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Comment Re:technology? (Score 1) 157

never vote for someone just because they "understand technology",

Also keep in mind that if someone makes decisions about technology that you don't like, they probably know exactly what they are doing.
They have someone on staff who can explain. You want someone who supports your position, not necessarily someone who "understands technology"

Comment Re:Fine with me. (Score 1) 230

And if you're worried about online-only games being unavailable in offline mode, why aren't you asking if Blizzard has a contingency for WoW players if Blizzard goes out of business, or if CCP has a contingency for Eve Online players in case CCP goes out of business?

That is part of the reason I personally only buy games with single-player mode support.
Still, MMORPG games are a very special case which actually deserves different treatment. Game price is not really the cost of the game. You would pay a monthly fee (at least for WoW, I am less sure how Eve Online works). So it is understood that once servers go down, you won't be able to play. You also won't be paying monthly fees for ongoing gaming after that.

Comment Re:Fine with me. (Score 3, Insightful) 230

So long as they offer an experience comparable to Steam, including weekly sales and the deeper discounts around Summer/Winter.

Oh, it would be the same experience, but without the discounts. Especially for exclusive franchises. I think they just want to control sale process and prevent used-game resale.

Also, I have never used Steam -- do they have a contingency for when they go out of business?

I've got no issues with always-on, since I'm always connected anyway.

Wait until you move into a building with "free/included" internet that blocks a bunch of ports to keep that free internet usage down. I cannot connect to any game servers from home.

Comment Re:Internet dating is for cows. (Score 4, Funny) 176

Internet dating is for cows. .. Moo say the cows. YOU COWS!!

Indeed -- and anonymously trolling message boards is of course reserved for the highly intelligent and most evolved member of the human race. Thank you, sir.

(I can't believe this got "insightful" moderation already!)

Comment Re:Actor's agent is also an employer? (Score 1) 88

Is the agent her employer?

I think once the agent begins automatically charging extra $$$ for every facilitated job in order to ensure that the actor does not attack the employee while working, such agent might become the employer. (Save Rides Fee)
Also, doesn't Uber provide insurance to drivers now? This violates the "Actor pays her own expenses" part of the analogy.

Comment Re:Lemme ask you this ... (Score 5, Informative) 500

What kind of a dictator "asks" Congress for anything? A proper dictator would, you know, dictate his commands

A clever dictator asks Congress for things he does not want, so that he can deflect the blame to Congress when they fail to pass it. You don't see presidents asking for permission about, say, drone bombings in various countries.

Comment Re:Sounds like good grounds for an appeal, (Score 3, Interesting) 82

Well, the prosecutors are trying to carve out an exception to rules, as always. I am surprised that they haven't worked in "think of the children" into the story.

New York federal prosecutors have urged Forrester to "send a message" with a long prison sentence for Ulbricht.

And yes, IANAL, but this should not be a fairly easy appeal case:

With less than 24 hours until the sentencing takes place, however, it seems increasingly clear that Judge Forrester is taking the accusation that Ulbricht tried to orchestrate five murder-for-hire as truth in the New York case.

Comment Re:Tolls? (Score 1) 837

New toll systems have few manned toll booths and don't require traffic to slow or stop.

That's assuming you subscribe to a privacy-violating account and carry around their little identifier (last I saw the rules, they have dire warnings against sharing or otherwise moving the device to another car) and also assuming that you have no out-of-state visitors who are not subscribed to some local toll system.

Comment Re:"Am I free to stay?" (Score 1) 509

You dont have to completely leave, but it gives you the ability to walk away from the officer without the claim of resisting.

Wow, is that the rule?
So then you have to record your question being asked and answered. Otherwise, it's your word against the police officer's word that "....but s/he said I was free to leave", when you are charged with resisting arrest.

Comment Re:Two Party Consent (Score 1) 509

I'm not sure if this flies in two party consent states. You wouldn't be allowed to record their voice or conversation

IANAL, but I am quite sure that "X party consent" only applies to private conversation (e.g., phone). Any event happening in public, you can pretty much record. Otherwise, in states with two party consent laws, you could never record videos outside within an earshot of people.

Comment Re:THIS will drive the adoption of the auto-driver (Score 1) 228

Simply: the old drivers are all quitting because of the hassles and continuing low pay, while few new drivers are joining the industry. Companies can't find drivers. I know 1Q14 3000+ trucking companies closed (most were Bill & Mary trucking, ie small individual owner-operators, but many were substantial firms)

There has to be more to this. If companies can't find drivers (particularly bigger firms), perhaps they should offer higher pay? I can't imagine their margins are so thin that they cannot increase trucker salaries without going into red.

So perhaps there is another explanation, because yours sounds like trucker salary is set in stone and can never be changed.

Comment Re:Plot Hole (Score 2) 179

Tolkien was human. Humans make mistakes and oversights.

Indeed. He could also have kept Aragorn as a hobbit named Trotter instead of a human and now we would be debating a number of different inconsistencies.

Who's the eldest being in Middle Earth, Tom Bombadil or Treebeard?

It would seem pretty obvious that Treebeard cannot be older than Tom Bombadil (who claims to remember "the first raindrop and the first acorn"). I would hardly consider this a "most noticeable inconsistency"

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