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Counterterrorism Expert: It's Time To Give Companies Offensive Cybercapabilities 209

itwbennett writes: Juan Zarate, the former deputy national security advisor for counterterrorism during President George W. Bush's administration says the U.S. government should should consider allowing businesses to develop 'tailored hack-back capabilities,' deputizing them to strike back against cyberattackers. The government could issue cyberwarrants, giving a private company license 'to protect its system, to go and destroy data that's been stolen or maybe even something more aggressive,' Zarate said Monday at a forum on economic and cyberespionage hosted by think tank the Hudson Institute.
United States

Obama Unveils Major Climate Change Proposal 356

An anonymous reader writes: Two years in the making, President Obama formally unveiled his plan to cut power plant emissions today, calling it the "single most important step that America has ever made in the fight against global climate change." The "Clean Power Plan" includes the first ever EPA standards on carbon pollution from power plants. CNN reports: "Under the plan, the administration will require states to meet specific carbon emission reduction standards, based on their individual energy consumption. The plan also includes an incentive program for states to get a head start on meeting standards on early deployment of renewable energy and low-income energy efficiency."

Comment Re:Brilliant (Score 1) 88

Another way that makes it look dated is that the aesthetic design has glossy white and translucent blue plastic is like a 1999' Apple iMac.
Maybe someone at Samsung has nostalgia for those. I really don't.

It appears that this monitor is a very small update of last years' S29D390H with a new stand. That screen has got pretty bad reviews for its build quality.
The stand does not only lack a VESA mount, it is not height-adjustable either.

It has AMD FreeSync though, so I suppose that the intended target demographic is gamers.
For gaming, the resolution is good enough. (BTW, screen resolution is measured in pixels-per-inch, not pixels per total: that is video resolution)
For desktop work in 2015, I agree that it is not.

Comment Re:Fun with EM sensitivity (Score 1) 529

That's not EHS. Those people are bothered by the low-frequency flicker of older types of fluorescent lights that use magnetic ballasts - especially older or low-quality lamps with or older or low-quality ballasts. The flicker can get as low as half of the power supply frequency, where it is just at the limit of being visible.
Modern lamps and CFLs use electronic ballasts that operate at a much higher frequency, and that is why they don't bother people.

Comment If you don't open your eyes, you can't see (Score 1) 529

The quote from the article says:

No serious scientific study has been able to establish that electrosensitivity exists ....

There are literally thousands of studies that have confirmed that electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) exists. The intra-cellular mechanism has been discovered independently by different research teams composed of credited scientists in the field at major well-regarded universities in different parts of the globe.

But of course, a study about something that does not exist can not be "serious", now can it?

Here are the search terms to google for: Voltage-Gated Calcium Canals (VGCC), NO-ONOO cycle.
There are a couple of very good videos about it on Youtube, by professor Martin Pall. I very much recommend them, especially how he debunks earlier studies that had claimed that electrosensitivity wouldn't exist.

BTW, 40 people are nothing. The associations for people with electrohypersensitive disorders have thousands of members that would love to move to a town like Green Bank.

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