making the dollar worthless, by starting up the printing presses and diluting its value by flooding the market with paper money of no intrinsic value, nor backing of it by gold or collected taxes, so even under this scenario China keeps faithfully providing value against the dollar, underwriting it with a lot of work, and they are a massive stabilizing force in the world for monetary stability through that. But we have to stoop to their level too of providing a lot of worth for very little money, competing with them on their terms, and underwriting our dollar with a lot of value created by us for very little dollars, if we want to stop our insanity of businesses shutting down and outsourcing to China, Mexico and Bangladesh, and everyone ending up on quasi-welfare unemployment, or just straight welfare in the process, while piling on the national debt to ever higher levels. Of course we'd be a competition to China in production, and they'd have to adapt by cutting back on their own production, but in a sense they would tolerate that if that creates a stable world. No nation in the world has undergone bloodbaths in history like the Chinese, and it all lives vividly in their memory, and they are still tired of it all thousands of years later, and there is nothing they prefer more than peace and stability, but it is possible to piss them off and incite them into aggression with sufficient harassment. But if we clean up our house and create stability in our economy, by creating Made in USA cheaper than Made in China, because we can drop our cost of living to their cost of living, and create stability at home, China might be tolerant of the extra competition and lost markets they get from that, even while they are struggling with their internal overpopulation issues, because of lack of enough monks, but if we create stability and peace in the world, they'd welcome that.

But dropping cost of living expenses, so we can start competing with the rest of the world on price - e.g. by providing shoes and everything else at $9/pair when they do it at $12/pair, because of the shipping cost, but we may simply be too snobby and unwilling to work so cheaply, because we are better than that - would also put a severe stop to inflation and create a deflation, to where our national debt becomes even harder to pay off, but as long as we could come up with a sustainable solution to Made in the USA, and not everybody sitting on unemployment, welfare, or minimum wage, and businesses constantly shutting down and moving to foreign countries, we could worry about the debt then. If I had more extra money I'd buy more things, and more expensive ones. But if my basic living costs of housing, transportation and utilities put a limit on my spending power, I cannot sustain other businesses than paying these basic costs to Da Man himself, who pretty much controls all housing, transportation cost, and utility costs. Food and clothing presently rank very low on the list of my expenses, when food, the daily bread, has traditionally been the single biggest preoccupation of all lifeforms, including people, and it's pretty much the only absolute necessity, other than of course water, or air, but those two are free for now, but water is losing that status. Especially while people are forced to pay rent, or live in jam packed neighborhoods, and the rainwater falling for free out of the sky like manna collection systems cannot be efficiently created, because Da Man charging the rent does not want you to modify his property, because he is also starting to derive great profit from making your tap water unpotable, and making you sick with it, to where you are forced to buy his overpriced bottled water that sometimes costs more than pop which has actual food value calories in it. And even pop is starting to be poisoned, to get people on the bandwagon of buying their plain drinking water, whose price then can be controlled to even higher exploitation limits than housing. And then comes the issue of air, which you need to consume every couple seconds, unlike water every couple hours, or food every couple days. When air is turned into private property, and you have to pay a fee to consume it, directly to Da Man, that's gonna be a hell of a world without much Liberty. You say something that pisses off Da Man? He'll instantly increase your air fees, and you will no longer get the discounts, like he can manipulate other people by giving everybody different rates of car insurance, based on his political views and what not. Maybe if they want to push a mandatory car insurance purchase on everybody, they should also set the mandatory rates charged, that people approve with voting, where you can look up your fee based on your driving record. But of course all that does is transposes the game from the variable fees to the variable driving records, where cops will hunt certain people but let others off, or even just plain falsify driving records. Da Man can do that. He can even fuck up your driving record and make you lose your license over unpaid child support. What do child support payments have to do with driving safely, or car insurance rates? It's all fucking bullshit anymore, and we're getting close to the tipping point where we have to roll out the guillotines, and recite the Declaration of Independence to Da Man, before we stack his head into a pyramid.

