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Early Childhood Neglect Associated With Altered Brain Structure, ADHD 87

Posted by samzenpus
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vinces99 writes "Under the rule of dictator Nicolae Ceausescu, thousands of Romanian children were placed in overcrowded orphanages with bleak conditions and minimal human contact, a legacy that continued even after the 1989 revolution. Only recently have research and public concern caused policy changes.

University of Washington research on children who began life in these institutions shows that early childhood neglect is associated with changes in brain structure. A paper published this month in Biological Psychiatry shows that children who spent their early years in these institutions have thinner brain tissue in cortical areas that correspond to impulse control and attention. "These differences suggest a way that the early care environment has dramatic and lasting effects for children's functioning," said lead author Katie McLaughlin, a UW assistant professor of psychology.

Since 2000, the Bucharest Early Intervention Project has worked to document and treat the children's health. McLaughlin joined the team about six years ago to focus on brain development. This study is among the first in any setting to document how social deprivation in early life affects the thickness of the cortex, the thin folded layer of gray matter that forms the outer layer of the brain. The study provides "very strong support" for a link between the early environment and ADHD, McLaughlin said.

Microsoft, Facebook Declare European Kids Clueless About Coding, Too 213

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theodp writes: Having declared U.S. kids clueless about coding, Facebook and Microsoft are now turning their attention to Europe's young 'uns. "As stewards of Europe's future generations," begins the Open Letter to the European Union Ministers for Education signed by Facebook and Microsoft, "you will be all too aware that as early as the age of 7, children reach a critical juncture, when they are learning the core life skills of reading, writing and basic maths. However, to flourish in tomorrow's digital economy and society, they should also be learning to code. And many, sadly, are not." Released at the launch of the European Coding Initiative — aka All You Need is Code! (video) — in conjunction with the EU's Code Week, the letter closes, "As experts in our field, we owe it to Europe's youth to help equip them with the skills they will need to succeed — regardless of where life takes them."

Comment: Re:Combination of history, loggyists and geography (Score 1) 346

Sweden has a lower population density than USA: 22.85 people/km compared to 34.2 people/km (both figures from 2010).

Would you be more satisfied if we compared California with its population density of 95 people/kmÂ?
California has "Silicon Valley" where the world's biggest companies in information technology are located.
From all I have heard, the Internet last mile situation for a home in Silicon Valley is not much better than in any other major US urban area.

Comment: Re:Even cheaper than that in Sweden. (Score 2) 346

I'm so tired of Sweden being singled out as a "socialist" country. Sweden is not more "socialist" compared to its neighbours in northern Europe.

While the local "Labour" party ("Social Democrats") has ruled in most of the last hundred years (because of winning elections), the Labour party of today is not that much different from the Labour party in e.g. United Kingdom. We now have a Labour/Green coalition, since a few days.
The last government was a econoliberal/conservative coalition that rules for eight years, and we had conservative governments in the '90s and '70s as well.


Google's Security Guards Are Now Officially Google Employees 134

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jfruh writes People concerned about the growing gap between the rich and poor point to a common practice in Silicon Valley: going through staffing agencies for non-core jobs like janitorial and security work, leaving those workers disconnected from the company and lacking in the job security and benefits their co-workers take for granted. Google has now decided to buck the trend, bringing their security guards in-house.

Man Walks Past Security Screening Staring At iPad, Causing Airport Evacuation 217

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First time accepted submitter chentiangemalc writes While Australia is on "high alert" for terror threats a man walked past a Sydney Airport security screening while engrossed in his iPad and delayed flights for an hour. From the article: "This event was captured on CCTV and unnerved officials so much that they evacuated passengers. As the Sydney Morning Herald reported, the man found himself (or, perhaps, didn't) going into the terminal through an exit passage that clearly was convenient for him, but less convenient for the hordes of passengers who not only had to be removed from Terminal 3, but also re-screened. A spokeswoman for Qantas told the Morning Herald: 'The man disembarked a flight and left. It appears he wasn't paying attention, was looking at his iPad, forgot something and walked back past (the security area).'"

Comment: Lightsabers ... (Score 1) 209

by Misagon (#48017047) Attached to: My toy collection is ...

I have a collection of replica Star Wars lightsaber hilts and a couple of blasters, on which I have spent many hundreds of dollars.
Sure, some people may call them "toys" but for me and for (most) other collectors in the community they were never made to be played with. I don't play with them and I don't let anyone play with them. I call them "collectibles". Anyone who calls them "toys" after I have explained it to them is no friend of mine.

Comment: Not quite credit card sizes... (Score 1) 15

by Misagon (#48011361) Attached to: From the Maker of Arduboy: Tetris On a Bracelet

TechKeys has a programmable business card with a built-in Tetris clone in firmware.

It is programmable over USB if you want to use it for something else.
Because TechKeys makes keyboard accessories, its intended use is as a keyboard. Therefore, it is made to fit four Cherry MX mechanical key switches.

Comment: But will the Google Account bullshit remain? (Score 2) 139

by Misagon (#47975259) Attached to: Google Quietly Nixes Mandatory G+ Integration With Gmail

When Google forced the Google+/Google account integration on the users, it wasn't just Google's "Social Network" that was forced upon us. The first hazzle I noticed was that I could not be logged in into Youtube and Gmail at the same time using the two different accounts that I had.
When I was logged into Youtube and wanted to check my mail, instead of a login prompt, I was prompted with a page offering me to "upgrade" the account, and vice versa.
I don't want the confidential correspondence I have with my doctor to be at the same security box as my list of favourite cat videos on Youtube. Youtube is used casually, while GMail is used seriously.

I still use Youtube and GMail a lot, but for a while now I use GMail exclusively in Private Browsing windows in Chromium, so that my credentials are kept separate. But I think that shouldn't be necessary.


Hundreds of Thousands Turn Out For People's Climate March In New York City 200

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mdsolar writes with an update on the People's Climate March. More than 400,000 people turned out for the People's Climate March in New York City on Sunday, just days before many of the world's leaders are expected to debate environmental action at the United Nations climate summit. Early reports from event organizers are hailing the turnout as the largest climate march in history, far bigger than the Forward on Climate rally held in Washington, D.C., last year. High-profile environmentalists including Bill McKibben, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jane Goodall and Vandana Shiva marched alongside policymakers such as Sens. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.), Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.). U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and former Vice President Al Gore were also there, and more than 550 buses carried in people from around the country.

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