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Journal: Why do people like iPods so much? 2

Journal by MissTuxie

I don't understand what's so great about iPods. Sounds like I'm trolling, given this is /., but my main complaint is: iPods don't have radio.
There's a module for this, of course, but since I'm paying big bucks for the thing, it should already be complete. Think about it: what if you want the news? You can't listen to them. I love the 40gb, of course, but there are better alternatives. Maybe just not so good looking. I think my money is worth more than a i'm-only-cute music box.

Actually, I nedd a new mp3 player. My wonderful Nomad I is going to the trash. It served me well for various years. Now I need another one that's also so flexible and cheap. I don't know exactly which one to get.


Journal: What to do with damn Suse? 1

Journal by MissTuxie
I can't stand Suse in some aspects. I'm not a very experienced user, but I do have some clue as to what I should be looking for. Suse is great in that it hooks my printer up easily, has a great suite of KDE stuff to choose from, can connect to my webcam and has Yast, which is a blessing for people like me, who don't have the faintest idea of how to compile/install stuff. But Yast can only install its packages. If I want a new version of Firefox, I'll have to do it by hand. If I need some nifty little thing I've seen on Sourceforge, I'll have to ask my bf to help me install it. I wish there was an even friendlier distro I could use.

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