Back in the day businesses respected the market, the customer, and only produced as much as the customer could truly desire, while letting the customer get the most out of his previous investments, irregardless if by doing so, they limited their own profit. That should be normal, ethical business behavior where the customer is king. This is the kind of stuff China for instance is pissed about, when they wave their puppet neighbor, North Korea at us. These days we're slowly getting into territories where you have a perfectly working car that's only a couple years old, but to make profit the car company will remotely kill your car via a phoenix bit inside the chip in the car computer, because he no longer has the patience to wait it out before it rusts away from his purposefully designed in rusting away policy. That kind of attitude is bullshit, and we have all the right to bitch against businesses like Microsoft and much of the web or even car companies over forced upgrades and loss if existing investment property for the simple reason of satisfying their desire to generate profit. What kind of bullshit is that, I will no longer sell you Windows 7, because I feel like stuffing some new garbage we concocted that you don't want to buy down your throat. Microsoft is a monopoly, and they are so because they actively attacked and killed off other software businesses to become a monopoly, and they should be regulated by the chicken government. Over simple stuff like, by being a standard and having everyone write software for that standard, then using that power to put shit like code into Windows 3.1 that seeks to kill off DR DOS, who lost out on the operating system deal with IBM to become the standard DOS in the early days of the PC, by lawyers from IBM trying to get his wife sign a nondisclosure agreement when he was not home, and she refused to sign it in the absence of her husband, so they said too late, we don't have time to wait, and took the deal over to Bill Gates, who was a college dropout, unlike Gary Killdal, who actually had a phd in computer science, and who later got violently killed in a bar for wearing the wrong biker clothing, not knowing that Harley Davidson was a forbidden fashion item in a biker club. Ever since the only way Bill Gates makes real money is by harvesting other people's creativity. And he's the richest guy in the world, he is the epitome of the kind of crap we allow to go down in the Land of the free and the home of the brave, while the rest of us are trying to serve society by trying to give everyone a value for the money they give us, and we don't go after them to destroy that value, just so they are forced to come back and buy again from us. What kind of bullshit is that? Fuck Microsoft, fuck Da Man, and fuck businesses that act arrogantly like that. Bill Clinton should have chopped up Microsoft in 1999 into like 4 baby softs, Bill Gates leading one, Paul Allen the other, Steve Ballmer the other, each based on the size of their ownership in the company, maybe even Charles Simonyi sticking around, and of course they would have colluded and conspired with each other against the customer still, but at least we would have had a higher chance of at least one of them serving the customer and protecting his prior investments, and if one of the 4 stands their grounds and provides backward compatibility and protects the investments of the customer, the others could not force upgrades onto their customers in a monopolistic fashion. But Wall Street responded, Da Man said don't fuck with our monopolies because we control everything by the balls anyway, including all the bank mortgage interest that lands in our pocket, we hold a monopoly on banking and erase with fire and hell and disease anyone who is not one of us who wants to enter that sector. The Sherman Antitrust Law is violated all over the place in this country anymore, by monopolies controlling political life through their unfairly extorted money from the rest of the population. It's called a corrupt system of government, it rots the good life away from the bulk of the population, at the minor benefit of creating good life for the relatively few of those who do it.

