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Comment: Color me suspicious... (Score 0) 39

by MindPrison (#49657583) Attached to: WHO Declares Liberian Ebola Outbreak Over
...but I'm not entirely convinced.

10,564 cases and 4,716 deaths, not something you sweep under the rug in a few months. Incubation times of the virus is still not confirmed.

As far as I can remember, I heard that a lot of Africans were ashamed to go and check if they had the virus, a lot of them were suspicious of the health care workers and thought they would be injected with the virus from them, this kept a lot of them from going and getting themselves checked out.

Furthermore, an outbreak of this magnitude just doesn't vanish just like that, they've either invented a very effective vaccine or there's something someone isn't telling the rest of the world here.

Comment: I've watched companies die because of this. (Score 1) 553

by MindPrison (#49615759) Attached to: Recruiters Use 'Digital Native' As Code For 'No Old Folks'
I'm 47. No secret.

With so much experience to bring to the table, I have so much to give, but it doesn't mean I stop learning. Every day I learn something new. 40 is nothing. My grandmother where hired when she was 75 as an expert and a professional within her field.

I don't hire by age, I hire by experience.

Comment: This isn't only happening in America. (Score 4, Insightful) 355

by MindPrison (#49570633) Attached to: University Overrules Professor Who Failed Entire Management Class
I used to be a part time teacher since I am an animation/computer specialist and the schools hire me for the things they can't teach.

One of those things I've noticed is that the teachers doesn't have any say anymore, it's all about the money and how happy the kids parents are. The happier the parents, the more attendance they get. And if they get a lot of attendance, then the government will increase the schools income and support. This breeds a new kind of school, an unhealthy school system where teachers are constantly burned out, have to suck up to kids and their parents instead of concentrating on the real job at hand, teaching!

Teaching AND learning demands a lot of focus, and focus demands discipline.
Kids are NOT stupid, they will figure out that they can get away with whatever they want and will naturally do so - kids being kids, testing new grounds.

We need to give more power back to the teachers, and educate parents to discipline their kids into wanting real achievements instead of "whatever they can get away with to party every night". Discipline never hurt anyone, it helps you to FOCUS.

Comment: A plot to ruin Wikileaks? (Score 0) 143

by MindPrison (#49492971) Attached to: Wikileaks Publishes Hacked Sony Emails, Documents
I was sifting trough all of your comments in here, and not ONE of them even considers that this could be a plot to completely destroy wikileaks.

Remember when wikileaks where all about exposing corruption within government, military, dangerous religious money cults? This whole thing smells like a setup to me.

Comment: LED Clothes are fun! (Score 1) 44

by MindPrison (#49402183) Attached to: New Yarn Conducts Electricity
Yes they are. I remember having this idea when I worked for a Fashion Designer School back in my youth. I was an avid electronics hobbyist and already thought of sewing electronics into garment back then. You could make scrolling text, spectacular graphical displays, especially easy today with all the Arduino/AVR microcontrollers cheaply available just about anywhere.

Other ideas, the Customs officers could have metal detection technology built right into their garment/gloves etc. Other detectors too, the uses are unlimited.

Comment: A boss that actually cares! (Score 3, Insightful) 261

...Even if he just has to pretend that he/she cares, I'd take that in a heartbeat any day. For example, I have worked many places, and one of the best places I've ever worked...was at Lego in Denmark (Their graphics department), the boss in there constantly wanted to know how I was, if I needed a break, if he could bring me some coffee or anything, and he didn't give up before I actually gave him a proper answer. My colleagues where playful and we often fooled around during the day, not wasting work at all...because of this we usually worked 3 times as fast because we felt so free that the work became inspiring to do. That's how I want my workplace to be. Makes me want to come in to work every morning, can't wait to do my job. Sadly, not a single workplace I've ever been to after that...has even come close to that work environment.

