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Nice, I'm a big fan of Benjamin Franklin. His picture hangs framed in gold, on my wall amongst the others, Einstein, Tesla, Faraday, Edison, Newton, Mandelbrot, Curie, Turing, Farnsworth, Planck, Disney (yes! Walt!), Roentgen, Morse and so many more, but they are the well known ones, the most interesting ones - are those people we never hear about...

Comment: You don't hear about the failures (Score 5, Insightful) 313

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...because no one wants to tell you about those, of course not - who wants to admit they didn't make it after all of those hardships?

I took an education in Animation, very VERY expensive, cost me a HUGE fortune (which I took up a loan for, and worked in a computer store to pay off), did I end up working for Disney? No. Despite winning TWO FILM AWARDS - I still didn't get a job with Pixar or the likes, why? Did I suck? No - I just didn't have the right connections, and I didn't even understand how important it is to have the right connections, and NOT to piss off the wrong people.

I spent the next 10 years paying of my study debts, I'm finally free. But I don't regret anything, if I didn't do it - I'd spend the rest of my life wondering how things would have turned out if I did it, if I really just took the plunge and went for it. Well - I did...and it didn't turn out as I expect it.

But you know what? Everything you learn in life - you'll eventually get some use out of, I use my former education to work in advertising, using my animation skills in a technical sense, earning my living that way. Nothing is ever 100% black & white.

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It was collecting dust, c'mon - admit it - yours was too.

I've got plenty of these one-board wonders, Texas Instruments Stellaris Launchpad anyone? Collecting dust? What? I still use my old JR51AC2 - (8051 type) devboard with my gazillion 87c51fc3 mcu's without needing yet another devboard for yet another processor & concept..., but hey...kudos for trying Braben.

Now...if I could only find an original cable for the SX-64 Computer (yes, for you noobs out there, that is a Commodore 64 all-in-one computer from 1984, featuring a small 5.5 inch Color screen, floppy disk and psu all-in-one, luggable) Worlds first color portable AFAIK. Yeah yeah, I can make one, but I'm a geezer...I prefer the original round cable one? PM me!

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See, I run a charity that gets those machines as donations - we have hundreds. So please, tell me so that I can get what we REALLY need.

I've always known that you must be into charity Anonymous Coward, the hundreds if not thousands of hours you've spent on /. And that's how you do it as well, with your hundreds of machines - commenting.

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And it has saved my butt more than a few times. Basically everything I have is second-hand, and the IT equipment is no exception. And it's worth more than most people think. I've been picking up older but very good computers here and there for peanuts, and re-sold them for thousands.

Same thing with other tech gear, radios are particularly lucrative as they're still useable, and people like to listen to radio all over the world. Of course, you can't sell any old has to have some kind of collectors value OR usability value, perhaps even both. Those items I've collected are all high-end products from their own time. Rare portables with rare interfaces fetches a small fortune. Some laptops have very good serial port functions, and runs well on older operating systems - this is excellent for programming older micro-controllers and burning special eproms that can't be programmed with modern burners.

There are specialty plotters & cutters & cnc machines that doesn't have new drivers and the businesses can't afford to purchase new CNC machines when their old ones are doing a perfectly good job. That old computer comes in and saves the day.

If you think everything can be solved with a new computer, think again - old serial port based equipment (RS232 etc.) Parallel port etc. have timing issues with newer computers that simply are too fast, and the operating system "simulating ports" is just way too incompatible in "dos mode" etc. Trust me, I've been doing this for YEARS - and no matter HOW good you are as a coder/hardware simply can't solve all these issues just like that.

The old "If it's not broken, why fix it?" applies here.

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Netflix is 100% satisfying. WTF back country bullshit throttled cable internet service are you using?

I don't know why this /. user got modded as a Troll for having his own opinion of a service? Clearly some mods in here are controlled by their personal opinions instead of being objective. Sure...the user may not sound politically correct, but since when did we become so politically correct in here that we can't express ourselves?

Personally I love Netflix, can't beat the price for what I get, here we pay around 9USD for it, and I've used it for a year now. I'd pay 9 bucks for 50-60 episodes of Breaking bad any day, not to mention House of Cards. And it's a great way to discover all those movies that DIDN'T make it as the official Hollywood box-office hits of our times. For example, I've had the great pleasure of discovering cool 80's movies that never really made it because they where overshadowed by other famous movies, but they are actually quite pleasing to watch, and the fact that I can relive my 80's with FRESH new material, is just priceless IMHO.

Sure, I wish there was more content on Netflix, some days feels dry - but then again...nine bucks to avoid the mind numbingly stupid broadcast or cable TV with its endless onslaught advertisement of the worlds worst repetitive TV-ads for a few minutes of entertainment? I'd take Netflix any day.

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I always take what I find on Wikipedia with a grain of salt.

But mr. Wales attempt to raise the bar is welcome, it's just not very easy to do it. As long as Wikipedia is as open in its nature as it is now, it will always remain something of a rogue place for opinions vs real scientific facts.

Wikipedia has also been accused with moderators treating it like it was their private domain, and the older more established moderators reign superior over the wannabees, so much so - I've given up any attempt to add anything to the site, as it's usually futile, even if peer reviewed and fully documented (no, not talking about oogey boogey science with crystal healing and all that jazz), but down to earth - time proven, document-able peer reviewed facts.

I think the entire Wikipedia needs to be reviewed, cleaned up and get a better moderation system

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Quoting OP: My situation is as follows: all living expenses except food, luxuries and entertainment is covered by the wage of my girlfriend. That would leave me in a situation where we would be financially alright, but not well off, if I were to earn significantly less than I do now." Endquote.

I'm in a position similar to yours, except I work - for a minimum wage at the moment, but I get by. What is Luxury (or well off) is highly subjective, and for me... I have all the luxuries of this world (well, perhaps except a car, but I don't need one...I do own a house though, so I don't pay rent). The good thing about your (and my) situation is that you have the LUXURY OF CHOICE. Many people don't even have that, I bet you're better off than 94% of the planets population - I know I am, despite not being able to afford a lot of expensive new stuff.

The luxury of choice, is to be able to say no to a job if you don't like it. I am in a minimum wage job because I happen to like this particular job, and it's hourly based so I can just walk away if I need or want to do something else, that's high living in my world. I've seen people struggle with collecting garbage 20 hours-a-day for a living, just to feed their family.

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