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Which is why an oldschool fanless 486DX 33 with thick tracks in the silicon and relatively low heat generation or internal erosion, or even a fanned DX2-66 running Win95 with Acrobat 3 may outlast many of these modern fast cpus. It's all about feature size and electromigration and diffusion of silicon, and the more fanless the design, the less the heat generation, and better the longevity. Even if the 486 is far slower that my tastes require, and I've mostly become a collector of fan needing x86 CPU-based laptops and computers made between 1998 and 2005, which still run Win2K decently, the last version of Windows that works without activation, with video cards my tastes fall short of most people's requirements. My favorite video cards to this day are the nVidia Geforce 2 MX400, wiith 32 or 64MB memory, as they are fast enough even for DirectX 6 games, but they don't need fans. Before then, for Win95 was the Tseng Labs ET6000 2D-only cards, all Made in USA, but they have limited memory and limited screen resolutions from that. I also heard good things about Matrox 2D quality, Made in Canada. Back in the day you used to have a 3dfx standalone card for 3d, and if you were not playing around with 3d, you could always pull it from the motherboard. At least they could just unpower the 3d part of a video card for most usual 2D tasks such as reading a PDF, or typing on Slashdot should not require fancy 3d video instructions, in an ideal world, unfortunately these days even Slashdot is loaded with Flash ads that make the computer quiver and collapse on its knees from the overload of instructions it has to process, simply to usher everyone to upgrade, upgrade, throw your old computer away and spend some computing money into our pockets, says the computing people, and fuck with your old stuff on purpose. Back in the day there was a respect for the market and the customer, including making color TV backward compatible with black and white TV, to protect the accumulated wealth and investment of the customer, and only as many color TVs were manufactures and the customer requested or had funds available for, not by forced killing of old stuff, like it's so customary these days. Microsoft or Apple or any of the top computing companies these days would no longer make a decision to stay backward compatible with black and white television if that decision were left up to them. Their argument is that we have these hundreds of thousands of programmers working for us that we have to feed. What if the color TV standard designers back in the day used that argument, we have hundreds of thousands of people working in our TV factories and they'll go hungry if we don't purposely make black and white TV's obsolete and fucked with our new standard? Yes you have a right to exist, but you should cut back and adjust yourself to true customer needs while protecting the customers investments, as opposed to arrogantly attacking his investments just so you can make more money. Adam Smith's self interest as the ultimate best collective benefit guiding principle is fucking great. Even in XP you had an effort for backward compatibility all the way back to the earliest MS DOS things, and if those did not work, because direct hardware access was forbidden, and booting to DOS was no longer possible after Win98, the customers bitched. One of the values of Windows is being a standard of DOS in the 80's and Windows in the 90's, and the billions or trillions of investment into custom software that went into that, and once Microsoft is actively pulling the rug from these investments by pimping non backward compatible new shit, they are also actively pulling the rug from under themselves, because if the software has to be rewritten, it's no longer a top choice to write it for the abusive, lessons learned Windows platform, if you can help it. There is an active drive even from Microsoft to completely abandon the x86 platform which has trillions invested into it, and ditch Intel and AMD over low power Arm, where, the low power and long battery life and low electric bills do seem very enticing, I fear it is mostly done for reasons of killing people's old software that works just fine on x86, but not on ARM, so they hire programmers to rewrite everything from scratch, therefore generating revenue and profit for the computing business, their main goal as a company. They are absolutely not interested in preserving the customers investments, their only motivation more and more intensely is becoming self interest, their own profit, irregardless of the damage or amount of things they lay to waste external to themselves, in that process of promoting self interest. It's called Adam Smith's ideology of self interest is what best promotes collective interest. Our forefathers, even as late as the 1970's or even 80's, had common sense, and understood that balance of self interest with the interests of the environment you're trying to live in is necessary for the collective good. But as our current generation keeps decaying in intelligence and common sense, til we reach complete idiocracy, we see less and less of that balance, more economic stress, and people forced to fight against each other and do harm to each other, with simple things as nonbackward compatibility, simply because they themselves need to survive, and they don't know how to self moderate that, such as family planning to live within the means, or adapting business size and number of employees to actual market demand, instead of forcing increased market demand by unscrupulous techniques.

Btw, I went to that site, and the full download is 100GB, but it only comes through torrents, and I did not find an easy way to inspect the contents of the books. I fear some might still be in copyright, compared to what you can individually inspect and download from the advanced search of (btw Google has become a jerk these days, they don't respect search terms you give them, such as books between 1900 and 1922, they keep showing you books published in 1999 instead, so luckily we have, where filesizes are often larger, and browsing and inspecting the quality of the contents, making sure it's not crap, is more difficult, but whenever you have to give up on google, and it's "about this book" feature that highlights notable pages in the book, like a good image, and an image is worth a thousand words, usually books with images, drawings, formulas, sketches are worth a whole lot more, in at least science and technology, than imageless, novel-like narrative books. does not have this quick notable pages evauation part - so when you have to give up on google, the 2nd top choice is
I would love to have 100GB of carefully selected books, but all I see is a way to increase network traffic on torrents, which attract the attention of authorities, and often you're guilty of copyright violations simply because you have torrent traffic, irregardless of what you download from there. And the assault of copyright violating material is so thick on torrents, that it's near impossible to avoid downloading copyrighted material, while google does exert an effort not to provide pdf's of copyrighted books, though they too mess up sometimes, and make mistakes.