Comment: Space Animals (Score 1) 300

by MindPrison (#48753021) Attached to: The Search For Starivores, Intelligent Life That Could Eat the Sun
There's no reason (such as I see it) that animals wouldn't exist in outer space, or near various atmospheres. We just don't know them yet, because they could probably not survive our conditions.

Have any of you guys seen that footage that Nasa officially released of all their satellite cams have picked up over the years? It was some 2 hour footage with lots of interesting stuff, you may want to look at that. PS. go to the source, don't look at the many fakes from unofficial sources found on youtube.

Comment: Don't you mean KGB? (Score -1) 83

by MindPrison (#48692003) Attached to: Russia Plans To Build World First DNA Databank of All Living Things
Researchers from Moscow State University plan to build a database that will house the DNA of every creature known to man.

University, yes...right...FROM...and now working for NS...I mean...KGB?
Let me rephrase that:

Researchers from KGB, Moscow plan to build a database that will house the DNA of every man known to all creatures.

Comment: Popular trife... (Score 4, Insightful) 194

by MindPrison (#48533343) Attached to: Trains May Soon Come Equipped With Debris-Zapping Lasers
"Trains May Soon Come Equipped With Debris-Zapping Lasers"

The lovely word "may" is such an abused word. There are MANY things that MAY come, on the other hand it MIGHT not as well. My money is on that it won't be here anytime soon. There are so many technical and impractical issues that arise, that this is nothing more than a "wow...lasers, we're so 1337" 21 century etc. Sure, it makes for a good read, and even better...the house-geek will have his say over the dinner table...say...did you know honey, they're putting lasers in front of the trains now to clear the tracks. OOOOh honey, that's just up your Dart Vader alley!

Guess what? I've been working with technology and prototyping for years, and it's a riot every time this actually surfaces as an article once in a blue moon, you can't just put high power lasers in front of trains, you'll have reflection issues, IR-radiation, people claiming blindness, and the kind of power you need to "zap" it clean is extreme, this isn't your average laser pointer that can be used to write your name into a cellphone or pop balloons, heck...even hefty industrial lasers used to cut metal are so focused and concentrated that if you wanted to use it to blast away'd need a HECK of a lot more space for it to be actually practical, not to mention the need for cooling.

Comment: Selective media censoring (Score 4, Insightful) 310

What are we going to censor today? Please make a selection:

1) Video games.
2) Movies.
3) Opinions.
4) Drawings.
5) Retro (back censoring things that aren't politically correct today).

So what will it be tomorrow? It's like we target popular items for "insert won't anyone think of the chil...feminists" reasons here. Any idiot out there with at least half a brain knows that violence in unacceptable whether it's children, females, shemales, hemales, dogs, cats, horses (insert your preference here). If you censor ONE thing in ONE media, you have to go for the other medias as well.

We're SO close to arresting people for thought crimes!

Comment: Ebola isn't the enemy... (Score 3, Interesting) 244

by MindPrison (#48471563) Attached to: Health Advisor: Ebola Still Spreading, Worst Outbreak We've Ever Seen's people and their vast ignorance.

Around here people treat the news about Ebola like it's just another H1N1 outbreak and think nothing further of it. The schools are literally a walk-in petridish and the hygiene at the cafeterias are terrible, kids just dash in for seconds and dab their spoons gleefully into the pots and pans for more, and the next week - half of the kids and teachers are sick with the common flu. Imagine that scenario when we've got Ebola on the move.

We have lots of people who have families in Africa, they come over with their friends ALL the time, and they attend the same schools as the natives do, it's just a matter of time before this becomes a uncontrollable problem.

Proper hygiene needs to be taught, and before we know how to control this, we should limit the traveling from and to infected countries.

Personally I've stacked up like crazy, I've filled my house to the brim with food and stuff needed to cope with that time when the outbreak will be at its worst. Again - it's not Ebola I fear...I fear the people who will get desperate when they reap the fruit of their own ignorance.

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