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Comment Re:Surprised? (Score 5, Insightful) 556

No I was surprised that they were able to stay in business after the launch of vista and the windows 8 disaster.

Given the alternatives, I am not surprised people have stayed with them. Not, because the alternatives are bad, but because of the investment in terms of money and human skill sets.

The real alternatives are MacOS and Linux, but they have their own issues. MacOS limits your hardware choice to one company, even if some may argue it is the 'more user friendly OS' and Linux still doesn't feel like it has the user facing polish it could have, then add to the fact that there doesn't seem to be a desktop UI that seems to have a strong continual investment in improving the experience that the lowest common denominator of uses would appreciate.

The way I see it:
    - Linux is a great server OS, but weak on the desktop
    - MacOS is strong on the desktop, but weak on the server
    - Windows is average everywhere

The above also indicates why I believe many companies choose Windows: it may not be the best at anything, but works well enough for must general use cases and allow companies to deal with one vendor and not need a high level of expertise.

Comment Re: Test your equipment (Score 1) 134

How about it should work as described? I doubt most users would be testing equipment to be sure it matches spec. They would simply expect it to work, as it should.

If enough cases of exploding computers happen, due to a proliferation of dodgy USB-C cables, I would believe it would quickly get the attention of law makers, rather than just the tech community and merchants?

At the same time, enough exploding computers may simply drive people to high-end brands, if they care enough about their investment.

Comment Re:Four technical interests (Score 1) 1829

One other site, that I'll name drop as 'Tumblr', has no official IPv6 policy, but they use a CDN that does have IPv6 nodes. The issue is that without an IPv6 policy, they won't be monitoring for IPv6 brokenness, causing issues for people coming from IPv6 enabled domains. I have seen some people mention they have been experiencing slow downs seeing content for this reason. Not a great show.

One other site that needs help is Ars Technica, that really needs to push its parent company to get with it.

I think we are beyond the point where we can let popular sites have a free pass with IPv6 readyness.

Comment Time for Flyting competitions? (Score 1) 667

Maybe it is time to introduce people to Flyting, which Wikipedia describes as " a contest consisting of the exchange of insults, often conducted in verse, between two parties". This could help people develop a bit of a skin and learn how to handle uncomfortable situations?

There are probably alternative methods, but the end goal is the same: helping people develop a bit of a skin and teach them how to deal with socially awkward situations, in a socially acceptable manner.

Wikipedia entry: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wik...

Comment Tiered Pricing? (Score 1) 173

Would it make sense to price power per kilowatt usage blocks? As an example: 0-9.9 kW is 5c/W, 10 kW - 19.9 kW 6c/kW, 20 kW - 29.9 kW 7c/kW, etc. Ignore the actual values, but instead think of the tiers. The idea would be to encourage people to try to keep within a certain threshold and 'penalizing' people "who just don't give a damn". For the people who can afford to buy less power hogging equipment or adjust the demand, then they can do so and for those below a certain income level, well they can probably get a break up to a certain threshold?

One thing that has been done by other power companies is to charge people less for using electricity during non-peak hours, as this helps reduce peak hour use and also help power generation avoid power ramp up and downs.

Comment Re:Isn't this what --preserve-root is for? (Score 2) 698

On my keyboard, the "\" key is directly above the "return" key. I have accidentally struck "return" at the same time as "\", resulting in entering the command before I meant it to. I've never done this as root or at root, but I'd be mighty pissed if I bricked my hardware with a simple mistake on the command line.

This is probably why some people type the rm command backwards or do an ls first then modify the previous entry. More work, but safer.

Also make me wonder whether there are any implementations of 'rm' that would prompt for the first execution of an execution (semi interactive)?

Comment Re: More serious problem (Score 1) 164

I don't know how Discovery is in Norway, but here in Canada the increasing frequency of the commercials and the show format killed it for me. Previously a show would feel like it had content, now it feels like 20% of the show time being real content, with the other 80% being commercials, announcing what is coming up after the breaks and what came before the breaks.

The History Channel is no better and worse when I got a DVD from the channel for my father, the format was kept - ugh.

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