Also, as far as your comment goes, the longevity of storage media - all harddrives are prone to fail, so are nuclear bomb em wiping and destruction-sensitive things such as flash drives, or magnetic sensitive things that could be bulk erased by the government with a simple magnet to your storage containers, also most CD-R's based on organic inks are prone to fail, unlike molded aluminum CD's, but you do have a light at the end of the tunnel in the form of CD-RW's or even DVD-RW's(though again track size for CD-RW's is better, thicker, and requires less accuracy of laser reading head alignment compared to a DVD, so a CD-RW has a better chance of being read well even in a shaky DVD reader.) These CD-RW's are based on silver-tellurium-indium-antimony based, or germanium-antimony-tellurium and the like chalcogenide glasses, that melt at high temperature, and take up a different optical reflectivity, compared to unmelted portions, and an erasing simply remelts the whole surface, little bit at a time, and you get 800 or so of these rewrites before the molten stuff migrates and moves too much. Still the idea behind the CDRW disks is not using them as rewritable medium, but simply as a CDR, a write once medium, but one that does not decay over time, unlike organic dye or organic ink based CD-R's that are cheaper, but they decay from simple things like sunlight UV, or even bacteria and fungi chewing them up as food. If organic ink based CD's are kept in the dark frozen deep below zero, such as liquid air or even liquid CO2, they too may last a long time, but they also deteriorate on each read, from the laser beam itself, compared to a metalloid based CDRW, whose surface, unless it's re-molten on purpose, should tolerate reads many time beyond the readability of ink based CD-R's. These optical mediums are also noteworthy that, unlike a harddrive or flash drive, they can be separated from the logic built into the storage system, separated from the silicon, that may have a zero day malicious program built into it by a manufacturer, even an internal covert clock that ticks on every time it's powered, so it can be programmed to fail, and it may fail in 2050 if used a lot, or 2150 if used less, but it can be guaranteed to fail by the manufacturer, you cannot trust chips, but a chipless storage medium that can be separated from the silicon, and moved into another reading device, such as a magnetic disk, tape, or especially optical medium (which, if necessary, could be hand read by a microscope, and as a CDRW may take a lot more abuse than a sensitive magnetic storage.) The advantage of the magnetic storage is the ability to have tapes that can be separated from the logic, from the silicon, and store huge amounts of data in robotic tape libraries. See , where it says that Sony developed a data tape technology in 2014 that could potentially store 185 TB per tape, and Fujifilm followed with similar claims. Now you're talking serious off-grid, off-line storage capacity, away from the cloud, away from the ability of Da Man to wipe all your data. But present capacities are more on the order of 10TB per cartridge, but the whole thing is much more expensive then TB sized harddrives, and you may only get a few GB's for cheap ebay things, so for short term, buying a couple terabyte size harddrives, and practicing redundancy of backups with them, and replacing them as they fail from redundant backups, should be most cost effective to average users, with the caveat of, if you are anywhere near a wifi signal, these modern terabyte harddrives may pump all your data as you back it up through wifi, with their built in covert wifi chips, up to Da Man to snoop on you and inspect your data. I noticed a noticeable difference in speed between a 1TB USB3 Toshiba and a 320GB old school USB2 Toshiba, the 1TB taking unusually too long, and I don't trust it as much because of that, as my normal sense dictates that newer driver with higher capacity have been able to read and write the same 2 GB of data much faster than smaller capacity older hard drivers, so something smells really fishy when the old 320 GB leaves the 1TB in the dust in the amount of time it takes to copy the same 2GB. I trust the old ones much more because of that. Plus the new 1TB drive came formatted with a gap in the front, a couple hundred MB of unformatted space, where, I guess Da Man intends to hide secret code that can be executed but not visible inside operating system file systems. For now that space is mostly empty, with just a 1 byte being nonzero in the first couple megabytes of space dd'd with linux into an image then inspected, so that may serve as an ID that the drive has not been tampered with or whatnot, but I expect this whole leave the beginning of the drive unformatted is simply potty training for times when that portion will execute secret code. Of course I reformatted it, and