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Comment: Don't ban it! Limit througput (Score 2) 458

by Minty Toothbrush (#1350879) Attached to: Universities Begin to Ban Napster
Perhaps they should not ban napster at all.

Could they not just route napster (or any bandwidth hogging packets) through a separate gateway? Could the offending network IPs (i.e.. seen connecting to a napster server) not be moved to another gateway, which would eventually choke down to a molasses like crawl.

This would enable the legality issue to be skirted, and penalize network disrupters.

Or the network admin could just face reality, and upgrade their network to cope with increased use.

I don't ever envision the day when we won't be plagued with bandwidth bottlenecks. I am sad. That is until the world net will be taken over by the sort of AI "Matrix" portrayed. They will have the sense to overbuild the damn thing to encompass any possible network sortcomings. At least they will be able to trade mp3s & frag to their cold-heart's content.

Minty Toothbrush


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