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Comment Re:Pretty much completely infeasible. (Score 1) 254 254

Google will pretty much have to block Italian IPs if this is the case. Another thought: does this mean that websites that serve amateur, user-submitted porn are subject to this law too? Will Italians only have access to these late at night? This law is pretty much doomed.

Comment Re:No-one ever calls in sick to their holidays (Score 1) 663 663

They could be having WiFi withdrawal due to the lack of signal strength in the school, did you even consider that? There's not enough wellness packets filling up the air so the kids are getting sick.
Now, I'm not a doctor, but I play one on the internet, so this must be the case.

Comment Re:Thoughts. (Score 5, Insightful) 527 527

I also agree, and I'd like to add a recommendation to include that she records advice she would like to give the children later in life. It might be less emotionally draining for the children if it's in a written form, but more impactful if it's in some video or audio format. I know there's lots of things I wish I could learn from ancestors who passed away while I was young and I'll never have the chance now.

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