did not allow hidden zones there. Another issue is linux swap partitions, which are also unformatted domains, which can more easily hide data by avoiding certain portions, and filling the rest with garbage, as a normal swap drive would operate, and I prefer running without any swap partitions at all, but sometimes they are necessary when you have an old computer with low RAM. But if the military uses linux, they may want to spend money on inspecting just what exactly does the swap drive handling code do, are there any specifically skipped domains it does not touch, or what exactly is stored on the swap drives, and even if it passes audit today, it does not mean that tomorrows audit will also do so. Of course Toshiba justifies the unpartitioned space at the front of the drive as an intend to provide the ability for newer versions of Windows to place encryption code there, for encrypted harddrives, but with encrytion, a rule of thumb is, if you don't understand it, don't rely on it. There is no such thing as absolute security, there are only obstacles. Such as a lock on a door that requires a key. If someone really wants to get it, they can run your door down with a tank. Since WWI, there are also no longer any defensive military structures, such as forts and redoubts or battleships that are untakable or unsinkable, because of the immense firepower available, especially since nukes, so there the only defense is offense, and in that, air power. But in the rest of the security world security means obstacles piled on, and sometimes simple but obscure ones that you understand and custom design, such a an encryption that uses simple methods of letter shifting, and such, that are childsplay easy to decrypt, but rotates these methods every 10 bytes, in a predetermined sequence that you privately share and carry, whose decrypting and breaking requires physical access to the facility or personnel sharing that private key, may be more robust than some off the shelf high tech encryption you don't understand, has no private keys that you can physically walk in your facility, but works with public keys and such, and hackers may be able to decipher through a simple network access, such as wifi or just the internet. In rotating the sequence of simple encryption methods to small grain sizes to where statistical dictionary attacks don't work, you basically pile on the obstacles to would be crackers of that encryption, but never assume any encryption is uncrackable, or that there is any absolute security, all you get in security is degrees. Like in the Hollywood movie Ocean's Eleven from 2001, it's a good movie to watch. The soundtrack 69 police was a favorite of mine after watching that movie. Or a recent theft of a painting which I remember reading in the news a few years back, the news saying the camera footage shown to the security guards still showing the painting present, but when you walked to the actual site, the painting was gone. Somebody tapped into the camera system, and fed it bogus images. Which is why at one time when I had to run a process, under circumstances of constant attrition and attack - as in none if my digital process measurement devices would hold a calibration or display trustworthy information, except one that was the most important, and I kept calibrating it every hour - so that process begged automation, but from the subtle assault from other devices I knew that if I put anything in place, such as a camera system that watches for chemical spills from a comfortable arm-chair in an air conditioned office, I knew it would be hacked, unreliable, and the responsibility of the spill would still fall unto me. Therefore I'd do a walkby inspection every 15-20 minutes. Security, and trusted computing. Sometimes it's as simple as abandoning high tech computing and video surveillance and relying on your own two eyeballs by physically walking to the location, and looking. That is hard to hack, other than making you sick where you're unable to perform your job, but then the security issues are obvious, and a replacement is found. In the future, with all these mind controlled gaming devices, mind control of humans by other humans will be possible through technology, and then you won't be able to find reliable human security guards, because they can be hacked too. But for now the only mind control of humans is practiced by other benevolent lower lifeforms, such as fungi and bacteria. Watch ant mind control fungus videos to get a jist of it, and find an explanation of how the biblical prophets knew the precomputed future. The fungus is more intelligent than the ants. Got to be. And without the fungus the ants would not be able to keep their complex society together, where telepathy is essential, and chemical hormones and scent trails and automatic reflexes are only half the story.

There is no royal road to geometry. -- Euclid