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Comment: Re:100 Million? (Score -1) 286 286

by Mipoti Gusundar (#30131506) Attached to: 100 Million-Core Supercomputers Coming By 2018
With all clustersize's and similar things which is varying from many small files or 1 large 1 usable spaces is anyway not being same thing as technacal size. Is all the ruddy hell bollocks and all these laywers and sewing is why US is decline and soon INDIA will total be the prawner of ur ass.

Comment: Re:Its been done for years already (Score -1) 711 711

by Mipoti Gusundar (#29245305) Attached to: Apple Kicks HDD Marketing Debate Into High Gear

In the decimal system, we put dividers (commas or periods, depending on geography) at each thousands places.

If I was haveiong one lakh for every time some 1 is saying that, I would be haveing severall crores by now.

Who is this we you claim to be speking from?

"Ninety percent of baseball is half mental." -- Yogi Berra