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Comment Re: Involuntary analog emissions (Score 1) 41

Of course the app got booted off the Apple app store because Apple wants to be the ones to decide when you have analog emissions.

Nice try, but Apple would never approve this app until the release of the iAnus, complete with a proprietary connection to the colon, requiring special toilet paper from your local Mac store, and featuring the latest wireless Browntooth connection to help you schedule emissions.

Comment Re:Involuntary analog emissions (Score 1) 41

I have almost no unscheduled analog emissions after eating there.

Chipotle is great, and I too especially appreciate how they have integrated their systems with most open source online calendars, allowing one to schedule analog emissions at the time of burrito purchase.

Comment Is there an emoji for apathy... oh nevermind... (Score 1) 146

Looks like it's just a bunch of non-modified keyboards (except for adding stickers) taking up X times a usual workspace. From the description it sounded like there was more to it. Maybe there's more info in the slashdotted and unreadable link, but overall seems like it's =[.

Comment Re:obvious solution: (Score 1) 76

In a worst case scenario, this would make all politicians of all parties at least minimally competent and decent human beings (again, at least minimally), would solve the national debt and at least one major societal issue...




Oh well, it was worth a shot.

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