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Comment: It's the sign of our times - we want everything... (Score 3) 256

by MindPrison (#47732227) Attached to: When Customer Dissatisfaction Is a Tech Business Model

When I was a kid, I learned the signs of desperation...bad customer service and expiring food...the first sign of any store going south. All the companies that had success, treated their customers with respect and didn't do any pennypicking. The first sign is ALWAYS pennypicking, the second sign is worker efficiency followed by unhappy overworked workers. The third and last sign, is when they're lashing out on their customer base, trying to fault the customers instead of their products - simply because they can't afford to fix it (and basically because we wanted cheap stuff for free to begin with).

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We probably visit wildly different kinds of web pages, as I can't remember when I last had any trouble because of Ablock+. Some pages have notices asking you to whitelist, but the main content isn't hidden.

FWIW, I subscribe to EasyList, EasyPrivacy, Fanboy's Social Blocking List and Adblock Warning Removal List.

We probably do, I usually read the local newspapers online, plus the state wide newspapers...and the "free" tv-channels (also called PLAY channels) online, they all will notify you when you're turning Ad Blocker on. But hey...different worlds, right!?

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The simple fact is that we cannot ever trust companies to actually honor the social contract of subscription models. Since they cannot stick to the rules, the only option is for end-users endure the constant ads, since at least in this case we don't have to pay subscription costs.

Very true, and this has already been proven, here in Scandinavia - we are so "LUCKY" that we can Opt-Out of getting ads in the mail (we're talking snail-mail here), this would require a trip to the Post Office, and filling out some forms and finally...put a sticker on the good old mail box that says "No Ads please!".

While most companies respect that (because they're required by LAW to do this and risk hefty fines if they don't), they have (together WITH the actual privatized...Postal Services) figured out a nifty way to circumvent this. The Postal Offices now deliver you something they would like to call a SERVICE. The "Service Folder" contains "useful" information, occasional crosswords, interview with someone etc. But always contains ADS as well, just mixed right in...with logos and special offers. They go to GREAT lengths to convince you that it's not an and...just INFORMATION...that you simply can't live without.

So yep, you're SPOT ON with your theory, it's proven in real life.

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Use links,lynx web browsers. What ads!

Been there, done that. I doesn't work quite so simple. While Lynx doesn't show the graphical content, it many times fail to filter out the code used to display the ads, and it includes the links anyway - so you'll have to fight endless links and navigate trough lots of garbage just to read a little content.

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Last time I seen AdBlock was free

A lot of times AdBlock is completely useless as the various AD companies + their customers are working around the clock to find ways around it. When they don't find a way around it, on many sites you'll be met with messages such as: We've noticed that you have an Ad Blocker, as we're depending on advertisement revenue to provide you with free services - we will kindly ask you to turn your Ad Blocker off and reload the page to see your content.

Comment: I'd pay for it in a heartbeat! (Score 1) 609

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Not sure how the 3rd world countries would do, but I can imagine it'd be okay with free AD-based internet for them, but for the rest of us who's just FED up with endless load times on our smartphones when it comes to Flash-Ads, or YouTube Ads etc. (yeah yeah, I know about adblocker, but consider that a lot of the sites refuse to work if you have one of those).

Comment: Possibly the best post I've read in here for years (Score 4, Insightful) 371

by MindPrison (#47688407) Attached to: Companies That Don't Understand Engineers Don't Respect Engineers
This is actually a very touchy subject. The Engineers have felt it for years, but this applies to SO much more in business.

How many times haven't you been seen as the "useful idiot" every time someone need something technical fixed? This is something I've lived with and experienced since I was a kid (we're talking 30+ years here), and I wasn't even the geeky one. But it seems like every manager, every company executive and even just everyday people think they're somewhat "superior" because they make money on your kindness and professionalism.

I even had friends like that for years, sure...when something breaks, they'll come to me to get it fixed, and expect not to pay for it. But when I needed something, then they where nowhere to be seen. I made millions for one of my bosses back in the Commodore heydays when I literally was the "driving" motor of his entire store chain, I got people together, computer-clubs, repaired the computers etc. One could always argue that I was the IDIOT for not being business savvy enough to charge more, but they are just better at business than fixing things. When I left, his business went to ruins within 2 years, he thought he did it all by himself because he was such a smart businessman. That's the worst part...these company directors wouldn't know good people, and they always get high on "their" own success. And eventually fail.

How many times haven't you seen bosses walk away with HUGE fat bonuses, and all they basically do is talk. You do all the work anyway. Small minds think small, and only see the carrot dangling in front of their face. Intelligent bosses actually think ahead and invest in great minds. The companies that have the biggest successes - are those who appreciate their workers and the incredible minds behind it all. The best company executive in the world, praises his coworkers where credit is due.

Comment: Have you people ever heard of QuadCopters? (Score 1) 107

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I'm a big Quad Copter fan myself, and I can tell you that these are SUPER safe to fly today, WAY safer than ANY helicopter or airplane.

Equipped with stabilizing 6 axis sensor and hefty gyros, combined with GPS technology, these things are a WALK in the park to fly. Check this video out: . As you can see, these things are stable as they can get. Imagine a REAL LIFE size of the same thing, no sweat at all, the problem is elsewhere.

