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Comment Re:Take away their licenses! (Score 1) 142

personally, I think that having a smartphone is stupid... why buy a device for hundreds of dollars and have a monthly payment for services for hundreds of dollars when you have to care for it because it's as strong as a pane of glass... when i can have a mobile phone for 30$ and a contract for 100$ a year to make important calls only and have the rest of my calls on a landline?

Comment Re:surreal (Score 1) 55

It's also surreal with the constant changing of actors and graphical modes while the plot remains. I think its great.

in no way anyone could watch this and have any idea what the hell is happening in the movie... unless you know the movie by heart! i've watched about 30 min and i was confused as hell, i haven't watched a star wars movie in 10 years, but i still remember a lot of the plot... but you can't follow the characters because the same characters change every 10 seconds! it might be great, but only for hardcore fans...

Comment Re:Great one more fail (Score 1) 600

Call me crazy but none of my firearms accidentally go off.

Standard answers apply here:

1) Yet 2) You're not everyone 3) Many policemen would far prefer that their gun not be useable if someone takes it away from them.

Sorry, but i highly doubt that any policemen would enable such a lock on their gun as they would not ever be able to use their gun in the instance where they have gloves on their hands....

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