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Media (Apple)

iTunes Gift Card Key System Cracked, Exploited 388

moonbender writes "Fake but working iTunes gift cards are being sold on Chinese auction sites for a fraction of their value: 'The owner of the Taobao shop told us frankly that the gift card codes are created using key-generators. He also said that he paid money to use the hackers' service. Half a year ago, when they started the business, the price was around 320 RMB [about $47] for [a] $200 card, then more people went into this business and the price went all the way down to 18 RMB [about $2.60] per card, "but we make more money as the amount of customers is growing rapidly."' The people at Chinese market researcher Outdustry have apparently confirmed this by buying a coupon and transferring it into an iTunes account. Oops."

Comment Re:Synology CS-407 (Score 1) 621

I have a CS407 and I love it. My brother-in-law has one of the Infrant/Netgear ReadyNAS box, and he says good things about that too..

One of the nicest features for me on the Synology box is the management SW.. the UI is really something that needs to be seen, and one of the best uses of AJAX I've seen.

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