We can have these life-size quadcopters tomorrow if you like, the problem isn't the's right amongst us everywhere, but I suspect the military doesn't like the idea of personal quadcopter mobiles, nor does the gov. And the infrastructural problems we would have if these became legal tomorrow? Oh boy, don't even go there. So don't blame technology, we HAVE these things right now! Blame the slow development on transportation laws, airspace, aero planning, military and much more that I don't even know anything about, all these issues prevents us from having the flying car today!

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...well, they can already see your Blurred face (or dog, incredibly enough) from any street anywhere. But from outer space, at least I'd have several layers of atmosphere, clouds and whatnot to protect my pretty limbs from prying eyes in the sky.

Have you seen the weather data you can download freely? It's available from a satellite near you (or an internet site, if you don't have a clue like most people...yes they don't have a clue). The resolution, (high res MAP) is terrible. Why? Ever heard of atmosphere? It's so thick you won't be able to make out anything in detail, what you see at google in fact as good as it gets, not kidding!

Comment: How about CHEAP motels instead? (Score 1) 72

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Expensive Hotels Really Do Have Faster Wi-Fi

How about that shitty motel I visited a couple of years ago in a small town population 12K? Dirty, small, shitty, smelly, noisy (walls so thin I was actually considering joining in the nightly party next door where the couple went at it all the time).

But you know what? They had REALLY FAST WiFi. 30/30! Way better than I had in Copenhagen with my poor 8/8.

Comment: Oh wow, the commenters in here... (Score 5, Insightful) 353

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...was actually much more interesting to read than the actual news, where to start...lets see now:

- We have a member here who thinks Pedophilia is a disease and think Pedophilia equals abusing children:
He/she is one of the numerous clueless people out there who have NO idea if this is actually a disease or just like Homosexuality. Arguing with such a person is completely futile, but they'll always be in numbers. It's kind of voting for stupid. (Yes, that was a H2G2 reference).
- We also have several members here who thinks Pedophiles should be arrested and behind bars just for being Pedophiles, never mind if they committed any crimes.
- We've got the usual anonymous coward zealots that thinks that if you don't have anything to hide, there is nothing to worry about.
Wanna bet who's next on tomorrows "sick" list? It can't possibly be you, can it?
- We've got the next predictable bunch who immediately attacks someone who defends the freedom of the individual, and calls them Pedophiles, because they can't POSSIBLY be normal or straight if they defend Pedophiles, now can they?
(Who exactly defended who now?) Never mind the actual facts, just as long as you get YOUR hidden agenda across.
- And then we have those who thinks that images of kids being exploited are okay, just as long as you bust the purps behind the images, and not the users.
(And who are the users now again? Sick Pedophiles, or nasty voyeuristic perverts that wants to get a kick out of something unthinkable and illegal?) And where do we draw the line? Naked kids? Kids posing sexually, and how do you define that?), family photos available to all? Imagine the number of youtube and imageshack users you'd have to arrest or at least suspect. Who do you trust today?

I'll let you in on a little secret of mine, for years I've been working undercover together with a police agent who is a close friend of mine to uncover several secret child-abuse rings in various countries - trust me when I say...this is the WORST JOB IN THE WORLD. I got into it because some family members of mine was abused, and I thought I'd use my skills for something good. Over time I learned that albeit we DID get a lot of these rings busted, we also ruined several families lives, destroyed childhoods because the law and common sense doesn't mix at all.

Everyone sees red when it comes to Child Abuse, and rightly so - but it is for progress that we somewhat keep our heads above water here and try to think rationally. It is NOT rational to point fingers at everyone who wants anonymity as a suspect of anything, it is NOT rational to call every Pedophile a CHILD ABUSER, it is NOT rational to think that if your opinion differs from the stupid masses...that you are in LEAGUE with ANYONE who happens to NOT fit your OPINION today (eg. those who want to HELP PEDOPHILES - are NOT nessesarily Pedophiles themselves, but a lot of the angry mob especially in here seem to think so).

I get upset by this, because I think of Mr. Allan Turing, who was just recently pardoned by the British for the grave injustice brought upon him just for having a sexual preference he might not even have ANY control over (we're not talking urges and constraint here, we're talking sexual PREFERENCES).

I do NOT want a society that becomes totalitarian where every deviant of nature becomes a freak to be hung, burned and ridiculed for just being different. I see YOUR mind as a private thing, just like your diary as a private thing. What you THINK of or FANTASIZE of is YOUR BUSINESS ONLY, and NO ONE ELSE.
And there is nothing that gets me fired up more than someone using child abuse in ever shape and form, fantasy or drawn, real or not - to excuse severe abuse of human rights, to pry into our daily lives with the law in hand...and with a lot of supporters that mean well...but really have NO CLUE of the REAL danger they're actually putting themselves in by supporting this ludicrous development.

Wake up and smell the coffee, people!

He: Let's end it all, bequeathin' our brains to science. She: What?!? Science got enough trouble with their OWN brains. -- Walt Kelly