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Comment: Re:They always [conveniently] miss facts... (Score 1) 339

by drinkypoo (#48949103) Attached to: How, and Why, Apple Overtook Microsoft

At the time I don't think that parsing metadata was feasible with out having to sit there and wait until it finished.

Doesn't Rockbox manage this? (research, research) yes, yes it does. First-gen iPod with Rockbox firmware, you connect it in mass storage mode and stuff your files on it and it does the right thing. So yes, yes it was feasible, and Apple was either incompetent or chose deliberate lock-in. You take your pick, I don't think we've got a false dichotomy here given that the hardware can definitely do the job.

Comment: Re:Lack of creativity... (Score 1) 171

by drinkypoo (#48948199) Attached to: Comcast Employees Change Customer Names To 'Dummy' and Other Insults

A more interesting subject... when you're playing a single player RPG do you ever care what your name is?

Yes. If I'm playing a game which doesn't suck, I try give my character a good name.

If I'm playing a game which sucks, I still name my characters rude things. Got to get your chuckles somewhere. Lunar was made better by seeing "biatch, be strong"

Comment: Re:Create a $140 billion business out of nothing? (Score 1) 339

by drinkypoo (#48948051) Attached to: How, and Why, Apple Overtook Microsoft

Hate all you want, but there's no denying the fact that the iPhone was the most revolutionary mobile phone there's ever been.

Except everything the iPhone did was done by someone else first, right down to slide to unlock. What the iPhone did was combine all these good ideas, resulting in one successful product. That's why it's evolutionary, not revolutionary.

Sadly, it all ended in 2011. Look at phones. They're all the same as 2011 iPhone was just with 2015 cpu/graphic, 2015 screen brightness/contrast, 2015 CMOS camera sensors.

Yeah, unless you buy a cheapie like a Moto G, then all that stuff is from 2014. (Does come with new gorilla glass, though...)

Comment: Re:They always [conveniently] miss facts... (Score 1) 339

by drinkypoo (#48948037) Attached to: How, and Why, Apple Overtook Microsoft

If you don't think that syncing from iTunes is a better UX than manually managing files then you're nuts.

Being forced to sync from iTunes is not a better UX than being able to manually manage files. You can still use tools to manage the music on media players which don't require you to use custom software. Many such tools exist, including FOSS offerings like Banshee and Rhythmbox.

Comment: Re:Not UBER's fault! (Score 1) 220

by drinkypoo (#48945975) Attached to: Indian Woman Sues Uber In the US Over Alleged New Delhi Taxi Rape

This is less about ushering in accountability from UBER than it is about squeezing UBER for every penny she can. It saddens me that a fellow Indian would resort to this.

It saddens me that your government is so useless that she has nowhere else to turn. If she accuses her attacker at home, what happens to her?

Comment: Re:Reminds me of a joke (Score 1) 92

by drinkypoo (#48944661) Attached to: Cutting Through Data Science Hype

I used to have a car with a back seat truly the size of a sofa, a 1960 Dodge Phoenix (2dr dart... before they shrunk it). But alas, although I actually was having sex regularly, the car had no working parking brake so I couldn't do it in the car. Haven't had a vehicle with a big enough back seat to get my freak on since. I may never lose that purity point.

Comment: Re:Is anyone surprised? (Score 2) 163

Martin has something like two or three times as many plots going on, and he must spend have his time keeping the plotting straight.

Apparently a lot of writers have Wikis now, if he doesn't have an equivalent he's only fooling himself.

I imagine actually drawing the conflict out from early to late on a whiteboard if I were trying to construct a work of any kind of scope, so I could simply look up and see it any old time, taking pictures as I meddled with it so I could see where I'd been.

Comment: Re:Slight OT: USB-bootable virtualbox? (Score 0) 268

by drinkypoo (#48943545) Attached to: VirtualBox Development At a Standstill

But I want to run multiple Windows systems on a USB stick. I wouldn't bother with virtual box if that was the case.

Well, if you want to run them at the same time, you'll need a VM. But you can install multiple versions of Windows on the same PC so long as you put them in different physical primary partitions and install them in proper order from old to new.

If you use virtualbox (or really any VM) in that context then your filesystem performance is going to be ugh and your response is going to be augh, even with USB3... unless it's a mobile SSD, and not just a stick.

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