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Comment: Low Fat vs Low Carbs (Score 1) 395

Does "the diets recommended by the FDA and ADA (diabetes association) are about as close as you can get to a diet specifically designed to cause heart disease and diabetes, and the people responsible know this, but the recommendations aren't changed because the agencies get too much lobbying money from the grain and sugar industries" count as a conspiracy theory?

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by Mister_Stoopid (#46269193) Attached to: Mathematician: Is Our Universe a Simulation?
I'm 100% open to the idea of creationism, no more or less than any other idea. I just need a little more evidence (more than zero) before I accept your assertion that the guy who created it will throw me in a lake of fire for all eternity because I masturbated or touched another man's peepee.

Comment: Re:good riddance (Score 2) 304

It wasn't a secret, but it's still bad.

Amazon can't delete "content" from my kindle, because it has never seen an internet connection. It has never seen an internet connection because I don't like the idea that amazon can delete my books. As a side effect, I can't buy ebooks from Amazon.

To get me back into their ebook ecosystem, Amazon would have to modify the kindle such that they are technologically incapable of deleting my books, even if compelled to do so by law.

Comment: Re:Failure to even Attempt to process the article. (Score 1) 926

by Mister_Stoopid (#44636635) Attached to: What's Causing the Rise In Obesity? Everything.
That statement is true in the most pedantic, literal way possible. It's also completely and utterly useless to someone trying to lose weight, since nobody knows what their calories burned number is or how it will change in response to a change in diet or exercise (or climate, or stress, or sleep, or illness, or monthly hormonal changes, or literally anything else).

Yes, you're correct that you can look at literally 100% of people who lost weight and say "they ate less than they burned!!", but that doesn't mean that telling a fat person to "eat less than they burn" is in any way helpful, since the only way to determine how much you burn is to keep track of your calories in and how much weight you've lost over a particular time period, then calculate your burn rate after the fact.

It's like someone asking you how they can make money, and you tell them "It's simple math, you just have to buy low and sell high, you fucking retard!"

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You can't apply laissez faire, cutthroat free market principles, such as "It's their service, they can do whatever they want" unless you're actually in a free market situation.

For internet access, you can start by eliminating all local monopolies and providing equal right-of-way to anyone who wants to lay new infrastructure, or at least requiring (and rigorously auditing (this part is important)) that infrastructure owners provide equal access and equal customer service to competitors.

It's not a free market situation unless I can choose between Comacast, TWC, AT&T, Verizon, DSL Extreme, and Jimmy-Joe's Old Fashioned Internet Access all at the same address.

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