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Comment: Re:Been There, Done That (Score 0) 821 821

There is a legitimate need to make sure people live in the district and vote only once. What the fuck more do you want?

Don't have a bill yet? Use your lease. Or your deed. Or a college record. Anything. If you have none of these, you're not a resident. And if it's all just too hard to figure out, there's a nice lady at the DMV who will wet nurse you through the whole process of filling out the form.

Comment: Re:Been There, Done That (Score 0) 821 821

From the Virginia voter registration form, any ONE of the following documents is required to register to vote:

(1) current and valid photo ID
(2) current utility bill
(3) bank statement
(4) government check
(5) paycheck
(6) other government document

So your utility bill would have been fine.

The document also states that the Voter ID card itself is adequate identification on election day. So you and everybody else complaining about this is full of shit.

Comment: Local Newspaper (Score 0) 153 153

Go lo-tech and read the paper or your mail (not email). Otherwise, you can probably just call and talk to them. At my last local election, the candidates for the board of supervisors were at the polling station ready to talk to people. That's a welcome difference from the national elections where we're basically nameless sheep to all the candidates.

What has surprised me is the elections for the county school board. Most of the board runs uncontested every time. If you have kids or own property, they have a lot more to do with your life than whatever republicrat makes it into the white house.

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