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Comment: Re:A joke? (Score 2) 313

by hairyfeet (#48483285) Attached to: Debian Forked Over Systemd

Meh Linux is buttfucked on the desktop anyway friend. I run a PC shop and am running the latest Windows 10 build on a 2011 AMD netbook, the weakest thing I have ATM. The verdict? Its faster than Windows 7 across the board and even with every driver running in compatibility mode this thing is WAAAAY faster than a fresh Ubuntu install on nicer hardware, and that isn't even a clean install but an upgrade! If the rumors are true, and I'm betting they are, that Nadella is gonna sell Windows 10 Home for $30 a pop just to get rid of the Win7/XP installs? Then give it up Chuck, only the hardcore GNUs are gonna care, everybody else will just spend the $30 and call it a day.

I spent nearly 5 years buying the bullshit and waiting for Linux to get better....never did. still had "update foo broke my drivers" still had hell trying to get Linux to do simple tasks like video acceleration that Windows has been doing since 2005, as a Linux server admin friend who went with a Macbook after Linux had fucked his install one time too many says "Linux never gets better, only different" and he's right and its guys like Pottering that are the cause. things getting stable, shit starting to work? Well fuck that we'll rip it out and start from scratch! KDE 4, Gnome 3, Pulse, every time shit actually starts getting solid it never fails, its time to rip everything out and go back to square 1. its like they say "ZOMFG we might have to sit around fixing bugs, fuck that! We'll start fresh and be all cool and shit!" and here they go, right back to square one.

Meanwhile I ran a Win2K workstation for 10 years without a crash, last I heard my XP X64 workstation is still purring with the guy that bought it, and my Win 7 has been running since Aug 09 without a single hiccup, despite me changing damned near every single piece out, all it needed was a single Internet activation when I swapped boards.

So let 'em fight over systemd I say, I'm out. I'm tired of the lies, the excuses, the alpha quality being handed off as RTM, its a bunch of buggy beta bullshit. They just better hope the rumor about Nadella doing to servers what he is doing to desktops, with single licenses at sane prices is bs, because if that is the case? yeah good luck Linux, I have a feeling the numbers will drop like a stone!

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by hairyfeet (#48483259) Attached to: Ubisoft Apologizes For Assassin's Creed

Borderlands was fine, Bioshock 1 and 2 SP (don't know about the MP on #2, I never bothered) was fine, Borderlands 2 I can't remember any real show stoppers there.

So I would say yes, yes there have been triple A titles that weren't unplayable at launch, in fact most of them weren't unplayable like AC:U. Sure they had some bugs but more along the "LOL that ragdoll is stuck on the wall and doing a dance" whereas from what I've seen AC:U is more along the lines of "I jumped off a 2 foot ledge and fell through the world" kinda bugs, totally different ballgame IMHO. In fact the last time I remember a game being shoved out THIS badly broken was Vampire:Bloodlines and that one at least had the excuse of the developer going tits up.

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by hairyfeet (#48482049) Attached to: Debian Forked Over Systemd

Pottering doesn't work for MSFT, he works for the 3 letter agencies. Considering that MSFT would probably be a step up on the trust scale. Where does Pottering get his money? Red Hat...okay so where does RH get THEIR money? NSA,DoD, FBI,CIA, DoJ, something like 85% of their income is from .Gov institutions, most in the Intelligence community. if the 3 letter agencies quit buying RHEL tomorrow that company would be on the ropes.

So call me paranoid but I can't really blame anybody for not wanting something controlled by a company that is so tied to the spooks, after Snowden its just common sense.

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by hairyfeet (#48481889) Attached to: Shale: Good For Gas, Oil...and Nuclear Waste Disposal?
So go back to Gerald Bull's idea of the supergun and get rid of the risky rocket. If you built a multistage coil gun on the side of a mountain at the equator you would only need a small booster to get it the last bit into orbit and from there you could have a station set up for aiming it at the sun or hell, use it to power RTGs for deep space probes. Its not like there isn't plenty of places in the solar system we haven't explored. As a nice bonus you could use a faster breeder to power the coil gun to cut down on costs AND on waste, so that at the end all you'd have would be the plutonium for processing into RTGs...its a win/win!

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by hairyfeet (#48481171) Attached to: Researchers Discover an "Off Switch" For Pain In the Brain

That is a really good question but I have one to follow up on it...what will the brain replace the feeling of pain with?

The reason I ask is I had a friend who had nerve damage from a car wreck that was always cold and the docs said he wasn't actually FEELING cold, it was similar to how your stomach "hurts" when you are really hungry. In his case his brain was "starving" for lack of a better word so his brain gave him the sensation of always being cold. My late sister had nerve damage in her feet that gave a similar sensation only with her it was her feet was always hot. So my question would be, if you take away the ability to feel pain...what will the brain replace the lost sensation with?

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by hairyfeet (#48481055) Attached to: Officer Not Charged In Michael Brown Shooting

Well duh, nearly 40 years of "thug life" glorification, refusing to condemn black men who have multiple children they don't even know the names of, much less take care of, and women with so little self esteem they don't know which of the multiple STD carriers is the "baby daddy"? They have a completely ruined culture, poisoned by 'black leaders' that push victimhood and excuse every behavior as a reaction to oppression by YT.

And the bitch is we have the perfect evidence to back this up as if it were actually racism? Then all that would matter is skin color, right? Yet you can take a black man right off the boat from Africa and in less than 2 generations (often less than 1) they will become middle class. Now compare this to American blacks where you have the problems listed above and fifth and sixth generation ghetto dwellers.

That to me says it all, its not racism, its self imposed victimhood and a ruined culture being glorified.

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by hairyfeet (#48480965) Attached to: Windows 10 To Feature Native Support For MKV and FLAC

I'm gonna assume you aren't just being snarky, but at 320k at LAME top settings? Nope sorry, can't tell. Of course you have to remember pretty much everything other than opera made after 1994 is affected by the loudness war so honestly when more than 99% of the CDs you get at retail are already compressed to within an inch of its life? Then it doesn't really affect quality to go from 320k to 128k versus just taking a CD and making a 128k from the source.

BTW just for shits and giggles I ran both the CD-128K MP3 and the 320K-128K MP3 through audacity to look at the sound and you really couldn't tell, both sources gave you the exact same pattern.

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by hairyfeet (#48480861) Attached to: Kim Dotcom Says Legal Fight Has Left Him Broke
And how is what he is doing ANY different than the million pirate video sites Google is hosting the vids for and making $$$ in ad revenue off of? You go to ANY of the pirate streaming sites and guess where the video is hosted? YouTube. You can't tell me that Google is soooo fucking clueless they can't see a video suddenly getting traffic through the roof but hey, they are a big corp so that's ok,right?

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And look at the crazy fucking FOSSies claiming that open sourcing is "dope dealers giving you the first shot for free" even though once something has been open sourced IT CAN'T BE FUCKING CLOSED!!

NOW do you see why I hate fucking FOSSies and make a distinction between a FOSS advocate and a FOSSie? Because a FOSSie is like a Social Justice Warrior, you are never (blank) enough with blank being whatever cause they are for! Nadella has done a 180 degree turn, started selling MS Ofice for other platforms, opened .NET, but to the FOSSie? Not good enough it HAS to be some kind of trick!

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