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Comment: Re:Just because you can... (Score 1) 173

by Mistakill (#46242465) Attached to: Federal Smartphone Kill-Switch Legislation Proposed

Just because you can, doesn't mean you should. Just like the remote kill switch that was proposed in cars. This is a solution looking for a problem, and more over it's a solution that's ripe for abuse.

Exactly... if there's a switch, it will be exploited... just look at the encryption on Blu-ray or DVD's... or even some of the RSA encryptions... no matter how good the digital lock, it will be broken eventually...

Comment: EULA's dont apply where i live :) (Score 2) 418

EULA's are non binding in New Zealand... the Consumer Guarantees Act sets out consumers rights, and it CANNOT be contracted out of. Once I purchase something, it's mine... If Disney took them back from me, they'd be in for a bad time...

IMO, a contract which has no negotiating room, SIGN HERE OR ELSE, is a worthless pile of poo

Comment: Re:Just drive there (Score 1) 462

by Mistakill (#45601853) Attached to: Gov't Puts Witness On No Fly List, Then Denies Having Done So

Flying is a privilege, not a right. She can just drive to court.

It's not like we don't have interstate highways in every state in the union.

Maybe should could have driven there, or taken a bus/train, except she wasn't informed until she was trying to board the plane... lets say you had a court date in NY and were in Cali... you get told at the ticket counter you cant fly... think you will make it via driving/bus/train? And they lied about it, in court...

Comment: Re:Expected (Score 1) 393

by Mistakill (#45589207) Attached to: IDC: PC Shipments Decline Worse Than Forecasted, No Recovery Expected

I blame Windows 8.

I blame Windows 8 partially... some people are happy with it... and thats fine... I used it for 2 months and went back to Windows 7

Personally I blame manufacturers... they're now almost exclusively selling all in one machines, which arent that upgradable, have proprietary parts (motherboard/PSU). They also install 500MB - 2GB of 'bonus software' which just slows the machine down

Most people i know, have only needed a faster GPU, more ram and a SSD recently - dropping an SSD into a 1-3 year old PC is so remarkable, in the performance upgrade (Im using an Intel I7 870 *socket 1156* system, and only have USB2/SATA2, and my Samsung 120GB 840 model SSD makes my machine zip along, especially with 16GB of RAM)

Comment: You think? (Score 1) 399

Sounds like a tactic to let the Justice Department be able to say, "He is not facing arrest" without lying.

Plus they problaby have to soften up the journalist community, to get them OK with the idea that Assange is a spy and not a publisher/journalist.

I bet you it'd take about 2 hours or less for them to serve up a warrant... in face, id wager there's one prepared, unsigned, just waiting for the chance for a 'friendly' judge to sign if the situation calls for it

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