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Comment Re:Another Win For the Anti-Nuclear Guys (Score 2, Insightful) 172

You must realize that the Japanese people a fairly strong memory of the direct and indirect effects of Nuclear events, unique in it's own respect, after Hiroshima and Nagasaki...

I doubt anyone in Japan would have wanted to be within 1000km of Fukushima and understandably so

Comment Re:And all they wanted was a faster horse (Score 1) 732

Current US Policy as I understand it means that the use of mid range missiles without identifying the target with the Mk I Eyeball, means dogfighting WILL happen...

Some of this may be due also to the rather terrible combat results from the now retired AIM-54 Phoenix missile

Submission ArcheAge Server under DDoS attack ->

Mistakill writes: Archeage server Salphira (US) is currently being DDoS'd by currently an unknown person(s), and has been for a few days... causing the server to crash for extended periods, and generally when it comes back up, it stays up for a mere few minutes

Due to the games coding, it just says 'Maintenance' thus causing even more frustrations for users.

It has taken several posts to get an official reply stating it is a DDoS attack

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Comment Status Quo (Score 2) 455

Im not worried about AI being smarter than us... Im worried about machines that use the same logic (or ethics) we do...

Such as the Baghdad Airstrike...

A machine is only as good as the code behind it, and look at the issues with electronic voting machines, ATM's, and chip on credit card's

Comment Shoe on the other foot? (Score 1) 749

Imagine the outrage the US Govt would show, if say, China insisted Apple or Google share ALL the information they had stored in the US. Before you dismiss this, think about it... a Chinese Judge (lets say the Chinese equivalent of the SCOTUS) issues a warrant (which would be valid under Chinese law) demanding this...

I'm sure there would be an outrage by POTUS, Congress, and everyone else sticking up their hand.

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