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Comment: Re:The article is FUD (Score 1) 370

by Mishotaki (#45624235) Attached to: Get Ready For a Streaming Music Die-Off
But then those people in other countries don't have access to the streaming services offered to US customers... as a Canadian, i don't know Pandora, i don't know Spotify and i have no reason to try Rhapsody... we are simply met with a page that checks our IP address and says that we can't use their services. IMO the biggest problem with their service is the small amount of people that can use the service when if the record companies wouldn't stop them, they could simply market their service to anyone with an internet connection...

Comment: sides reinforcement? (Score 1) 220

by Mishotaki (#44989141) Attached to: Fighting Zombies? Chevrolet Reveals New "Black Ops" Concept Truck

seriously, the zombies will seriously kill the owner of this truck in no time, simply break the windows!

windows are the weakest point in this truck and they reinforce the side panels? the second that the window is broken, zombies will simply walk up to the door and take a bite out of anyone in that truck!

Comment: Re:Diesel (Score 1) 998

by Mishotaki (#39626251) Attached to: Hybrid Car Owners Not Likely To Buy Another Hybrid

I'd buy a diesel again in a heart beat. I get 40 miles to the gallon city in my Volkswagen Sportswagen. And diesel is 30 cents cheaper a gallon than petrol.

People who use the word "petrol" often have a larger size gallon than people who say "gas." If you are one of those people then you are getting closer to 35 miles to the gallon of most slashdot readers.

That's why the rest of the world uses the Liter, no confusion about it!

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