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Comment: Re:Kind of a dup, but here's a link that explains (Score 1) 113

Yep, it's possible. There's a couple of places listed in the talk that a skilled enough attacker could maybe make inroads, but the probability is limited by the fact that the networks speak VASTLY different networking protocols. Jeff *might* be able to infect the network bridge on a couple of specific airplane models.

Of course, if it's Bruce Schneier, just let him into the cockpit and give him the flight yoke, it'll be slower :)


Comment: Re:Kind of a dup, but here's a link that explains (Score 1) 113

Mod this up - Seriously, if you're at all thinking this stuff might be possible read the paper for a good analysis of what is and isn't possible. (hint: your probably more at risk from signals outside of the plane then from someone inside it, and not all that much risk (for now) even then.)


Comment: Re:Yeah, right. (Score 2, Informative) 892

Actually, according to the latest figures I can find:
  in 2009, women were on average paid 80% of men, across a broad segment of the work spectrum.

This data is from the US Dept of Labor. If you have a more recent or competing authoritative citation I'd love to hear it, but in so far as I'm aware we still have an issue.


Comment: Re:I wonder (Score 1) 113

by hawk (#49427119) Attached to: Turning the Arduino Uno Into an Apple ][

Earlier than that.

The Mac IIfx had a pair of chips each of which effectively had such a creature. One ran the serial/network ports, and I forget the other.

Had apple sold that chip, combined with the network that ran on the second (unused) pair of standard home wiring, they could have *owned* home automation years ahead . . .


Comment: Re:Interlacing? WTF? (Score 1) 113

by hawk (#49427085) Attached to: Turning the Arduino Uno Into an Apple ][

for hires, rather than reading the same 40 bytes eight times in a row, and feeding to a character generator,eight different sets of 40 bytes were read (of which six set bits, and two danced around the colorburst signal. the pixel rate was just at the colorburst signal, so shifting half a bit tickled it and gave a different set of colors. Not just clever,but fiendeshly clever)


Comment: Re:THIS is a "golden age"? Yikes. (Score 1) 71

by hawk (#49383705) Attached to: We're In a Golden Age of Star Trek Webseries Right Now

I'm sorry, the fan-made "Star Trek" stuff is terrible, because the actors are terrible. It's as simple as that. They get pretty much everything right, otherwise, but without decent actors, it doesn't matter. I mean, the acting is high-school-level bad.

Err . . . how would this make it any different than Star Trek???


Comment: Re:Good! (Score 1) 326

by Minupla (#49356913) Attached to: RSA Conference Bans "Booth Babes"

I disagree - I am a professional in the security space. I go to conferences for professional reasons.

I'd like the conference vendors to behave in a professional manner too and not insult my intelligence by implying that I'm more likely to sign off on a 6 figure deal because they have women dressed in biker leathers.

If I want to find scantily clad people of either gender, I can figure out where to look, trust me. I'm at a conference on my company's dollar, doing research on products we might want to invest in, I want to talk to someone who knows the bleedn product, not the woman they hired for the week because of her looks.


Comment: Re:I guess she got tired of blaming weed... (Score 4, Interesting) 353

There's no need for corporal punishment, just bring back "punishment" in general, and make it consistent and fitting

This. My daughter knows that when Daddy starts counting down from 5 that she had better clean up her act NOW before the counter runs out. She knows this because I've consistently used that as a message to her that she has crossed the line since she was 2. Typically I only need to say 5, or hold up 5 fingers, and she changes her behavior (often she decides she needs a timeout and takes herself to her room).

That having been said, this is a technique that works with MY kid. Just like adults are different and if you interact with them assuming otherwise you're going to have issues, so are kids. Figure out what makes yours tick and use that knowledge and you'll both have an easier time of it.


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