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Comment: Re:ramifications (Score 3, Insightful) 529

Yes. The proper way of airing the government's dirty laundry is through the official channel, i.e., the government.

You're so fucking obedient to a symbol and a flag that you think the rules of nebulous "authority" figures and structures and systems are more important than the supposed reasons those rules were put in place to begin with. You'd defend keeping government secrets that show how they make us unsafe even though the purpose of government is supposedly to grant us some safety.

Comment: Re:Would most people be better off undiagnosed? (Score 1) 329

And medications are rarely, or at least are supposed to only be rarely, the only prescribed treatment, usually initially medication and behavioral therapy, medication being largely used to aid behavioral treatment at the start, unless I am mistaken.

Comment: Re:Neat, but Why? (Score 1) 94

by MindlessAutomata (#43252737) Attached to: Capcom Remastering <em>DuckTales</em> Game

Yes, a lot of people do, I thought it was a very good game during my youth, and since most of the people that played the game back then didn't exactly have internet access or not at all like we do now, it appears that this consensus was arrived at entirely by the young gamers of that era. It's regarded as one of the best platformers of the console.

Comment: Re:Sounds more like desperation to me (Score 3, Insightful) 94

by MindlessAutomata (#43252689) Attached to: Capcom Remastering <em>DuckTales</em> Game

You didn't play this game back during the NES days, did you? This game was so good it's one of the few NES games I remember at all from my very early youth. A remake of a very old but very good game? This isn't nostalgia because of DuckTales per se, it's because this game was a shining gem of the console.

The reason they are remaking old games is because there's a niche in the market for people that want to play games that played like older games, because game design has shifted since then, not necessarily for better or worse but because of the general trend over time. Point-and-click adventure games are also making a slight comeback (see TellTales's success on that front along with various indie groups). Look at how many Halo-esque or military FPSes are released these days and tell me that this isn't something of a breath of fresh air.

Comment: Re:Different Sizes, Different Purposes (Score 1) 433

by MindlessAutomata (#43060855) Attached to: Did Steve Jobs Pick the Wrong Tablet Size?

That's very true, the jokes were that it was multiple Touches taped together. And we see how wrong that was.

You're wrong on the size of the 7'' though. I have a SG3 and a Nexus 7 and using both feels very different. I would never read on a SG3, but it feels quite natural on the N7.

Comment: Re:Another misleading headline? Perish the thought (Score 1) 235

by MindlessAutomata (#42941295) Attached to: Nature Vs. Nurture: Waging War Over the Soul of Science

Kudos to you for getting it completely, right down to the point about ethics. Of course, most of the people you respect to fancy themselves some sort of intellectual elite that think that since they are good at some parts of (say, physics) that they can disregard something like psychology in favor of their own intuitions.

Comment: Re:Ummm, its already out there... (Score 1) 147

Funcom has a long-standing reputation for horrible support period. They are a joke of a company and anything they churn out should be ignored. Age of Conan was downright criminal in every aspect, from bait-and-switch type tactics (past the newbie stage the game was garbage and undeveloped), releasing what really was almost alpha-quality (WoW's Betas had far less bugs than AoC on release) and false advertising (the main attractions of the game didn't work and did not for quite some time, if they ever did).

When some people discover the truth, they just can't understand why everybody isn't eager to hear it.